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Rachel Uchitel Goes to 'Rehab' ... for a Price

7/19/2010 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' mistress numero uno Rachel Uchitel is heading to "Celebrity Rehab" -- but TMZ has learned the show resorted to drastic measures before she agreed to check in.


Sources connected to the production tell us Uchitel had originally turned down the show -- but after  producers DOUBLED their offer and Dr. Drew personally paid Uchitel a visit, Rachel changed her mind.

We're told Uchitel will make around $500,000 for her stint on the show.

A rep from VH1 claims Uchitel is hoping to kick an addiction to pills.

We're told it's unclear if this will affect Uchitel's offer to join Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice."

The network claims Uchitel will be joined on the show by supermodel Janice Dickinson, actor Jeremy London, musician Leif Garrett, oil heir Jason Davis, ex-reality star Jason Wahler and singer Keyshia Cole's mother.



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"TMZ has learned the show resorted to drastic measures before she agreed to check in".
She made them stare at her for three hrs without looking away, blinking, not vomiting. That's not "drastic measures", that's sheer inhumane torture plain and simple.

1523 days ago


The important part of this show is GETTING the addict TO rehab. Paying them seems ass backwards, BUT it gets the addict INTO the facility. Something most addicts won't do unless they are mandated (by the courts, like Lilo) or "persuaded" whether by family, friends, co-workers, or in this case even cash.
Getting an addict to rehab is one of the hardest parts. The other is staying clean and sober afterwards. The hope is while they are there, seeing others revealing their issues, attending group and individual therapy, etc, is that SOMETHING will sink in. And hopefully they realize they NEED the help and work to turn themselves around.
Most addicts go through rehab numerous times, rarely is it ever just once. The relapse rate for CR and Dr. Drew is no different than any other rehab I'm sure. And there are a couple that have remained sober from the show: Jessica (can't remember her last name, sorry) the younger girl from American Idol-from what I've heard she's been sober since Season 1. Also Stallones/Rodmans ex-wife, Brigitte? omg everyones name is slipping past me tonight-but I think everyone knows who I'm talking about. Those two are right of the top of my head, there were several that came to visit last seasons patients. So there are success stories from Dr. Drew. Seth, poor kid, I hope he's gotten it together after season 2. Lol.
The point is getting them into treatment, however you're able

1523 days ago


Forgot to say, I don't think that this Uchitel should be there as she is not a "celebrity". I don't really think that family members of celebrities should be included as well.
All other people that have participated have at one time or the been famous, a celebrity, at some point in time. She was never any type of entertainer (well, not the type of entertainer we see in Hollywood, although I'm pretty sure she knows HOW to entertain). Nor is she ever going to be seen as anything other than extortionist who received $$$ hide secrets about someone and a home wrecker. THAT is not what should be recognized as a "celebrity".
Guess I'll have to DVR every episode and ff through her parts. Lol.

1523 days ago


I don't understand the whole logic of paying someone to better themselves..when that $ can go to something actually worthwhile and that would do some good for this world. Oh well such is life..

1523 days ago


Some of these people being courted for Celebrity Rehab appear to be making up a drug or alcohol addiction just to get on television and get paid. Rachel is a master manipulator. I don't believe she even has any addiction probs. She DOES have a PR prob and perhaps she's thinking if she's on this program it will recover that prob. One thing is very clear. She's working this for all it's worth. Good for Donald Trump for retracting the offer he made her. He's figured her out unlike the men who have an intense crush and gush all over the place when they interviewed Rachel at TMZ.

1523 days ago


who cares anything about keisha cole let alone her worthless crackhead mother. i cant believe the show is paying for this. i think if this was pay per view-dr.drew would wake up. no one really cares about any of these people let alone keisha's cracked out mom.

1523 days ago



1523 days ago


Well, that's one show I won't watch anymore...

Dr. Drew seems like a nice enough guy but he just lost my respect.

Why does society allow this crap?
This woman sleeps with a married man and now she's rich and getting offers to be on TV and become richer.
I'm embarassed for all women.

1520 days ago

kane K    

Leif Garrett needs help . This B!tch needing another half mill? i dont think so. she can blow blow off my ****

1518 days ago


You go Leif! You can do it!

1447 days ago

ken echlin    

Like Madonna and Kim Kardashian she is addicted to black penis and money, must make parents proud ?

1391 days ago
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