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Oksana: I Didn't Want Mel Gibson's Money

7/22/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... there is one reason and one reason only she ultimately turned down $15 million from Mel Gibson -- she did not want him to have unsupervised visitation with Lucia.


TMZ broke the story ... Oksana agreed during her mediation with Mel in May to a $15 million package.  In return, she promised to keep all of the "evidence" confidential -- which included the secret tapes.

As we reported, Oksana and Mel signed a one-page agreement, but when the longer form document was later presented to Oksana, we're told she balked because it included a clause which gave Mel unsupervised visitation.

0722_oksana_child_cleanOur sources say Oksana felt Lucia was in danger and said she would turn down "any amount of money" to keep Mel from unsupervised visitation.

UPDATE: Moments ago, Oksana was asked what she wanted to get out of her battle with Mel ... and she responded, "Just my child. I'm fighting for the life of my child."


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Did anyone notice that only a few MINUTES earlier TMZ posted this?

sources tell us she's interested in the firm -- Rheuban and Gresen -- for a possible civil lawsuit against Mel Gibson

Oh, this is rich, my friends. Rich. Oxsana appears to be in a meltdown.

Need a match?

1532 days ago

Val Williams

1532 days ago


to "by Name".

She signed her agreement in May, apparently. But, started complaining that she was broke end of June of July stating "Mel was not giving her any money and she was living off of credit cards. Sounds to me like he wasn't paying-up FOR A REASON. So she got neverous and leaked the tapes. Her prove abuse. Believe me, there are real ways to prove abuse and if you care about your daughter who will always have Mel Gibson as a father, you don't fight this battle in the public. Hate and guilt causes that action.

1532 days ago


Ah yes; the trustworthy Russians strike again.

1532 days ago



yes I do feel slightly better now. Dreams do come true I guess :-)

1532 days ago


OMG Please let someone die so every update on here does not have to be about Mel & Oksana!!!

1532 days ago


ROFL ... it's just a bargaining tactic, how gullible are you people? She's denying him visitation UNTIL she gets a deal she wants, then as far as she's concerned Mel can have the kid full time. Same as she did with her son.

What "worried mother" wouldn't take her kid to the doctor right after somebody supposedly punched the kid. That's such horse****.

Mel Offered her 15mil, she either thought she could get more and pushed for more, or Mel realized he couldn't really buy her, she'd just be around to haunt him when her 15mil run out and we got the circus.

1532 days ago


Of course she says that NOW... she's gotta drag the safety of the child into it because she is looking pretty damn bad.
But we all know it's BS, cause he never laid a hand on his ex-wife nor their 10 kids.. or how ever many they have.
Why oh why is anyone believeing this womans story ??

1532 days ago


Oh, so you didn't want his money, eh? Then why have you hired an attorney, to look at suing Mel Gibson? C'mon, we all know you decided you wanted more than he was offering, so you concocted this BS story, taped Mel when he was pissed off & ranting due to kicking smoking & released the tapes, to try to win in the court of public opinion. It's called "LOGIC", honey and it requires you to use your brain; too bad you're lacking in that area.

This russian money grubbing bitch continues to lie through her teeth on a daily basis. Mel is a jerk, but even he doesn't deserve this. She's going to be found out to be an extortionist; when that happens, I hope she's deported...

1532 days ago


Sarah: lololol:) You're not alone there!

1532 days ago


If she had reported him when he punched her with baby she would have won her case hands down, and without the drama! Is there a easier way to get supervised visit than what he did? She is a liar.

1532 days ago

Lynn M    

Look i like Mel (Bet more than you do )--But the man is clearly mentally ill too. it's funny how whoopi and the rest would defend his racist rants and am sure mel didn't call whoopie to say he didn't say those things on the tapes(his people are not denying he said those words-SO that begs the Question--why are You ?

He also said on the tapes , she deserves to be hit and no one would believe her(guess he's right on that)--Mel knows what he's doing , why should i act or pretend or be in denial of what he did..

Thats why the tape is worth--$15 mil--i can't deny this any longer ...

Posted at 2:36 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by JUstin

Whoopie didn't defend Mel's racist rants. She just implied, that, in her direct experience with Mel as a friend, he is not a racist, in her eyes. I applaud Whoopie for speaking up for her friend when she knew it would cause her heat. All we know for sure is that ROL are releasing tapes that may or may not be tampered with but that we well know were sealed by the court for a reason. He may have well said these words but the context is what is important. Take out just one or two words and you can make an innocent statement look like something terrible.

That said, some of the tapes sound editied to me and her side of the conversation sound like bad acting when discussing the incident where physical violence has been alleged. She has lots of friends in the recording business. It isn't a giant leap to suspect these recordings have been messed with.

I just know that I won't be boycotting any movies. It is a private issue and the things were said in a private, ugly argument. It's not for me to forgive anything. It was/is none of my business. Hoever, she has made her smear campaign my business and I'm calling her out for it. She could have sailed into the sunset with a generous settlement package with her integrity intact. Her concern is not about Mel being with the baby. It's about revenge.

1532 days ago


Offered 15 million and you should have signed and kept to yourself but you wanted more money. That was a generous offer by Mel. Greedy not to accept that.

1532 days ago


I would like to see the $15 mil agreement. I bet she refused to sign it because the money wasn't signed directly to her. He probably put it in a trust for his daughter that paid out an amount to Oksana every month for his daughter's care. Once his daughter turned 18 the checks stop going to Oksana and go to his daughter. I could see him doing that to ensure that Osana didn't spend all 15 mil in a couple years.

1532 days ago


areyoukiddenme -you are the one with no clue as to what you are referring to.
"gutting her like a fish", "microwaving babies", etc., and so forth, your words. These (and more) are what you "heard" in Mel's voice/rants?
-like I said, you are emotionally irrational and not at all professional.
Your take/perception is more akin to those who are psychotic than that of those who diagnose, treat and/or deal with psychosis in other individuals.
I'll bet you're a Lifetime/Oxygen Network graduate more than anything else, jumping on the chance to further a personal latent agenda that you fantasize a correlation to.
There is no evidence he struck her.
Only evidence that he was extremely and lividly upset, over the phone, at something she'd done (that has never been revealed, btw).
You talking about microwaved babies and gutting her like a fish, etc., ... --you'vegottobekkidenme, that's sick fantasy that you own and proffered, it's a reflection of what's in you, not Mel.

1532 days ago
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