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'K-Town' -- Like 'Jersey Shore,' But with Asians

7/18/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If this video is any indication, the new reality show "K-Town" -- billed as an Asian version of "Jersey Shore" -- will do for Asians what the original "JS" did for Italians. And that's not a good thing.


TMZ has obtained this cast reel for the new show -- which has only shot its pilot and hasn't been picked up by a network yet. There's definitely a Situation or two, a Snooki, a Pauly D type (who is most likely a club promoter, not a DJ) and their version of Jwoww goes by Jwao (kidding).

GTR for life. 


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That was terrible. I'd rather watch a marathon of Jersey Shore....NOT!!!!!!!!!!

1556 days ago


it seems that no one in between la and ny know any koreans. because if they did, they would know that koreans drink like m f'ers. not saying it's a good thing, but it's just the korean culture. and unfortunately, what is seen in this cast reel is really what you see a lot of in ktown.
if this gets picked up, i'll definitely be watching as i cringe. i'm just a bit concerned that my parents will see this and think this is how i act when i go out! :X

1556 days ago


Our country is a melting pot so why not at least give them a shot and see where it goes from there. Let America decide.

1556 days ago


What an embarrassment to Asian communities all over the US...

1556 days ago


Wow @ Ozzie X that is some pure ignorance. You “could care less” about seeing “an ethnic minority” trying to mimic “American culture”? I think it’s time your dilapidated brain be schooled on a few things: ethnic minorities ARE American and contribute towards “American culture” just as much as anyone else in this country. “American culture” isn’t something that appears in a vacuum. It’s a complex, and constantly changing phenomenon that’s molded, and influenced by just about everyone who steps foot in the country. For instance, I can’t even image what American culture would be like without Latino-Americans and African Americans—it would definitely be different, that’s for sure. “Minorities” (god I hate that word lol) live, breathe, eat, and sleep American life and deserve to have their stories told just as much as Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag. I mean I’m an Indian female born and raised in Canada and would be infuriated if someone wrote off my experiences because I wasn’t white. @ Cartman is obviously also ignorant—you need to get out of your bubble and think PAST your preconceived notions. Asians aren’t caricatures—they are human beings. For you to say that they couldn’t possibly have anything to contribute to reality tv. besides, as you put it, “fight over fish sauce” not only shows your stupidity but also that North America still has a LONG way to go. Canada and the US are only going to get more diverse. It’s going to become less and less clear who the “majority” and “minority” really are, so if you harbor prejudice ideas, ya better check that sh*t at the door.

1556 days ago


Well if its half as funny as Ktown Cowboys on youtube then maybe it will be decent...

1556 days ago


@ #55 anotherstupidtmzpost:

Well said. :)

1556 days ago


Looks like a pretty awesome concept... I'd watch this show!

1556 days ago


This show looks pretty dope... i'd definitely watch it!

1556 days ago


What a bunch of losers.

Part of the cast: a soft-core porn star.

And a prostitute:

Good luck to the networks that pick this up. Get ready for an onslaught of protests.

1556 days ago


what the hell is this..?

1556 days ago


Alllllright....sooooo embarrassing and this makes Miss Jennifer Field look like a total alcoholic skank. Miss Asian America should be so embarrassed to be represented by that. If I was the head of the committee I would rip her title from her and denounce her.

1556 days ago


^^^^Only after Perez asks her about gay marriage.

Seem to recall grampa saying "One day, they're going to have TV shows featuring people taking a ****." Grampa was a smart guy.

1556 days ago



1555 days ago

David Lee    

This show is a f'in disgrace to all Korean and Asians. The fact that the cast members agreed to participate in a "get rich and famous quick" scheme truly disgusts me. This is a spit in the face to all 1st generation Koreans who have worked a dead-end, blue collar job to provide the proper life for their kids. The fact that Tyrese is executive producing this makes it even a bigger joke.

If this show miraculously gets picked up and aired, you can bet that there will be numerous Asian-American protest groups attempting to take the show off air.

1554 days ago
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