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Blames Arrest on 'Punk B*tch Rookie Cop'

7/20/2010 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice-T just blasted the cop who arrested him this morning in New York City -- calling the officer a "punk b*tch rookie cop" who "made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today."

The rapper posted the message to his Twitter twenty minutes ago -- and even published the NYPD officer's last name and badge number.

According to T's Twitter, the officer told him, "I know who you are and I don't give a f*ck!"

As TMZ first reported, Ice got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt ... and was then placed under arrest for allegedly driving on a suspended license. He was processed and then released.

UPDATE: Ice-T now claims he was not driving on a suspended license -- according to his Twitter -- calling the allegation a "lie."


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Most of the time I agree with MIGHTMAD.

Not this time. Not sure where you live, but.....oh yes, you do get cuffed when arrested for a driving issue. Esp. one this serious.
I would except him to be cuffed. One a side note, talk about an arrogant piece of crap. Gee, no blame there Cube-be? You and that hooker you call a wife are both a couple of real winners.

Are you not sick of that stupid rapper name by now? Really professional.

1525 days ago

No Grey Area    

Ice T is a phony. Ironic that the guy who penned "Cop Killer" for his band "Body Count" now makes his living pretending to be a NY cop on TV. What a phony sell out piece of garbage that punk b*tch is (to use his vernacular). No, either your license is suspended, or it isn't, Mr. Morrow. Where you driving on a suspended license, Mr. Morrow? Yes or no? Now you want to cry cause you got pulled over for a simple little seatbelt violation, when you're such a big star. You are a punk.

1525 days ago


Is it the lighting or is he several shades lighter??

1525 days ago


Ice-Pee has the intellignce of a 3 year old. He shouldn't even be allowed to drive.

1525 days ago


I woulnd't worry too much for mr.tea. He can probably hire on the Obama staff as a white hate Czar.

1525 days ago


I'm calling out Ice-T as a punk LIAR. If he's not, all he has to do is produce a valid drivers license.

1525 days ago


It is SOP to cuff and take someone to jail for a traffic offense that they must post a bond for, it is an arrest, you post a bond and are released, pending your court date.

1525 days ago

jose maria guadulupe    

You do get arrested for S/DL a majority of the time. Why would you let someone keep on driving with a S/DL. Secondly, NYPD has a ton of cops and this cop job was to enforce the driving. His job wasn't to secure a crime scene, or stob other violent crimes. He did his job and this junk below is why people need to go to school again.
One question for anyone and most especially this person below. What is the cops name and who why would his name be known to me 10 years from for doing his job?

Once again, not at all surprise by the dumbass comments posted here on the TMZ comments section.

No doubt about it, the cop tried to make a name for himself by cuffing T just on a supended license - if you actually think that's normal procedure, YOU'RE A IDIOT. The cop could have just fined him and be done with it. But no - got to book muthaf.uking Ice-T and brag about it to the boys, right.

Meanwhile, a car is getting jacked, a grocery store's getting robbed, a girl's getting raped... but that cop booked Ice-T! Good job son...

Posted at 11:03 AM on Jul 20, 2010 by MightyMad

1525 days ago


Sweet Tea has always been - and still is a POSER!

If Ice T's hood was Kansas - they would say he is "All hat and no cattle" !

not to mention dude is more white than black!

1525 days ago


Another idiot spoiled actor and wannabe singer, they should have strip shearched, he may have liked it

1525 days ago

ICE - PEE    

Dear Wally,"Ice-Pee has the intellignce of a 3 year old. He shouldn't even be allowed to drive." At least I can spell intelligence. Your ass is too dumb to even cut and paste!

1525 days ago

Steve James    

Beer Summit 2!???

1525 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Maybe this over-gentried ******* should wear a seat belt. He probably lipped off to the cop.. otherwise he may have got off.

Punk got punked.

1525 days ago


STFU, dirtbag.

1525 days ago


Ice-Bitch should know one when he see's one!

1525 days ago
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