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Rachel Uchitel's New Crush -- Dr. Drew

7/19/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel won't just be fighting the urge to pop pills on "Celebrity Rehab" ... she'll also be fighting the urge to keep her hands off her latest crush, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

In fact, we've learned -- it's Rachel's infatuation with Drew that led to her decision to do the reality show.

Sources tell us after Rachel initially turned down "Rehab" -- Dr. Drew wanted a personal sit-down to change her mind ... and she only agreed to the meeting because she says she has a mad crush on him.

So, now Drew has Rachel where he wants her ... and Rachel's got Drew right where she wants him.

Rehab just got way more complicated.


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I just can't believe Dr. Drew and his show was desperate enough to 'cast' her on the show. WHY OH WHY is she being considered a 'celebrity' now? She's a homewrecking, ugly, dirty skank whore-o-rama. Why give her more money? What is that teaching America? Go out, find a rich married man, screw him, learn some secrets about him he doesn't want anyone to know, get paid WAY too much to keep quiet about him, oh and then you turn into a celebrity for doing something you should be held accountable for, not paid for. What is this world coming to? this is so absurd.

1559 days ago

famewhore alert. famewhore alert. famewhore alert. she just wants syndicated face time. and we all love trainwrecks. especially when they drain tigers!!!

1559 days ago


I KNEW IT!!! It wasn't adding up! It wasn't about the money or the fame or she wouldn't be doing was for other reasons and now we know....WHORE!!! WHy do I bother?!?!?

1559 days ago


I really hope he wants to help her more than worry about the shows ratings. It's sad to see when true professionals such as Dr. Drew forget why they do what they do. I hope this is not the case.

1559 days ago


Dr. Drew has what Rachel wants, a prescription pad

1559 days ago


I'd love to know what his wife is thinking right now!

1559 days ago


That Drew guy is insufferable and egomaniacal. How could anyone even be in the same room with him? He is sooooo self-impressed and pontificating! YUCK!!!! He totally creeps me out. I'd like to clock him one. He's so damned manicured and sleek and glossy looking, not a hair out of place (and not enough hair period) and polished specs and rigid posture.


1559 days ago

Chun LI    

"Personal sit down" I think we all know what that means.

1559 days ago



Yep, what's the number to that other show....Divorce Court!!!

1559 days ago


The older rachel gets, the more she looks pedestrian.

1559 days ago


The amazing thing is she got so mad when Joy Behar from "The View" made fun of her name and said something like, "You-ca-tell she's a hooker". Yeesh... you-ca-tell Joy was right!

1559 days ago


This is just BS publicity so you'll watch the show!

1559 days ago


Dr. Drew is a hypocrite. He bagged on Dr. Phil for exploiting people who need help, but the reality of it is that he himself is exposing people so he can have a show. He could care less about Rachel's alleged addiction. She is there for the money - not to get rehabilitation, and Dr. Drew knows that. Dr. Drew should give this show up...he was fine without it.

1559 days ago


TMZ, you suck when it comes to posting pictures. The last thing we all want to look at is...up Rachel's nose or at orange Rachel and Donald...thank you very much. Find better photo's please! I know, we all know, you do this on purpose but, it is US your readers and posters who have to keep looking at them!

Thank you,
A concerned poster who is out of work and while actively looking, enjoys reading about celebrities and posting while my life is spinning out of control but, while that is all happening you insist I look at the worst possible photos of all photos out there on these celebrities or attention grabbing want-a-be-whores looking for celebrity status on such shows such as Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab like Rachel and I get tired of looking up her nose in these photos you posts that I have to look at and it drives me crazy need I say more? Dani

1559 days ago


If the numbers are right (500k) Rachel is crying all the way to the bank. Drew is right along side her. In front of the them comes the media in hysterics. Then come you..laughing and patting each other on the back saying how stupid the program was...after paying their salary.....And while you wonder where your money went, they are wondering what kind of new house buy.

1559 days ago
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