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Jesse Jackson -- Cavs Owner a 'Slave Master'

7/12/2010 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse Jackson has come to the defense of LeBron James -- even though no one asked him to -- and compared Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to a "slave master."

In a harshly-worded statement, Jackson took Gilbert to task for his open letter to Cavaliers fans which slammed LeBron's decision to sign with the Miami Heat. Jackson says, "He speaks as an owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His feelings of betrayal personify a slave master mentality. He sees LeBron as a runaway slave."

He goes on, "LeBron is not a child, nor is he bound to play on Gilbert’s plantation and be demeaned. He has been a model citizen and has inspired the children of Akron, Cleveland, the State of Ohio and the United States."

Not sure if Cleveland fans would rush to LeBron's defense right now.


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It never ends.....400 years....400years. Hey Jessie have you ever had a job??

1475 days ago


Shut up, sit down, no one asked you.

1475 days ago


Jesse, Jesse, what a publicity w@#$e you are.

1475 days ago


To all of the WHITE PEOPLE on here yelling this and that. You sit around and let Congressmen, media people and whom ever else say IGNORANT things about our PRESIDENT and whomever else that is BLACK. You don't make CONDIM those comments, you give reasons why it was ok to say. Mel Gibson beat the CRAP out of someone and yet you have people on here praising him. Did you praise Chris Brown or stand behind him? NO, YOU TRASHED him as a matter of FACT you are still trashing him. WHAT GIVES YOU PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO THINK THAT YOU ARE RULERS OF THIS EARTH. You are NOT. I am happy for LeBron, HE DID NOT WANT ALL THAT MONEY!!!!!!! HE WANTS A RING. It was WRONG for the Cavs owner to Trash him like that. IT'S WRONG!!! BUT YET YOU DO NOT COMMENT ON THE REALLY NOT COOL THINGS THAT HE SAID. WHY?????? You are so quick to come to judgment....JJ could have kelp his mouth shut but you know, IF IT'S COOL FOR THAT OWNER TO THROW OUT NASTY COMMENTS ABOUT A YOUNG BLACK MAN PURSUING HIS DREAM, THEN IT'S OK FOR JJ TO MAKE HIS COMMENTS. IT GOES BOTH WAYS GUYS.....

1475 days ago


wtf~Are U Kidding me! This Jesse JackAss, What a Rat Bas$ard~ He's the Raciest POS He Hates all White People, Except the White Tramp with Blonde Hair he walks around with like a throphy! OMG, I'm Pissed Now/~! ^$^%$%#
Thanks I feeel better now. Dear God, Please Let Mel Gibson Marry Jesse JackAss's Sister!

1475 days ago


Yup, history has shown that there have been plenty of multi-millionaire slaves making a run for it first class on an airplane. JJ slaps all true slaves that fought for their lives for a slight taste of freedom. What an *******.

1475 days ago


come on... this is F_ing ridiculous, how come ol' Jessy is not down in FL, barking to free Donte, you know the mofo that just killed 2 cops and has been charged with a total of 4 murders?

He should have his free Donte shirt on.....
Slave driver LOL what a POS, I wish I had Jessy as a slave I would make him clean the dog **** off the bottom of my shoe because that is about all he is good for

1475 days ago


Must be time for the Jesse Jackson photo opportunity of the week.

1475 days ago


when the hell is the kind reverend going to finally crawl back under the rock he came from...? Oh and while he's at it, he can take Al Sharpton and Gloria Alread along with him =D

1475 days ago



1475 days ago


Jessie Jackson has become such a joke. He is a clear racist in reverse. It's no wonder he has lost all his credibility.

1475 days ago


Beautifulone, last I checked, Obama was mixed. Black AND White. He is the president, yes, but that doesn't mean he will not be criticized any less than any other president. People always try to make it out to be that its because of the color of his skin that people dislike him. While there may be some like that, but there are always those that dislike him because of his policies etc.

I'm so sick of hearing about Obama being the first african-american president. He is mixed, get it right.

1475 days ago

rex kramer    

Jesse you aren't even a real reverend. You continue to lie about your whereabouts during MLK's death. You have made a career of embellishing your life experience. Don't you have something more important to do, like cover up another love child? Clown.

1475 days ago


It's about loyalty to a city who was great and LOYAL to you not slavery. Jesse loves to turn everything into racism. Stupid, uninformed jerk. BTW I am not even a Cleveland fan and really could care less but this guy spouts off at any opportune moment he can get press time. JERK!

1475 days ago


Jackson, you are an idiot and an a-hole. Shut up already with your stupid racist rantings!!

1475 days ago
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