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Mel/Oksana Tapes -- Evidence of Editing

7/15/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Mel Gibson's lawyers claim to have hard evidence the tapes Oksana Grigorieva secretly recorded have been tampered with and edited, which, if true, would make them inadmissible in a court of law.


The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will have to authenticate the tapes before sending the case to the D.A.'s Office, and that could take time.

As we first reported, Mel's lawyers will be presenting evidence to the Sheriff's Department and we're told among the evidence they will present -- that the tapes have been altered.  We're told Mel's lawyers will present "concrete forensic evidence" of tampering with the tapes, including editing.

Oksana's attorneys tell TMZ, "We are not aware of any presentation Gibson's lawyers are making, but we are not surprised they would make such unfounded claims."

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana's lawyers will be in court this morning asking a family law judge to strip Mel of custody of their daughter, using the tapes as evidence Mel is a danger to the child.  The authenticity of the tapes will almost certainly be raised by Mel's attorneys.

A judge will admit tapes into evidence only if someone can authenticate that the tapes are true and correct copies of what was actually recorded.


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does it matter?

1560 days ago


i would say her responses have been edited....but his ranting insanity was not. Basically she's a snake and he has a mental illness... they both need help.

1560 days ago


What an idiotic comment. No one ever said the clips we're hearing are complete. So they're EDITED. BFD. It's still him saying those things and making those threats.

1560 days ago


Mel says nothing negative about his child in the tapes. .

Oksana is harming her family more than she realizes.

1560 days ago


She should get the oscar for this one. she makes the tapes, but didn't distribute them? sure.

1560 days ago


For the idiot who thinks Mel said nothing negative about his child.....ARE YOU KIDDING??? I guess it's not harmful to the child though that while Oksana was holding the baby, that filty pig was abusing her in front of the baby. Don't you think that child heard alot of this? No matter how young she is, you have no idea of the long term harm that could be potentially be done to a young child. And what the hell difference is it if he said nothing bad about the child - he's an abuser, a racist, a liar, cheat and a woman hater!!

1560 days ago


There is no doubt that the tapes are edited. It is disturbing that Oksana released the tapes violating a Court Order. Clearly that shows an utter disregard for the law.

Perhaps her narcissistic drive stems from her reported humble beginnings in the Soviet Union.

1560 days ago


I work for a TV station and the first thing my co-workers questioned was the validity of the audio on the tapes. We work with audio. Many people here know how to manipulate audio via computer programs. And that's the first thing they noticed?

1560 days ago


The tapes are junk and will not be admitted into trial as evidence.

Expect Gibson's attorneys to pursue Oksanamamma for extortion and related crimes.

1560 days ago

they deserve each other    

Yes, the tapes are edited. They are not all from one phone call, but they are all from the same night and the same argument. Mel has major problems & needs meds -- but she orchestrated this. People who really love each other but fight have knock down, drag-out brawls, like my parents did. She hardly loses her cool, that's how you can tell she doesn't love him probably never did: sh doesn't get very upset. She presses his buttons like a pro. I bet this was planned by her long before now: how to hook him/land him (have a baby)/get his $/get rid of him. This is just public extortion & publicity seeking, and he's a misogynistic, screwed up Catholic ripe for it. He is a stupid, violent, alcoholic; she's a calculating, selfish, gold-digger; they deserve each other. The one who will suffer is the baby Lucia -- if it's even his.

1560 days ago

Are you sure?    

Thank God they were edited. What were they going to post two hours of a continuous tape? Isn't it clear the minute you listen to one of the tapes that's its a portion?

1560 days ago


Hey look, some of Mel Gibson's weird boyfriends are commenting on this thread!

Mel Gibson is weird and wrinkly and should be locked up with Charles Manson. Judge the girlfriend all you want, but the tapes say it all. He is a psycho, his weird religious dad is a psycho, and the strong arm of the law needs to give him a spanking.

1560 days ago


Mel has his issues, but she's a cold, calculating, sniveling, mean, plotting, money-worshipping shrew who's probably guilty of extortion.

If gold-digging were a crime, she'd be serving 5 consecutive life sentences.

1560 days ago

Juke Box    

DNA evidence submitted in court shows ELVIS PRESLEY STILL ALIVE!! visit to read about it

1560 days ago


Radar probably got an edited copy, but he still said what he said. Hope he gets prison time & never sees his daughter, piece of chit. Bet his ex-wife & other women have some similar stories about him.

1560 days ago
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