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Mystery in Lindsay Lohan Case

7/20/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer had a confidential meeting with Judge Marsha Revel this afternoon, and the D.A. didn't even know about it ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Shapiro breezed into court at around 4:00 PM and went directly into chambers.

We're assuming Shapiro is making plans for Lindsay's surrender tomorrow morning.


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I sure hope she doesn't show up and a bench warrant is issued. If there really is a God, two burly LAPD cops will snag her, in a Bronco like chase, and drag her screaming and kicking to jail. The icing on the cake would be another 90 days added, this time to serve it all with the biggest and ugliest "hoochy mamas" in custody. Please let it happen.

1525 days ago


I don't think there's much to be done for Lilo at this point. She'll check in tomorrow and serve her 23 days and it'll be done.

1525 days ago


In this type of conversation D.A needs to be present. So, i dont know what all this fuss is about. If something like this happened went public, then every judge could do such thing. I am sure that in this case, this didnt happen. All he got from the judge is reducing her stay in prison, and there had to be conditions for her treatment in the deal they made.

1525 days ago


man, did i fill up the white bronco with gas for nothing? i was totally ready for another slow-speed chase tonight.

1525 days ago


Oh surprise, surprise... Special treatments all the time for celebrities. Same thing for Mel Gibson. They always get away with everything their way.

1525 days ago


are the photographers camped out near the jail or court house yet to get some photos so Lindsay can add them to her scrapbook?

1525 days ago

Norristown Chris    

I don't know why she would be scared to go to prison...she is a lesbian right? So, she should be psyched for the buffet of ***** in the showers as she is drunk off good old prison toilet wine.

1525 days ago

the sea    

I'm surprised Lindsay isn't "REVELling in all the attention that going to jail will bring her.

Plus, she can't sell a million $$ interview if she DOESN'T go.

It's a win win!

1525 days ago

why is she there ?    

no way can she pay off this judge, its too out there,
it wont happen, she will get more if she tries to pull that one .
lilo needs to do 90 days and not a day less .
deal with it.
dont do the crime if you cant do the time .....
justice at last and she got it good, only 90 days was a win for her .

1525 days ago


20 days is nothing, big deal...she needs to get this sh*t over with. Then get on with her life. She should look at this like a blessing, she needs to get in touch with her spiritual side and meditate on her life, when she gets out, hopefully she will realize she doesn't need any of her so called "friends"- solitary will do her some good, and humble her. It will be good for her health to come back down to earth. If she uses this as an oppurtunity and not a punishment, and that goes for anyone who goes to jail, not just the rich and famous.


1525 days ago


Is she the only resident at that half way house?

I wonder how the residents like their privacy invaded with paparazzi, and Lindsays friends coming & going at all hours.

1525 days ago


It must be nice to be a celebrity. In the end, she will be destroyed because she will never learn any lessons. On the other hand, maybe the Judge isn't a liberal and takes these things seriously.

1525 days ago


she's going tomorrow so don't has no choice unless California wants to jepordize equal rights...they are already on the ball for the whole OJ ****.. and now Sharpiro again??? if she doesn't go..all hell will break loose...we just know for how long...that's the kicker..

1525 days ago


If LiLo would've went right into jail when the judge sentenced her she would be getting out tomorrow.

She is making way more out of this than was necessary.

1525 days ago


I wondered if he wasn't up to something with all this "she's going to jail" talk. It's possible all he was doing was making arrangements but I would be pissed if I were the DA. All I can say is she better go to jail exactly like the judge ordered or this will just be beyond even for Hollywood.

1525 days ago
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