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Sheriff's Department: We Want to Speak to Mel

7/15/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has one witness they really want a sit-down with ... Mel Gibson.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We would like to speak to Mr. Gibson," adding his department has extended an invitation "but we have not gotten a definitive answer."

As TMZ first reported ... Gibson's lawyers have said they might make their client available at some point in the future.

Mel's lawyers will present their case to the investigating officers next week.


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Wow, they can get his autograph!
How cool is that?

1564 days ago


His lawyers "might make him available in the future"? Sounds a little bit fishy to me, like they think he would explode at being questioned, which would be funny as all heck!!

Me thinks they have something to hide or someone to protect...

1564 days ago

They should beat him silly with a telephone book!

1564 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay is p*ssed off her guord that Mel is stealing her limelight

1564 days ago


lol @ Johnny

she's a skank. she's not beautiful. she's trash. i have seen women egg men on to the point where they almost explode. if they were "fighting" ... why wasn't she yelling at him? in the tapes i've listened to, she's so calm. i wish this would just all go away.

1564 days ago


I bet they DO want to talk with MEL and I bet Mel will make them wait and wait...just like him. It will be on his time. He will fit them in when it's convenient for Mel. Oh, let's say some time week!

What Mel, you need some time to come up with some excuses?!?!? Damage control?!?!? Some time to check yourself into rehab? What's next?

1564 days ago


Where is my Sweatheart to protect me and protest my innocence? I will reward your loyalty to me by asking you to be next B**ch!

1564 days ago


Shouldn't the Shariif's be after that child molester, Michael J.?

1564 days ago

I wonder what he would say to them this time about the Jews!

1564 days ago


How can you say a woman dressed like a slut when that is the way she dressed when you were suduced. He got what he deserved. Just remember she uses men and would never have given him a second glance if he didn't have money and status. They both deserve each other.

1564 days ago


Talking to the law might be the best move for Mel. I don't believe Oksana (sp) - not for a second. As long as he has a lawyer with might stop all the harassment going on right now. I think if Mel were an abuser, we'd have heard this long before now. Smells like someone wants to get as much money as she can while she can.

1564 days ago


they are going to have Sheriff Steven Segal interview him...I would pay to see that
sheriff Segal:mel mel mel what have you done

Gibson:I have not done anything to that **^%$$ and she is a ^&&*& damn bit @#!@#$...

sheriff Segal:calm down mel we can work this out

Gibson:hey your steven segal..right

sheriff Segal:that sheriff Segal to you

Gibson:are you recording this conversation?

sheriff Segal:no

Gibson:want a beer or a joint?

sheriff Segal: errr joint would be great and everything looks fine here,she is obviously out of her mind..good stuff man

Gibson:see ya later steve and sorry about your carreer

1564 days ago


This is a lawyers' game now. Think John Grisham.

1564 days ago


When they say they have not gotten a definitive answer does that mean they haven't heard back for sure, or does it mean Mel talked for about 45 minutes and they aren't sure what he said?

1564 days ago


I really do believe mel has a anger problem,danergous person,he might end up like the jealous men,O J simpson,He might deciding to kill her. I am glad they caught this one in time. Please get help mel bison.

1564 days ago
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