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Signed, Then Rejected

$15 Mil Deal

7/20/2010 4:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva signed an agreement with Mel Gibson for a $15 million package, which would have kept the Mel tapes secret, but she ultimately walked away from it.

Sources tell TMZ, during the child custody mediation in May, lawyers for Mel and Oksana worked out a financial deal for Oksana -- she would get a total of $15 mil, which included child support, a house and other assets. 

But sources intimately familiar with the mediation tell us Oksana promised something in return -- that all "evidence" associated with the case remain confidential.

We've learned the "evidence" includes the tapes. Oksana's lawyers had played some, but not all of the tapes for Mel's lawyers.  We're told Oksana's lawyers did not play the tape in which Gibson used the N word and made a reference to "wetbacks."

As one source put it, "The tapes loomed large in the mediation.  The word 'tapes' was never used in the agreement, but it was central to the deal."

Oksana and Mel both signed a "short form agreement" -- a bare-bones contract outlining the broad strokes of the deal. The lawyers then drafted a long form agreement which contained specifics of the deal, but we're told Oksana refused to sign the long form, claiming she felt coerced. 

We're told Mel never paid Oksana under the deal because the short form didn't spell out the specifics of payment and Oksana refused to sign the longer agreement which contained the details.


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not sure what to make of this.........must consult my 8 ball.

1555 days ago


@CCC: I was thinking the same thing - these pics are

@Jane: Couldnt help but snicker at your post.

I am still mixed on this one. Leaning more towards Mel's camp, but can understand both points of view.

1555 days ago


I don't understand why she didn't sign the contract if the money was already agreed on. Something is mui fishy...cause she went all out to ruin him, and only a really REALLY angry person would do something like this to ruin someone. There must have been something in the contract that was unjust, and they would not budge on it..that is the only reason I can think that she would so something like this. Whole thing stinks to high heaven on both sides.

1555 days ago


I hope Mel is being watched all the time so that he doesn't kill himself. The damage she has caused is beyond belief. He may have been loud and foul mouthed, but her soft spoken manipulation has far greater destructive powers. It's ABUSE of Mel on a whole other level.

Leave it for the courts Oksana. Psychological abuse can come in form of a cold soulless voice.

1555 days ago

bety vazquez    

OMG What kind of woman is this oksana, I feel sorry for her kids.

1555 days ago


Guess this abuser will walk too. He has insulted most of us with a slur of some sort.

1555 days ago

Shudda Know Better    

These two deserve each other. Glad the kid's not old enough to suffer through this.

1555 days ago


In Okscamers defense, it's going to cost way more than $15 million to fix her face. I probably would have held out for more too.

1555 days ago


If you could hear my next door neighbors fight( live in an apartment w/thin walls) you'd think they were killing each other, and I just cringe at the things they scream at each other with such rage and viciousness. The girl works herself up into such a frenzy that sometimes it sounds like he's beating her, but turns out it's her, banging her head on the wall, and throwing herself againts the wall. Once she even ran out into the hall after her boyfriend, butt naked, crying and screaming.
We have only really heard one side of this over and over and over by Oksana's people via the tapes, the photo's and her constantly being out in public trying to get her photo in the rags. Mel is quietly shooting his movie, and keeping his mouth shut. He may or may not have hit her, but by those photos he sure as hell didn't beat her bad, blacken both her eyes, knock her teeth out and give her a concussion, as she claims. We hear him ranting and raving, but I'll bet she did some hysterical ranting and raving of her own, which of course isn't taped, cause who tapes themselves being crazy mad? She's not out to make herself look bad and she's trying to get the most bang for her buck out of Mel. A domestic fight that wasn't anything more than couples on the verge of breaking up, and we only got one side of it, hers.

1555 days ago


i see a civil lawsuit coming where she hopes her punitive damage to be <100 mil?

1555 days ago


oops i mean > 100mil

1555 days ago


Nobody is going near this beotch now that she's been exposed. She's going to have to go back to scamming Americans from some Russian Brides website. Advice to Okscammer: Don't show them your picture while trying to lure American men on the internet - you won't get a response. And whatever you do DON'T let them hear you sing. Advice to Mel: Get off the sauce. You were a fool to leave your wife.

1555 days ago


team Mel.....

1555 days ago


Does she smirk in every picture? Am I the only person who thinks she is reading from a script in the tapes? And am I the only person who doesn't care about this story?

1555 days ago


Love you Mel but you think God is trying to tell you something? Get off the sauce, stay sober, reconcile with your wife, no more dallying with pretty young things, and keep praying!

1555 days ago
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