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Anna Nicole Case: Celebrity Aliases Are BS

7/13/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Anna Nicole Smith drug conspiracy case want the judge to prohibit defense lawyers from telling the jury there is an "industry-wide practice in the medical community" of using aliases when prescribing to celebs.

According to docs obtained by TMZ, lawyers for Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Howard K. Stern -- claim it's "standard practice in the medical profession" to use aliases when prescribing celebrities meds to protect their identities.

But according to the prosecution, there is no "celebrity exception" to the law --  it's a crime, prosecutors say, to issue a prescription under a false name or address.

Anna Nicole got numerous prescriptions under phony names, including Michelle Chase.  And, of course, Michael Jackson used nearly 2 dozen aliases.


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Legal or not there's ample evidence that it has been "industry-wide practice in the medical community" to protect celebrities identities by issuing them prescriptions under an alias. Therefore it should be admissible in court.

1462 days ago


prosecution are idiots here

dont tell jury that some prosecutors are grandstanding the trial as they run for office
dont tell jury that the bodyguard was also doing the nasty
dont tell the jury that it is pretty common practice though not legal) for docs to let celebrities use aliases for prescriptions

if the prosecution is so scared of all these things maybe they should plea bargain or just drop this suit

1462 days ago

Just Askin    

TY max, enlightening and TRUE!

1462 days ago

Just Askin    

Question. Lets just say they were to get this request. Is just this phrase not allowed but they would still be allowed to still state examples such as MJ and the extra long list of the phrase being obvious?

Also would the defense still be allowed to describe the media obtaining information through people disclosing HIPPA protected info and why aliases are used or would this be a blanket supression of no discussion regarding celebrity and alias.

Considering the defense chose not to show their cards at the preliminary hearing they are targeting every specific defense available to the defendants and wonder where they gather their information? I do not see how something as relevant as WHY aliases were used could not be used as doesn't the prosecution get to use the aliases to say that is why she was a drug addict? Versus she used aliases for medical protection? Wouldn't the supression hinder the prosecution as well?

1462 days ago

Just Askin    

TY max, enlightening and TRUE!

1462 days ago


Boy, it's a slow news day when Anna Nicole is back onto the front page

1462 days ago

With Lilo on the brink of disaster, Anna Nicole's story is important. But will anything change in the T.M.Z. (not the website)?

1462 days ago


Listen to the audio:

1462 days ago


Does anyone have a list of all 24+ of Michael Jackson´s fake druggie names? I'll bet they are hillarious ... I.M.A. Boybugger or ******** Pornblower...

1462 days ago


Celebrity justice again in CA. The CA law officials are working on a contempt charge against the victim as she is not a big time celebrity like Mel. Money and her making the recordings which were released should not be the subject here. ASSAULT AND ENDANGERMENT TO A CHILD should be the issues investigated.

1462 days ago


It is ridiculous to for any upstanding medical professional to say that prescriptions are being written with aliases to protect the celebrity. Protect from what??? The pharmacist and pharmacies dispensing the med are also HIPAA conforming and cannot disclose. The 'physician' writes in aliases to protect themselves from overprescribing investigations and to protect their 'clients' (patients) from being discovered as abusers. The pharmacist plays an integral role in the collaborative care of the patient. If the pharmacist does not have all of the information , the patients healthcare is at risk, not to mention that many a pharmacist has caught a doctor shopper when the true name is used. Aliases are recipes for disaster as we have seen.

Also, you do not have to show ID for anti-histamines, it is for the decongestant pseudoephredrine which is used to make meth.
All states should have an ID requirement for controls substances so you cannot get it unless you can prove you are that person, just like going to the MD or hospital for tests to avoid insurance fraud.

1462 days ago


Anna Nicole was an ADULT middle aged woman not a school girl. She had a adult son, she could have been a grandmother. She made her own choices. Nobody told her what to do. She was mentally ill woman who had a history of depression. She wanted to become rich and famous and had a many plastic operations in order to accomplish that goal. She had many liposuctions and breast implant operations. She started to use sedatives and painkillers after those operations and especially after old Marshall died. Anna Nicole used her friends to score Rx. drugs. Anna's friends trusted her doctors and thought that they had best intentions regading Anna's health.

1462 days ago


It's good that TMZ is covering this issue. After the recent high profile deaths related to prescription drugs I think it is in the public interest to explore the recreational prescription habits of the rich and famous. It doesn't as much seem that new laws are needed, just that existing ones are actually enforced for celebrities.

It's a huge double standard when people with legitimate need for pain medications have to jump through hoops when an addicted celebrity can get them under an alias. Of course it's not just celebrities, but celebrities live in the public eye. You don't have to look at many of the comments on here to see how much double standards annoy people (irrationally so in many cases).

I also think showing the dark side of prescription medication abuse sends out the message that they're not something to take lightly and that's important as a deterrent, given the prevalence of prescription medicine abuse in the United States and elsewhere. It will deter saner people from dabbling.

1462 days ago


stick to the damn subject _ stop throwing Michael Jackson in everything. Damn! Hey, it's raining here today. Michael Jackson once got rained on...

1462 days ago


Looks like someone is trying to cover Jerry Browns butt,because he did nothing all the while he was in the AG Office.Sorry the truth is the truth,and no matter how the proscution,trys to hide the facts,it has been done in Hollywood all the time.Are they trying to say Howard was the only one to Put his name on med bottles,PLEASE,

1462 days ago
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