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Jesse's Ex to Sandra: You Don't Care About My Kid

7/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another major shot fired in the Jesse James custody war -- this time, his ex-wife claims she can prove Sandra Bullock doesn't want to have a relationship with her daughter Sunny.


In court papers filed recently in Orange County, CA -- Janine Lindemulder insists that Jesse's "reasons" for wanting to move to Texas with Sunny are "wholly unjustified" ... and attacks Bullock to make her point.

Janine claims Jesse had argued that he wants to move to Texas "so his children could continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock" ... who now lives in Austin.

But in the docs, Janine points to the fact that Sandra had recently moved out of California ... and states, "Certainly if that relationship were that important to Sandra, she would have stayed in California -- where all of [Jesse's] children lived."

Janine -- who considers California her home -- wants the judge to rule that "[Jesse] not be allowed to move to Texas with Sunny."

Jesse and Janine are due back in court on Monday.


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Is this the same mother who has the tattoo turtleneck and short blond hair? I can't tell how many exes he has and how many kids. He's such a pig. And didn't this woman lose custody before? She has no right to lash out at Sandy for taking herself out of the spotlight. To these people - stupid is as stupid does. So far, the only one to walk when faced with stupidity is Sandy. She wins!

1531 days ago


What has Sandra Bullock got to do with your kid. You are the mother-****ing mother of the kid, you raise her! Dumb ****ing ass. She wants to dump her spawn in the responsibility of someone famous so she could also be in the spotlight

1531 days ago


Why would this women even mention Sandra? I think she was hoping Sandra would continue to be the generous ex, and supply money for Sunny, but it probably hasn't turned out that way. Having been a step mom myself once upon a time, I loved the child as if he were my own, but once a divorce happens, the natural parents have all the rights, and the ex step has none. Sandra's been hurt already, this witch is just piling on more hurt out of jealousy and the loss of her gravy train. She shouldn't even mention Sandra in her custody issues with Jesse at this point, Sandra is no longer in the picture, or even relevant in Lindemulder's case. Sandy is thankfully out of that trashy mess.

1531 days ago


In the interest of the child, she should shut her big trap ! That child needs all the love she can get. And if it's from her father, mother, step-mother, so be it. This woman should be thankful that Sandra took such good care of Sunny while she was in prison for being a f*ck up. And as far as her having this child her WHOLE life, the child is 5. The woman was in prison for alot of that time. So maybe this loser should clean up her life before she starts casting stones at people who only handle themselves with class.

1531 days ago

Jen Lee    

Gimme a break. Sandra has been more of a mother to that child than Janine ever has. Maybe if Janine didn't care more about drugs than her own kid, I'd feel some pity for her. But I don't.

1531 days ago


Is this Janine wanting to be a part of her child's life now because she loves her or because she's $ee$ child support coming her way in the future?

1531 days ago


Janine rymes with Urine....that's all needs to be said about that...Sandra Bullock with rise above all this like tthe awesome woman she is..The fact that this so called Bio-logical mother is saying what she has is ridiculous..where has she been in this childs life?? You need a license to drive a car but any dumbass can spit out a kid look at who she pro-created with...Hitler! tells you how bright she is..

1531 days ago


I see Jesse James' children in rehab and/or deep therapy as adults. This is sad that children are caught up in adult mess.

1531 days ago


Sorry, but Sandra has to have mental problems to be involved with somebody like Jessie. He operates at the low end of the morality scale. Something is really wrong with this whole picture and Sandra just can't be as innocent as her image - they never are. If her sexual ability rivals professionals in the sex industry, then she isn't innocent. If it doesn't, and Jessie likes pros, then he will get him a pro sooner or later... Sandra couldn't win either way.

1531 days ago


No judge in their right mind is going to allow him to take his kids to another state to continue a relationship with an ex step mom when the kids mother is in CA and fighting to stay in her childs life. I can't believe a lawyer is even leading Jesse to believe this is possible.

1531 days ago


The truth is Jesse is using and playing on Sandra's emotion with his daughter, Sunny. It is such B.S. Sandra is a fool. She should talk to Halle who became stronger with the help of therapist to see right through her ex who was using his daughter to milk Halle for all she's worth by keeping her emotionally attached to an adolescent that she only knew for a few years. Same thing is happening to Sandra as this man is trying to keep control her bank funds by using his daughter. Sunny was born & raised in CA. It makes no sense for this man to go way out of his way to move near his ex-wife, Sandra, who only knew his daughter for a short period of time. This man is such a redneck & douche-bag. Don't fall for it Sandra...and Janine...fight for what is right. If I were Sandra, I would pick up and briefly relocate to NY or somewhere just to put distance between this jerk so his daughter can see that real Mommy & Daddy are emotionally & financially responsible for her. Find yourself a tough-love therapist, Sandra to help you see through the B.S. and change your phone number.

1531 days ago

Christine Lytle    

His ex is just pissed because shes a whore and her own child can't stand the sight of her nasty A**!!!! Its ok Jamie one day someone will like you...NOT!!!!! Just shut you mouth and stop talking SH*T about Sandra!!! Get a Real job!!!

1531 days ago


sadly im willing to bet that sandra cares more about that little girl than jessie and the porn not to mention when sandra and jesse first broke up she was saying how much she loved sandra and blah blah blah.sandra must have refused to help her with her custidy battle.

1531 days ago


Unless there is do***entation that will back up Janine, I fear bringing in SB into this battle is going to backfire. The EX wife has NOTHING to do with the current custody battle. Jesse's daughter had a formspring acct for a while, and she made it very clear she loved her own mother (who is moving to Austin with them) AND SB as a parent.

My other concern is after having worked with kids who are going through what Sunny is going through, most often end up distancing themselves from the custodial parent(Jesse, thus far). By him not allowing her to see her mother regardless of her condition, WILL backfire on him big time. This child is going to need a LOT of therapy.

I feel for them all, including SB. Guess we will find out on Monday. I also question the validity of saying that Janine made this comment about SB in the first place. If she did, then it only makes her look weak.
I hope for the children the adults can pull their heads out of their own b**ts and think of them in stead of just using them.

SB is smart to stay out of this, and I do believe she cares very much for this little girl!

1530 days ago


I wonder why the media tries to make us feel like Sandra and Janine are up against each other. TMZ should get the eff out of Sandra's life, she moved out. I don't understand why Janine blames her for not wanting to care about Sunny. This is beyond stupid. And if Janine really really wanted the custody of the child, she would try to beat her alcohol/drug/God knows what addiction. It's an illness, doctors can cure it. I'm not saying it would be easy, but a good mother would walk on fire to get her child. But it seems like she doesn't even want to try.

1530 days ago
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