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Rachel Uchitel's New Crush -- Dr. Drew

7/19/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel won't just be fighting the urge to pop pills on "Celebrity Rehab" ... she'll also be fighting the urge to keep her hands off her latest crush, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

In fact, we've learned -- it's Rachel's infatuation with Drew that led to her decision to do the reality show.

Sources tell us after Rachel initially turned down "Rehab" -- Dr. Drew wanted a personal sit-down to change her mind ... and she only agreed to the meeting because she says she has a mad crush on him.

So, now Drew has Rachel where he wants her ... and Rachel's got Drew right where she wants him.

Rehab just got way more complicated.


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lol good question...would he?

I dont think so, he knows better, then again he just gave more attention to someone who doesn't deserve it just to get ratings, so Home wrecking whore + Ratings whore= another failed marriage
hopefully not.

1554 days ago


Dr. Drew wouldn't go for it. Hell, I remember 10 years ago or so when she was super hot, Tyra Banks admitted she had a big thing for Drew but he wasn't even phased.

1554 days ago

solar panel    

He's as gay as Elton John and Adam Lambert would like him to be, so Rachel won't be getting diseases from him, don't worry.

1554 days ago


Seriously, since TMZ was given this info...who is the greater fame-ho...Rachel or Dr. Drew?

1554 days ago


Better get her before rehab, there no fun after!

1554 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The producers are mindful of ratings. Certain people in the media are a bigger draw in terms of viewers, and she happens to be one of them.
I think the show's rating will be strong with it's current line up.

1554 days ago


I swear to god, if Dr. Drew falls for anything that slutbag tries to throw at him, I will forever lose all the respect I have for that man.

1554 days ago

Throwback kid    

Dr Drew is a fake TV Doctor who loves to get his face on TV, Rachel is just a pig. This show is more pathetic than Jersey Shore.

1554 days ago


Shes disgusting! When is her 15 minutes gonna be up and when will she fade into oblivion?

1554 days ago


So many men, so little time. Another day in the life of a hoe.

1554 days ago


Why do these slu ets (the rachel's of this world) end up making big time bucks being on television, their pictures all over every magazine, interviews, etc. because they had big time sex sex with other women's rich husbands? However, the Tiger's of this world have choices!! They/he is not addicted to sex!! They/he only care about themselves being sexually satisfied and don't care about what their behavior does to their wives, their children..

Dr. Drew Pinskey got his recognition from some sleezy late night talk show..and now he is an ADDICTION EXPERT? He is a crook wit a license to practice..

Dr. Drew is a laugh. If you got the disease, the addiction, he's got the cure at one of his big time dollar rehabs..

I have a name for doctors like Drew Pinsky, and that is "RW." They are nothing but greedy, blood sucking, money grabbers and worst off, with their peddeling this "addiction bull," he is not only encouraging these selfish men and women who only care about their instant gratification, making a few dollars, etc. no matter who and how many their behavior hurts..think the "morals of an alley cat" would be the TRUTHFUL DIAGNOSIS..

These rehabs for sexual addiction or scratching your privates/ha. are a big joke..These people involved in illicit affairs have choices..they have no moral, only think of what makes they feel good or earns them an extra few dollars..

1554 days ago


uh oh, mrs. pinski, better program your lawyer on speed dial!!

1554 days ago

Throwback kid    

Patty is right, Dr Drew is a joke! He was silly on that MTV show and now gets the same people to go on his pathetic shows. How many times did Dr Drew have Amber Smith on his shows?

I would like to see Dr Drew take a year off of having his face on TV and actually just try to help people with no cameras around. Of course that would never happen because Dr Drew needs camera time as bad as his patients need drugs.

1554 days ago


Ummm. He's married with twins. I'd be a little p'oed if I were his wife. She got another famous man to drop his vows too.

1554 days ago


According to another website, Rachel approached Donald Trump instead of him approaching her to be on his program. Does this mean Rachel told an untruth? Perhaps half the stories she has put out about her and Tiger are also falsehoods. I hope she and the good Dr. crash and burn on his show.

1554 days ago
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