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Mel Gibson

Dropped by Agent

7/9/2010 7:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708-mel-gibson-bn-getty-01Mel Gibson has been dropped by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment -- his agents.

Gibson had been repped by famed agent Ed Limato, who died a week ago.

Apparently, Ari Emanuel, the main honcho at the agency, has had it out for Mel since TMZ broke the story about the actor's anti-Semitic rant following his DUI arrest in 2006.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ari has just been waiting for the moment to strike, and the moment has come.


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You know what I am so sick of this Jewish self righteousness. My friend who is Jewish cannot shut up about anyone who makes a comment - BUT she can talk about Mexicans or any other religion or nationality. If your Jewish you have permission to black ball, make comments and tear down wall street by ripping people off.

1473 days ago


I wonder what the reaction would be if all Ari's private phone conversations were broadcast on the nightly infotainment cycle. I am so sure he is all pristine, soft-spoken and politically correct as well!

1473 days ago

mel's friend    

Ari is an idiot.

1471 days ago

mitzi levi mcevoy    

geee, let's hate the jews, the blacks, the latinos, and abuse women. i guess the only ones that you can relate to are the kkk.
see ya.

1471 days ago


Mel shoulda known the jews would set him up for massive character assassination. He just wasnt ready for it through his wife...

1468 days ago


The only thing wrong with Mel is that he "name calls". He may call you the N word or an SOB, stemmed from pure anger. He's probably not as much a bigot as he appears right now.
Whenever someone lashes out like this they lose their point, even if they in the first place. You cannot call people names and get anyplace.

Ease up on Mel, I bet he really is a good guy with a heart of gold, he's just extremely pissed off right now.

1415 days ago


Maybe Oliver Stone will make a movie starring Mel Gibson as the Captain of the U.S.S. Liberty that was attacked by Israel fighter jets for "eavesdropping" on just how far Israel was going to take their war back during the "Six Day War" in '67, when, the U.S. politicians, afraid that Israel would go nuts and take out some Soviet client states and end up causing WW III. Or maybe Oliver will just have Mel play the part of the FBI agent that caught up with Jonathan Pollard, who spied on the U.S. for the Mossad, not for the benefit of any "blue water Israeli navy operations" because they had none, but because Pollard was a "confirming" source to a lot of what the Walker spy ring had told to the Soviets. In return for screwing the U.S., Israel was able to get a lot of Jews out of the old Soviet Union. Although who knows how many of those seeking the right to return really were working for the KGB or GRU and only posing as Jews to get into Israel.

Suggestion to Oliver Stone: Interview Oleg Kalugin for background.

1364 days ago


Do you remember where you was at when you first heard this foul mouth fool?...

382 days ago
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