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Lindsay Lohan

Calm and Pretty

7/21/2010 9:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone who spent time with Lindsay Lohan today tells us she's "cool, calm and sleeping a lot."

As someone inside the jail told us, "She's not a mess at all.  She's keeping to herself, better than yesterday and handling it pretty good."

We do not know if sleeping soundly in a noisy jail was Ambien induced.

Our jail source says she looks "stunningly beautiful." 

As for what's on Lindsay's mind -- she wants to know when she's getting out.

And, we're told, Lindsay's peeps are trying to get her a copy of "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway from Barnes & Noble.  Lindsay couldn't bring her own copy to jail -- B & N is the Sheriff's choice.


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Good riddance!    

I'll send her Final Exit for free!

1554 days ago


"stunningly beautiful"? What... in a orange jump suite?

1554 days ago


You know what pisses me off more than that she will serve only 14 days in the end, the fact that they let her know up front that her time will be so short. Why reward her with that knowledge? Make her suffer every one of those 14 days, lamenting her transgressions, potentially making steps towards rehabilitation, and then spring it on her at the last second.

1554 days ago


"someone said" someone is her homama. what did anyone think she was going to say...she looks like sh*t on a shingle??

1554 days ago

Sin D    

LiLo...ADVICE: Watch and learn from Lady Gags vid "Telephone" mkay...and vid-tape for all us pervs out here in InterNutWorld..HD 1080 please

1554 days ago


Yes, Ambien will make you sleep in places you usually wouldn't. Coming down from a self induced high for years prior to entering jail will make you sleep also. ~ Ali, don't forget to stuff your head bun with Ambien when you see her in another hour or so. Oh, and tell Mom to.

1554 days ago


Everyone that goes to jail has to have a cavity search.That means they have to strip naked and bend over so somebody can look in their private areas to see if they are hiding something.I wonder who watched LILO bend over and spread her cheeks for them at this jail?

1554 days ago


beautiful??? She looks like a horse in that picture!!

1554 days ago


Stunningly beautiful? Are we sure that LiLo didn't accidentally give your source some of her drugs? LiLo is a nice-looking young woman, that's it.

1554 days ago


Who cares..she has to spend 2 weeks in jail where she is getting special visitations already and away from the general population!! Is this really a punishment...

1554 days ago

bring back recent posts    

HAHAHA...they sound like a lil herd of horses goin to the barn..funny!

1554 days ago


TMZ should be informed that the Los Angeles County Jail System does not give any inmate Ambien, it is not even carried by the pharmacy there. They will give an inmate either Benedryl, or Serequel, but no Ambien

1554 days ago


I still think she should serve longer. The time off for "good" behavior??? Give me a break, it is like paying a child for behaving. Of course Mommy is trying to visit even so there are other Mother's who would like to visit and would not even try because they follow the rules for visitation.
The above the rules and enabling goes on....

1554 days ago


Maybe she wants to read "The Old Man and the Sea" because she's growing all those disgusting age spots on her face and is starting to look like an old man.

Or maybe she just wants to follow Hemmingway's lead and shoot herself in the head with a shot gun.

1554 days ago


All the people who have been saying she is drug addicted or alcohol dependant, explain the lack of withdrawal problems! Your all wrong, she may be a recreational user but she is not addicted and can function normally in a very controlled environment.

People of California, the judge is wasting your money forcing her to go to rehab. The urine tests and random alcohol tests would be far cheaper and just as good.

1554 days ago
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