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Children's Services Show Up for Mel Hearing

7/15/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a rep from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services just showed up at the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva hearing.

Oksana claims Mel hit her while she was holding their baby.

In addition to the Children's Services rep, we've learned a sergeant from the Sheriff's Department, Special Victims Bureau, has also arrived.


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Oh please. Someone take that little baby away from both of these people.

1561 days ago

Miss Bu    

ITA VB someone needs to remove that baby from this situation immediately.

1561 days ago


Mel is a nutcase. He should have supervised visits. Drinking rages don't mix with innocent babies.

1561 days ago


Keep that poor innocent child out of this. I hope Mel loses custody and that he's arrested on the steps of the courthouse for the alleged abuse and stalking. AND I hope he's thrown in jail for threatening to kill Oksana.

Mel Your BOYFRIEND is waiting for you in jail and he's got something he wants to give you!!!

1561 days ago


Arrest the biotch! Send her Chino!

1561 days ago


This woman is hell bent on destroying Mel any way she can.

1561 days ago


I'm sooo f***ing tired of reading about Mel Gibson. Thanks to TMZ and other news outlets, I couldn't care less what he did and fully plan to support every movie he ever makes in the future. That's how tired I am of having to see this crap 20 times a day.

1561 days ago

I just want to hear from Mel's other 8 children about his behavior. I'm sure he was an abusive father/husband.

1561 days ago


At least Mel has bumped Michael Jackson stories off TMZ. THANK GOD!!

1561 days ago


I just really hope, what I read on today, was untrue! About a picture of the baby, Lucia, with a bruise on her chin wasn't from Mel trying to hit Oskana and hit her instead.

If that is TRUE and Mel did hit the baby.....he does deserve JAIL time....I don't care if you are the POPE!! To be honest, if that is true, he ought to be beheaded! Just like Braveheart! Off with his HEAD!!!! AND TESTICLES!!! oh, sorry, got carried away there.....

1561 days ago

Joe Blow    

Sad to say, but it's probably a good idea for the Child Protection Agency to show up and get a better feel on how stable Mel, and even Oksana are. Too bad they didn't do the same for Lindsay Lohan and get her away from her parents 10 years or so ago. Don't think I'm defending Lie-ho for a second here, but things might have turned out differently if she didn't have two nutcases for parents.

1561 days ago


UMMMM the Dept OF children services in Ca. will take the child away and most likely from both and give the child to another family member. Both parties need help. She is a calculating BIATCh who just wanted his money and he has got some serious rehab in order. I hope BOTH get what they deserve and that the child is well taken care of by a "normal" family member and not lost to the system. If Biatch was recording all these things for this long why didn't she just go to the police the first time. She involved her children. She is just as guilty in NOT PROTECTING them. When it comes down to it....she just pushed his buttons that were already malfunctioning and then built a case so she could GET MORE MONEY.

1561 days ago


If Mel gets any form of custody, God only knows what he could do to that baby. Where are the mental health specialists in all of this!? She needs MH professionals to testify about Mel's condition. God, I hope he gets sent for a psychiatric evaluation as a result of this. That would be the best possible outcome.

1561 days ago


If what she says is true the baby should be taken away from her too. She had no problem keeping the baby in a potential deadly situation for months while she negotiated for joint custody and apparently not as much child support as she wanted. I don't want to hear I don't know what it's like to be abused, it's bad enough some won't protect themselves but downright despicable they won't protect their children.

1561 days ago


I doubt they will take the child away from her for taping Mel and not running to the police immediately when she should have.

Yet, Mel for hitting the child....if true....will be taken into custody if they can prove it with pictures, witnesses to blow ups between the two (the 12 yo son's testimony) etc. This may be bad for Mel but, probably not for Oskana. Then again, I'm not a judge or a lawyer and have no real clue other than an educated guess. If you need money from your partner for the child you share....not so likely they will put you in jail or take your child away from you...just saying...again, I don't really know...but, we will soon find out...

1561 days ago
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