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Oksana's Dentist Offered Her Shelter from Mel

7/14/2010 6:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the dentist who treated Oksana Grigorieva the day after the explosive January 6 blowup with Mel Gibson wrote a sworn declaration in which he says Oksana not only told him Mel had hit her ... but he was so concerned for her safety he offered to let her stay at his home.


TMZ broke the story ... Dr. Ross Shelden will be a critical witness if criminal charges are filed against Gibson.  Oksana's lawyers asked Dr. Shelden last month to write a declaration detailing information he had about the incident and aftermath. 

TMZ has learned what's in Dr. Shelden's declaration.  Dr. Shelden says he has known Oksana for 12 years.  According to the declaration, Oksana came in the day after the incident and told him Mel had hit her, but she was not more specific.  The doctor says in his declaration he saw evidence of "blunt force trauma" as well as physical damage.

Something significant -- in the declaration, Dr. Shelden says Oksana's teeth were not damaged ... just her veneers.  He says one veneer was knocked completely out and the other was broken in half.

The doctor wanted to take pictures of Oksana's mouth, but not to create a record for authorities -- he wanted them for his lab for the purpose of repairing the damage.

The doctor says Oksana did not want the pictures taken, and had expressly said she wanted to protect Mel.  But Dr. Shelden persisted and got the photos, although he says Oksana was so reluctant she would not look into the camera.

As we previously reported, Oksana insisted that Dr. Shelden keep the information confidential, which is why he did not contact the police.

Sources say Dr. Shelden says before Oksana even met Mel ... she had talked about how much she wanted to get married and have a baby.


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Oh I bet he did... I bet he did... I'm sure he had a nice bed waiting for her.

1562 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Crimes are to be reported. This professional man should have done the right thing, whether she wanted it or not. Who can trust either one of them now?

Mel is looking better and better.

1562 days ago


So concerned for her safety he violated the law and did not report the violence? Doc must have picked up the scent of money off the Ruskie.

1562 days ago


Wow, she is acting like an chronically abused woman...

1562 days ago


the noose is getting tighter and tighter around mels neck

1562 days ago


Isn't there a code of ethics that prevents him from putting her in his home. Too bad he didn't, Mel could have claimed she was cheating on him with this idiot. Now it's gone from he didn't knock her teeth out to damaging her veneers? This story keeps changing by the hour.

1562 days ago


lol im sure half of america wud offer her a bed aswell

1562 days ago


Timmy Dalton's 12 year old is now dragged into this. What is up with the L.A. Police Department? A 12 YO is a credicble witness? Oksanamama's future is jail for extortion then deportation.

1562 days ago


he says he only took them to help him fix the damage and she wouldn't look at the camera, why didn't he just take a close up of her teeth? her face didn't have to be in the pictures. i think he knew exactly what he was doing, getting solid proof of the assault. And thank God he did! sometimes you can't help people in an abusive relationship, it's like addiction, they have to admit there is a problem and want help. all you can do is be attentive & take notes of things to back up their story...or help the police prosecute when the monster is finally stopped.

1562 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the dentist says it himself!!! Oksana was telling him how much she wanted to get married and have a baby. She got the baby from dalton but not the marriage, he didnt want to marry her, that's why she left him. I guess allymony is the next best thing to marriage! Now, she moved on to Mel and the same thing is happening all over again, she got the baby but not the husband!!! HAHAHAHA I think its about time she gets a clue here!

anyways, I wonder if Mel isnt suddenly missing the cold war days... You know when the USA gov. was calling every russian spies and holding them in captivity coz they were commies?!! Oh yeah... He is missing those days RIGHT NOW!!!!

1562 days ago


What do you believe in this one? Why would she call him with a mic in place to record him if she wasn't trying to provoke him? Is there any real evidence of physical abuse caused by Mel?..or is that as set up as the recorded rant? I know his rage is heard but did she provoke it? I think she sold the phone messages, because who else would of had access to the tape? Mel is losing it, but it all seems so out of whack to me. Guess he would of been better off not chasing after young tail!

1562 days ago


It sounds like "Battered wife syndrome".

1562 days ago


wow it keeps getting better... So he knew her back with her other baby's daddy days then too....

I bet he offered her shelter and she has been sleeping over for years...

Oh now its not a tooth but a fake 1/16 of a inch veneer thats glued.. This is going to be good in court. The physics of him punching her and those falling out but the teeth stayed yeah right..

he either did a poor job installing them or he knows how to make them look like they were "knocked out" because he repairs them all day..

Her lawyer must be the dumbest SOB alive..

next time let the bf dentist make them look jacked up then see one your not ****ing and have them say they got knocked out....


1562 days ago

Regular Gal    


1562 days ago


Boy, is the saga beginning to stink now with this unprofessional dentist in the mix. You don't offer your patient "shelter" instead of notifying the authorities and letting them help find a solution regarding the appropriate "shelter". You know this woman has a bank account from Dalton and Gibson and didn't need to stay in the home.

1562 days ago
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