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The-Dream: I Tried to Kill Myself After Breakup

7/16/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B mogul The-Dream just posted an open letter on his website -- in which he claims he tried to commit suicide when he realized his marriage with singer Christina Milian was doomed.


The-Dream wrote, "I’ve cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I’ve tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming." The two announced their split earlier this week.

But in his letter, The-Dream also apologizes to fans for "misleading everyone" into believing his marriage was fine ... when in reality he was, "simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we were failing."

Dream concludes the letter, "This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!"


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think da DREAM needs to change his name to REALITY coz that's how life is so stop dreamin.

1522 days ago


I dont see why Dream is so upset at all. Christina is nothing but a wh%re, she always try to latch on to any man that will help her with a CD. I said to myself when they first got married. that he should wait. everyone should check out her background. she will go with any man that has a name for himself. she would of tried it with Jay-Z. but she knows she has nothing on Beyonce. Christina is nothing but a gold digger. if it wasnt Dream it would of been another man. please dont think this chick is in mourning. she is a gold digger. all her music flops. just check it out. have you all ever notice she NEVER had a ##1 hit. NEVER. Dream I said to myself when I heard you were marrying her. that you are young and dumb and dont know her full background.

1522 days ago


She tried to latch on to slim shady. she didnt love him. just trying to get a record. she try to hook with 50. but 50 seen far ahead. a man can smell a trap far away believe me. she tried to dye her hair blond etc. she thinks she pretty. but nowadays. a man wants a women with a brain. like Beyonce, Alicia Keys. they dont want to write all your music for you. I wonder why Dream jumped on her, and never wonder why no other man was snapping at her. everyone knew her Dream but you. you let her looks get to you. now look. stop thinking with the little head, and think with the BIG HEAD.

1522 days ago


It's so funny to me how people are "sorry" only when they get caught! WTF?

1522 days ago



1522 days ago


Why? Did you do something in the realationship,it not to late you know,to try to make things right.......

1522 days ago


He's a damn liar! Unless.......he was trying to overdose on Twinkies. With he's short fat ugly ass. Oh and did I mention short. He shouldn't been married that damn mexican anyway. Idiot.

1522 days ago


...Absolutely right.Race is nothing more than a social construct designed to control and/or align the masses for one's (read elite)own good.I,too,have found myself at times more similar to another of a 'different race'-even gender!-than my own.Further, science has shown that nothing differentiates the races inside.The rest of humankind need to deal with that.

1522 days ago


Karma is a b!$@# he left his first wife Nivea for her and now she don't want him he is just upset because of all the money he is going to have to pay her because they did not have a pre-nup

1522 days ago


who cares about you dumb b itches ranting and raving about racism and a racist has powers to make other group of peoples lives miserable rings a bell.

1522 days ago


I think the Dream meant I was crying and trying to commit suicide due to having to cut the income down to 50%. Awwwwww

1522 days ago


I knew this all along that all she wants from him is money.....when she got with THe Dream he was big...specially that rockin that thing like album.....she got pregnant right away...didnt look right to me at all...n...also around that time NIck her with Mariah Carey which we all know a big rich i think Christina got jelous so she has to find her a big star also...which is the Dream....n not to mention she filed a brankruptcy that means that shes broke and need to find someone to support her ass....Shes a gold digging bitch...

1521 days ago


who the f... gave him name dream. that mf ****, Should B called nightgmare. Sweet c millan have realy drop her self low.take a bath and live on girl.U deserve better.

1521 days ago


heyheyhey!!!! None of that had anything to do with a white gurl, ms black queen. cuz i have two mixed kids wit a sexy smart ass black man that knows where that goog goog is at. sorry babe u can never give no head like one of us beckys so calm that **** down and if you want to keep yo black men wont you take it in the ass bitch!!!! cuzuh you can keep you a black man and have u a charcoal ass baby if you want to hollaaaaaaaaaaaa

1521 days ago


LMAO @ "if at first you don't succeed try again" that's the truth, don't be so quick to give up. If you are determined you can do it.
This is not to be taken seriously and is for entertainment purposes only. If you have suicide idealogy, do seek professional help or call the suicide hotline.

1521 days ago
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