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Kelsey Grammer Wants 'Frasier' Money to Himself

7/14/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed court docs in his divorce case, asking the judge to acknowledge he has sole financial interest in the television series, "Frasier." 

Grammer is claiming various other separate property assets, but "Frasier" is the big ticket item specifically mentioned in the legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Grammer is also asking the judge not to award Camille spousal support.

And Grammer is asking for joint legal custody of the couple's two kids.

As we first reported, Camille Grammer filed for divorce on July 1 and asked for primary physical custody.  She is also seeking spousal support.


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Why do these men marry ex porn and expect to have a relationship that lasts?

1562 days ago

Here is another alcoholic who married a gold-digger. Good luck on that Kelsey, but you won't get it.

1562 days ago


Of course, Kelsey Grammer wants all of his Frasier money for himself and doesn't want to split it with his soon to be ex-wife. What man EVER wants to split HIS so-called money with his soon to be ex-wife? I have yet to meet one! Every married man that is soon to be a single man thinks he's entiled to everything he wants! Just like a man!

1562 days ago


Okay this guy is now a bonafide douchebag.
No spousal support?
He has two kids and more money than god.

I used to enjoy seeing him however after reading about this douche move, I cannot stand him.

I may be mixing him up with someone else , but hasn't he been married a number of times, isn't he a male version of Elizabeth Taylor?

Even more surprising is he was a McCain/ Palin supporter , that alone explains everything...

1562 days ago


Always thought kelsey was a ******* now this confirms it.

1562 days ago



Hope you are well. Your friend from BFC.


1562 days ago


Ain't love grand?

1562 days ago


Get rid of the tramp, freedom is never free!

1561 days ago


You have some children, you idiot, and then tell me it's nothing. It changes your life and your health forever. Nothing changes for the man.

If he supported her financially before, and I think he did, then he will be ordered to support her now. The only way he will avoid it is if she is as wealthy as he is on her own right, or if she committed terrible sexual indiscretions during their marriage, and even that is dubious these days.

1561 days ago


He should pay that horse faced woman in carrots. I'll bet she is going to get as much money as she can and then find some young stud to spend it on.

1561 days ago


Lets get real here, there are very few women in this world who are good right down to the bone. Just like any marriage (normal or hollywood) the woman thinks she's entitled to money because she was married to a successful man. straight up bull****, why does she deserve money?

the kids do, she doesn't.

1561 days ago


I agree, he is a s***bag. Be what it is. They were married and have children. KG is an egotistical loudmouth who was lucky with the series of Cheers and Frasier. It was the other cast members who made the shows, not him. I bet he has a new love interest now he is living alone in NY. He has just become tired of his wife and married life. His wife must have had some signs that there is trouble there. Shut up and pay up I say. What most of these men do is take the toy, play with it, become tired of it, put it on the shelf and then replace it. I never watch reruns of KG shows. His last two shows failed because his arrogance was bigger than his acting.

1561 days ago

Don Nefasto    

What a shock that he's splitting from this ***-dumpster. I never would have seen that one coming!!!

1561 days ago


And will this Max dude post his political garbage somewhere else. If I want political commentary, I will go to another website thank you......

1561 days ago


He will take care of his kids - but I don't understand why woman want spousal support. Why not get a job? I agree with a previous poster - these "gals" lay down and do the nasty pop out kids and then want the balls of the guy forever! Unbelievable

1561 days ago
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