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Jesse's Ex to Sandra: You Don't Care About My Kid

7/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another major shot fired in the Jesse James custody war -- this time, his ex-wife claims she can prove Sandra Bullock doesn't want to have a relationship with her daughter Sunny.


In court papers filed recently in Orange County, CA -- Janine Lindemulder insists that Jesse's "reasons" for wanting to move to Texas with Sunny are "wholly unjustified" ... and attacks Bullock to make her point.

Janine claims Jesse had argued that he wants to move to Texas "so his children could continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock" ... who now lives in Austin.

But in the docs, Janine points to the fact that Sandra had recently moved out of California ... and states, "Certainly if that relationship were that important to Sandra, she would have stayed in California -- where all of [Jesse's] children lived."

Janine -- who considers California her home -- wants the judge to rule that "[Jesse] not be allowed to move to Texas with Sunny."

Jesse and Janine are due back in court on Monday.


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Sunny is the daughter of Janine and Jesse. So these two have to sort it out and Jesse moving to Texas to follow Sandra is not the way to do it - Sunny's natural Mom's rights should take precedence over Jesse's egotistical urge to follow Sandra.

As an ex-stepMom - Sandra has no legal or moral obligation to your children or to you Jesse - Get that through your head!
Let Sandra get on with her life and her child Louie and if she chooses to visit your children (like a favorite aunt would) then in time perhaps she will. Otherwise - she is out of their lives and out of your life -

You are divorced from Sandra! Get that through your head and deal with "real" life for a change.

1535 days ago


A mother can not blame a non-mother for not rearing HER child! Sandra has a life of her own and must live it. Janine must step up to the plate and be a mother and not rely on everyone else to do her job. Get away from these people, Sandra! They are not your responsibility!

1535 days ago


Do you all not see what is happening here? Do you think for one minute Jesse would be moving to Austin if it were not OK with Sandra???? Of course not. This has been a planned move between the two of them since the beginning. I'm not convinced that they will not still reunite. Sandra had to file for divorce in order to complete a single parent adoption. No agency or family court in the land was going to finalize the adoption between the two of them while they were separated in light of all the bad press on Jesse. My guess is they are still testing the waters to see if they can have a successful reconciliation. Otherwise why would Sandra saying she wants Jesse in Louis' life? Trust me there is lot going on under the radar here.

1535 days ago

J Simp    

Sandra probably cares more than both of them do.

1535 days ago


I hate to admit it here, but I am with Janine on this one, and only this one.
The kids need to stap put, so her Mother(Janine) can have simple access to her daughter.
It would have killed me if my ex would have been allowed to move our of state or even the county.
She did move out of LA, but the kids had to stay with me for that time. Thank goodness I protected myself when we divorced by makng sure neither one of us could move away with the kids. It saved me.

1535 days ago

Michelle A.    

WHO THE HELL REALLY CARES?? The kids would have been better off with Sandra and Jesse anyways because they would get the best of everything- including an education. Leave Sandra out of it. Jesse allready pulled her in to a world of s***!

1535 days ago


Hopefully, the Judge will not let Jesse leave the State of California with those children. The birth Mother certainly should have a chance to bond and love their children and it is not fair that someone like Sandra Bullock and Jesse try to take that away from her. Janine cannot compete with Sandra's money, which by this time in their lives, are very important to children. Sandra should back off and raise her own chld. As for the Nazi chump Jesse, the Judge should make him give Janine money so that she can entertain her child without pressure and not let the children leave California.

1535 days ago


This lady needs to stop whinning about stuff and instead of expecting others to have a relationship with her daughter, should be working on her having a relationship with the kid. Is easy to say this and that about others instead of taking responsability for ourselves. Start being a mother and concentrate on that and she will have no time to worry about what others do. Her kid will be happier in the long run....

1535 days ago


Sandra B is not a SAINT is NOT..She is filthy rich and it helps her to have an incredible life..She can buy and do ANYTHING..Who knows her intentions and who cares..IM tired of jesse boys X wife being beat down..What about her sloppy PIg fat boy X husband..Without his money he would be getting drunk and at the strip bars..I dont want to hear their bull crap anymore..His kids are ugly..TRUTH always hurts

1535 days ago

Leigh Ann    

This Janine Lindemulder and Jesse James are the poorest excuses for parents that have ever lived! Low class white trash with more money than brains or morals. Can you say unfit? They are UNFIT and should have both been sterilized! Sandra Bullock was the best thing to ever happen to them or their children but they are both too ignorant and ungrateful to know it. Being the trashy parents they are their kids are doomed to become trashy adults and the cycle will continue. Janine & Jesse should give up their parental rights to some decent people that would raise their kids the right way. Sad excuses for parents or human beings.

1535 days ago


She has an excellent point and the court will most likely side with her. She still has visitation rights. As long as she does it's unlikely a judge will allow Jesse to move more then 100 miles or so away from Janine. Doing so would put an unreasonable burden on her to visit her daughter, and the courts frown on that tactic big time. If your ex still has parental rights you can't escape them by moving away and taking your child with you unless they agree.

As for Sandra, has she let it be know to the court that despite being Sunny's ex step mother she wants to continue to be a part of her life? And if she does, how does she explain the fact she picked up and moved far far away to start with? That's not the actions of someone who truly wants to remain a part of a child's life. You don't just pick up and move away and expect the child to leave everyone else, and every place they've ever known just to be with you.

The truth is this is just a lame attempt by Jesse to kill two birds with one stone. To cut one ex wife out of their daughters life so he can use his daughter to get close again to his other ex wife.

Poor Sunny, she's deserve better for parents then any of these three self absorbed idiots.

1535 days ago


And why the eff SHOULD SHE.

1535 days ago


Good for u's pretty damn bad when u try to steal another woman's children and then have to get her put in jail on some trumped up charge just so you can be their "new mommy"...then leave the state they reside in so you can have a life with YOUR NEW BABY.....I hope u do this Janine...give Bullock what she's got coming to her.

1535 days ago


up until this point i had a modi*** of sympathy for janine, despite her epically bad decision making skills, now however, her child will read one day that sandra didn't love her. pain, courtesy of her mother.

shame on you, janine, shame on you..

1535 days ago


You are an unfit mother shut the hell up!

1535 days ago
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