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D.A.'s Office Will Not Rush Mel Gibson Case

7/14/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the Mel Gibson investigation tell TMZ ... the D.A's office will not become "part of the howling mob" and rush a decision on whether to prosecute the actor.

We're told reps from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department told the D.A.'s office last week ...  the case could be sent over to prosecutors as early as this week, but now that will definitely not happen.

There are critical witnesses still to interview -- including Oksana's dentist and 12-year-old son -- as well as the presentation Mel's lawyers will make to Sheriff's detectives.  And the Sheriff's department still needs to review and authenticate the tapes.

We're told prosecutors are in touch with Sheriff's detectives but they are not attending the witness interviews.

One source involved in the case put it this way:  "Mel isn't going anywhere.  He's like Tiger Woods.  There's no where he can hide in the world.  And she (Oksana) isn't in any danger.  We're in no rush to make a decision.  We're going to do it right."



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Hope the Malibu Sheriffs don't bungle this case like they did with missing Mitrice Richardson. And isn't this the same sheriff's office that illegally got copies of Harvey's phone records because of the officer who called & disclosed Mel's drunken rant, because they were going to cover it up???

1569 days ago


Sounds like ol'
Braveheart is nothing
but a Pu**y fart!

I won't go see any of
his movies ever again.

1569 days ago


Mel may have been duped when it came time to size up a women's character flaws, but he's no business fool. His lawyers will spin this case whereby in the end, she will be far worse off for the extortion, & wiretapping, maybe even child abuse.

He has enough clout that he can rebuild, with humility and sobriety, at least a serene life as long as she's not in the picture.

On the otherhand, how could these two possibly work ANY type of custody agreement? It sounds like Mel will fight to the death for his daughter, and she will use and manuever her around like a chess piece. What a mess. Any plausable ideas? I'd really like to know.

1569 days ago


His racial slurs- whatever- have no bearing on this personal case-- the fact is no one knows what the actual "domestic" situation was- no proof! However, there is proof that this Oksana never changed her phone number, never filed any charges, but continued to egg on someone that was enraged & unstable- recorded the rants just for $$ blackmail!!

1569 days ago


Mel is a psycho!!!

1569 days ago


This story has found no traction away from TMZ

1569 days ago


I dont condone hitting women but I recognise a manipulative goldigger when I see one. She has used men all her life to get where she is and what she wants. In doing so, she has managed to perfect the BJ and I hope the rest as well for the sake of her victims. She does not appear too bright just manipulative in the way she has utilised her assets like many other women like her have done. I do not particularly feel pity- the kids to her are just part of her techniques of seduction- having them with the right guy is a means of ensuring payment. She needs the money for the plastic surgeon, the clothes she wears and the lifestyle that her body and face has bought her. Guys should just beware of these women, especially the rich ones.

1569 days ago


No rush you say? Look how the Santa Barbara cops swooped into Neverland to try to put Michael Jackson away for life. They didnt hesitate, yet Mel is allowed to make death threats to this woman.

1569 days ago


I just picked up The Road Warrior in Bluray! WOOOOO!

1569 days ago


people have to understand that no matter what was said this argument was between 2 people & not meant for the hole world to hear . When some one is having a heated argument you may not say the right thing or behave the right way . this was a privet conversation

1569 days ago


Its funny how when mel gibson punches his girlfriend's teeth out, he dont get ridiculed. but when chris brown allegedly hit rihanna every one comes down on him like a ton of bricks and every one wants to throw him behide bars for 5 years and no one wants to do anything to mel gibson but they have the evidence of her teth being missing. now how horrible is that or is it racist.

1569 days ago


He pops her in the mouth, knocks out teeth and she goes to the dentist? I'd have taken my snaggle toothed azz straight to the police station. She is a sneaky, gold digger with a big agenda. Mel is a pig, we all know that, but this woman has a PHD in extorting foolish men. If I were Mel I wouldn't give her azz a dime until I was ordered by the courts. Let her get a job like the rest of us.

1569 days ago


I hope they reconcile. These two deserve each other.

1569 days ago


This girl seems like she was trouble from the start.

1569 days ago


Surely, there are some charges that can be filed ahainst her for this setup. Illrgal recordings, profiting from them. I am not condoning hs behavior but this all seems quite deliberate on her part. He may need help but she is loathsome. If I were him, I would file suit against HER!

1569 days ago
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