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Street Baller OWNS Terrell Owens w/ NASTY Dunk

7/13/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens got savagely destroyed in a street basketball game at New York's legendary Rucker Park last night ... when some dude caught an alley-oop over T.O. and smashed the rock down HARD!

The crowd went insane ... and after the game, the dunker was already talkin' smack -- saying, "[T.O.] should have never been underneath the rim ... this is basketball, street baller thing ... this ain't football!"

Overall, T.O. played well -- throwing down a few dunks of his own ... but nothing as impressive as the dunk that happened right over his own head.

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and this is news ... why?

1532 days ago


might as well play basketball..noone wants him to play football

1532 days ago


So the guy scored 2 points...what's the big deal? Quit hanging on the rim and get down the court and play some D-fence.

Oh, and that's not basketball they are playing..."street baller" whatever the heck that is, sure, but "basketball"...no way.

/I got your back Naismith

1532 days ago


I guess now he'll blame TMZ for the reason he is not signed by a team yet...LMAO...clown...

1532 days ago


Its not like he posted T.O. up and dunked on him. I hate it when a guy makes "ONE" play and lives off of it for the rest of the game...and talk sh*t about it too. If this is the highlight of his life...feel sorry for him. I bet he asked T.O. for his autograph (and a dollar) after the game.

1532 days ago

Jason Chambers    

WHO CARES?!!!!!!

this **** is all over the youtube... stick to stories of celebs showing their snatch in public!!!!

1532 days ago


Let's play some "street touch football" and see what happens! Of course someone may get hit by a car.

1532 days ago

Jason Chambers    

and please dont tell me your donkeys are going BACK! to capitalizing the ACTION! words...

1532 days ago

give me a freakin break    

@Mike- I agree. And I bet all those morons watching went crazy saying "oooooooooooh, he dunked on T.O.!!!!" Like you said, he didn't post up face to face. It was a fast break alley-oop that was near impossible to defend. NBA players get dunked on everyday, AND THEY'RE THE BEST ON THE PLANET! So who cares if a pro wide-out gets dunked on to a guy that plays ball everyday? Black people go nuts over the smallest stuff, so why woun't they go crazy over this......

1532 days ago


Poor T.O. got dunked on then had to drive his $300,000 car home to him multi-million dollar mansion while the other guy probably took the bus home.

1532 days ago

La La Land    

Oh please..That was wack. T.O. is a real Athlete. hes a PRO football player, where as this guy play pick up basketball for free. gtfoh.

On another note look at all those criminals at that game..lol

1532 days ago


Oh please, TO was facing away from the NBA wannabe trying to stop the pass, he wasn't trying to stop the dunk. Yeah this guy's great, he dunked on a guy who wasn't even in his face... And TO shouldn't be in the NBA cause you made an alley-oop dunk with him not guarding you? Put TO in his face, I'm betting it's a different story. To say this guy owns TO is as idiotic as the fans in the stands acting like they just saw Vince dunk over top of some 7footer or something..

1532 days ago


Oh, and what was so 'nasty' about it? The way he hung on the rm like a fool afterwards??

1532 days ago


I would like to see that guy to D-UP T.O.on the football field,then you will see someone getting schooled.He could,nt come out and play T.O.sport like T.O.came out and played his.

1532 days ago

Jeff Lentz    

T.O had is back to the guy that is hardly getting owned. It was in transition and Owens didn't even see the guy coming. He was mostly playing the pass.

1532 days ago
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