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Justin Bieber -- Eenie Meenie Miny Lambo

7/21/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like any other 16-year-old international pop sensation, Justin Bieber spent his Tuesday running errands in his brand new car ... a $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo.


With his friend Sean Kingston in the passenger seat, Bieber went on a Fro Yo run at an L.A. Pinkberry location.

Wonder if the Bieb let Sean eat in the car? 


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I agree #10. Where is this kid's mother? What a totally irresponsible financial decision by a 16 year old. He's not that talented to begin with but once puberty hits and his voice changes, bye bye career. He just doesn't have staying power and will be forgotten in a few years just like the Jonas Brothers. With guidance like this, he'll just waste his money away. Maybe his mother should become friends with Dina Lohan.

1564 days ago


just a matter of time before he is our next Leif Garrett....

1564 days ago


I'll bet the insurance premium is more than the monthly car payment.

1564 days ago


Can he die yet??

1564 days ago


There's something wrong with this world when a 16-year-old owns a Lamborghini.

1564 days ago


Most kids have to at least make it to 18 before being a dbag.

This kid is way ahead of the curve.

I saw a concert of the Backstreet Boys on TV a couple of weekends ago. For the laugh only!

That will be this kid soon enough.

1564 days ago


Wow. I'm sorry. NO 16-year old has any business being behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. That's too much car for an inexperienced driver. He's going to kill himself or someone else.

Hey Beiber! Please post when and where you're going to be on the roads, so I can be sure to stay away.

1564 days ago

King Beef    

I hope he gets in a head on collision and that car blows up with him inside.

1564 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Can't stand this douchebag.
Well both of them are douchebags.
Just goes to show a Lambo can't always make you cool.

1564 days ago


Do teen stars learn nothing from previous young stars? One of the hardest things when it comes to being a young artist or actor is transitioning into adulthood. You are no longer then young hot/cool kid/teen, you are now an adult and you are moving towards an older audience and not kids/young teens anymore.

For alot of young artist/actors they have great zooming careers as kids/teens but once they get into adulthood there career takes a turn for the worse.

You should not be buying no expensive things such as a Lamborghini Gallardo at Justins age and who in there right mind lets a teenager even buy a car like that? Obviously his parents are not very responsible. Your kids is new to the road and still learning to drive, you do not buy them a darn sports car for there first car.

1564 days ago


I'm sorry folks. It sickens me that a 16 year old can afford to buy such an expensive car. Yeah, he is rich and I guess he "works" for his money, but it just shows me this world is going down hill fast.

1564 days ago


are they wearing their seatbelts?? *&%$#@!! that car is way too fast and dangerous for a young rich famous boy... danger is just around the corner. stay away from PCH bieb!

1564 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Someone please tell me why this kid is famous again?

1564 days ago



The Dweibs is a total dweeb.


1564 days ago


Posted at 10:17 AM on Jul 21, 2010 by MightyMad

you are right. it looks like the same car. C'mon TMZ. whose car is it? get it right. cuz this is important stuff and we want only the facts so that we can prepare the appropriate response in our comments... dang it!

1563 days ago
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