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Jesse's Ex to Sandra: You Don't Care About My Kid

7/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another major shot fired in the Jesse James custody war -- this time, his ex-wife claims she can prove Sandra Bullock doesn't want to have a relationship with her daughter Sunny.


In court papers filed recently in Orange County, CA -- Janine Lindemulder insists that Jesse's "reasons" for wanting to move to Texas with Sunny are "wholly unjustified" ... and attacks Bullock to make her point.

Janine claims Jesse had argued that he wants to move to Texas "so his children could continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock" ... who now lives in Austin.

But in the docs, Janine points to the fact that Sandra had recently moved out of California ... and states, "Certainly if that relationship were that important to Sandra, she would have stayed in California -- where all of [Jesse's] children lived."

Janine -- who considers California her home -- wants the judge to rule that "[Jesse] not be allowed to move to Texas with Sunny."

Jesse and Janine are due back in court on Monday.


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Sheesh,Tell 'em Harvey....." in NY it wouldn't even be a question, the custodial parent can't move without the other parent's ,and/or the court's permission. Even if the other parent agrees, the judge must sign off on it, most oft only after a Law Guardian appointed to the child(ren)makes a determination/review".
Damn, Cali sure has some lax rules when it comes to Family Court issues, lol, starting with the 'all family court matters are kept private'.

1534 days ago


Why continue to involve Sandy? Sheeze, first she drug Sandy into the continued post divorce drama while she was in a crackhouse, ahem, halfway house, now this? Shame AGAIN on Jesse the whore James. He could have chosen ANYWHERE to live. Austin, seriously? Why not Arkansas? I am sure Ms. Bullock and baby are safe and sound and she is ignoring all the crap and staying as far away from these backwoods bastards as possible. Universe, grant Ms. Bullock and her new family peace and serenity.

1534 days ago


Jesse said in his interview that the "adoption agency is conservative". Jesse was telling the world that the adoption would have been denied due to HIS lack of morals. Sandra, alone, would qualify but Jesse would not due to his stripper affairs being exposed. Jesse thinks once the adoption is final that in time Sandra will forgive him and he will have his family back. Also, Jesse needs to leave the area where he was so involved in strip clubs and with porn. I am sure his rehab told him to remove anyone any his life that would bring this lifestyle back. His first wife understands this and is moving to her own house in TX. Janine is a self centered porn star, former drug addict and convict.Jesse has moral issues but does not do drugs or break the law. Sandra and his first wife both feel Jesse is a good father.I think Sunny's mom just wants child support from Jesse and that is why she pretends to want custody.

1534 days ago


Why is she mentioning SB at all she has nothig to do with this CRAP.
Stupid woman.

1534 days ago


I meant to add that if that slimy serial cheater JJ did this in NY he'd clearly be charged with custodial interference in the least.....possibly even kidnapping, depending on certain cir***stances. His arrogance just boggles the mind....other than SB, look at the other,um, females, that he bedded, not only was he attracted to them, they actually were attracted to him, yuck.Kinda greasy,slimy to me.....

1534 days ago


Most proly JJ will stuck ass his sorry ass in Long Beach too bad he sold the house. Cry me a river.

1534 days ago


Also the dude cut her few visitations.Thats against the law.
The dude is screwed generaly.Too bad hes full of cash and good lawer he might fix this.

1534 days ago


she is in fact CORRECT.

if she really cared, she would stay. you dont move kids around from state to state.. as a mother, your life revolves aroubd their well being.

i like sandra, but she's wrong on this one.

1534 days ago

shawn vaughn    

jessie is an idiot he had the perfect wife and he threw it away for a tattoo'd chick that isnt even half of what sandra is. you should be ashamed of yourself. and I hope sandra never goes back to you. I think shes more of a woman than he is a man.

1534 days ago


Leave Sandra alone!! This junkie just wants her daughter so Jesse has to pay her child support so she can make ends meet!! What a loser!! She is a junkie and always will be!! LOSER!!

1534 days ago


She has an excellent point and the Judge will likely agree with her. Janine still has parental rights. If you have children and your ex still has parental rights to visitation, you've lost your freedom to just pick up and move a 1000+ miles away just because you want to. If that's ll you had to do to get rid of your ex ad cut her out of your child life people would do it all of the time.

Here in FL Judges frown big time on one parent trying to move away to prevent the other from seeing their child in a reasonable and timely manner when they have legal visitation rights. Doing so puts an unreasonable burden on the other parent. In Sunny's case Jesse wants to rip Sunny away from everyone she knows and every place she's ever known just so she can be close to her ex-step mother. (Supposedly anyway, we all know it's so Jesse can be closer to Sandra and is using Sunny to manipulate Sandra into talking to him.)

And i haven't heard anything about Sandra trying to convince the court she wants to remain a part of Sunny's life. Doesn't matter what Sandra wants anyway, she doesn't have any parental right to Sunny. If she wants to remain a part of Sunny's life SHE CAN RETURN TO CALIFORNIA. The fact she picked up and left CA in the first place speaks volumes about her commitment to Sunny.

1534 days ago

jan lanham    

I think we all should stay out of their business and let them live their own lives. I feel we all have made mistakes in our own lives we are not cerlebeties so it dosen't haunt us daily. Live and forgive or it eats you up inside and destroyes the real person you are. I believe we all deserve second chances to prove to our loved ones and ourselves that we can change and become a better person not for other people or the world but for ourselves. So pleas let them live in peace and whatever happens will be their own choice, who are we to judge others.

1534 days ago


You know, she has a point.

It is her biological daughter, so she has more of a right to see her and have a relationship with her than Sandra.

Secondly, I do believe Jesse is just using his daughter to stay relevant in Sandra's life. The thought of Sandra never speaking to him again must terrify him. Hm, should have thought of that before.

1534 days ago


OMG! LMFAO! In my previous comment I used the perfectly legit word "cir***stances" & it filtered out the 3rd,4th & 5th letters with lil stars! HAHA!As sexually explicit I suppose! lol, lookit the crap they let in here but do that silly ****.

1534 days ago


Janine used to be one of the hottest women in the world.

Then she got a bad boob job and a bunch of ugly tats, like the skanks that post on TMZ.

1534 days ago
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