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Blames Arrest on 'Punk B*tch Rookie Cop'

7/20/2010 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T just blasted the cop who arrested him this morning in New York City -- calling the officer a "punk b*tch rookie cop" who "made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today."

The rapper posted the message to his Twitter twenty minutes ago -- and even published the NYPD officer's last name and badge number.

According to T's Twitter, the officer told him, "I know who you are and I don't give a f*ck!"

As TMZ first reported, Ice got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt ... and was then placed under arrest for allegedly driving on a suspended license. He was processed and then released.

UPDATE: Ice-T now claims he was not driving on a suspended license -- according to his Twitter -- calling the allegation a "lie."


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Cardinal Ximenez    

The same idiots that blame the cops for doing their jobs are the same ones that think that the Arizona immigration enforcement law is racist and oppressive. Driving without a license... illegal. Unauthorized entry into the United States (and Mexico for that matter) is illegal.

No one is above the law. No one except Chuck Norris.

1502 days ago


They should arrest you for pimpin your wife.

1502 days ago


America is dying..When cops can pull you over for not wearing a seatbelt, it means we are circling the drain. Its really hard to be all patriotic and crap when this can happen. Its NO ones business. I used to stand in the seat next to my mom. Used to ride in the back of a pickup. Used to ride a bike without a friggin helmet. NOW, cops waste time and money standing on street corners looking for people not wearing seatbelts, then radio ahead and have you pulled over. If you just remember to put it on before they walk up to the door they have NO proof you were not wearing it.

1502 days ago


Ice T, stop crying like a little spoiled girly bitch. Wear your seatbelt and get a valid driver's license like the rest of us. I'm glad the cop did his job and wasn't lenient on the worst actor on American television.

Ice, go rub on your wife's hard rubber boobs and take a chill pill.

1502 days ago


I wouldn't give a f*ck who he was either! Ice-T is just a little whiny b*tch.

1501 days ago


Wow!!!!!!!!!! So if the cops wanted to, they could go back from the date your license was suspended, view all the tv shows you were in to see if you were driving, and then issue you MORE citations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go NYPD........

1501 days ago

james hart    

T is the punk b*tch. He is no better than anyone else. Get a license fool.

1501 days ago

Doug're an idiot. You blame the cop because you went to jail driving on a suspended DL............yet, you have a case of the a-- because she told you she didn't give a f--k who you were!!! Good for her. She was trained well. You think because you're some hot shot celebrity you get a free pass?

Mightymad.............I was in law enforcement for 35 years........people stopped driving on a suspended DL ALWAYS went to jail..........

1501 days ago


A cop cant just make up the fact that you have a suspended license. Its the information he gets... he cant help it if its wrong if in fact it who do you think you are Ice T Bag

1501 days ago


Do you have nothing to do but bad mouth the cops because YOU did something wrong. You not JAYZ now that would of mde the cope career NOT YOU!!!!!

1501 days ago


Are you serious?!? The cop wouldn't have arrested a normal person for not wearing a seat belt. He seen who it was and wanted some attention.

1501 days ago


Wow Ice-T sounds like a whinny little prick. He takes the time to tweet about a cop but can't put on a ****ing seatbelt, throw his ****ing ass in jail.

1501 days ago


I'd bitch, too. Driving on a suspended license is a misdemeanor and is worthy of a ticket and having your car towed, not getting you arrested. Nice use of tax payers' money, punk bitch rookie cop :)

1501 days ago


I was caught twice on a suspended liscence

first: out of town, arrested

second: in town, given a ticket

1501 days ago


What a huge hypocrite (or looser in case he can't understand the big words). Spent years as a rapper ridiculing the cops, then made a tone of money playing one on TV. Just goes to show you that he's just about making the money. It's a NYC law that if your driving with a suspended license you are arrested. Sorry Ice-T, no special treatment for you today.

1501 days ago
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