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Oksana Meets with Computer Crimes Attorney

7/22/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva just went to the law offices of an attorney -- a former federal prosecutor who specializes in computer crimes -- considered one of the foremost authorities on Internet crimes.

The attorney -- James Spertus -- practices in West Los Angeles.  Oksana is in his office right now.

It's interesting ... because sources tell TMZ Mel Gibson's lawyers have told the Sheriff's Department that they have evidence someone tampered with the tapes and they want Oksana investigated.

Spertus has lectured FBI agents and prosecutors on prosecuting intellectual property crimes.  He is the founding member of the Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section of the United States
Department of Justice.

We spoke with Spertus, who would not comment about Oksana.

On her way in, Oksana said she never tried to extort Mel Gibson.

UPDATE:  Sources connected with Oksana tell us she has been advised to make a copy of her hard drive in the event the Sheriff's Department seizes her laptop in connection with the criminal investigation.



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thanks polar bear...sympathies to his family!

1518 days ago


....what? WHAT??!!! ...WHAT??? **** Cheney died?

1518 days ago


I'm going to say this until someone listens. I hope the Judge takes the child away for good - places it in foster care - forces these two idiots to pay equal to the court which in turn goes to the foster parents. These two will end up dropping charges against the other becaue both have a lot to hide - I don't want to see the kid with either of them. They should never be around each other again but something tells me Mel will be after her because she has a skill he likes.

1518 days ago


i can't find it anywhere online or on tv.

1518 days ago


polar, where did you read/hear this?

1518 days ago


Ummm, uhhh, just she driving a Dodge Charger? (And by Dodge Charger, I don't mean Brody Jenner's Dodge Charger.)

That's the 3rd or 4th photo/video I have seen of her in that piece of s h i t musclehead car. Soon she will be living in a box.

Here you go Oxsana. Hope this helps:

16.22 miles from city center Los Angeles
COMPTON , CA 90221

1518 days ago


I find it very frustrating that Mel Gibson is being treated with kid gloves by the police who are investigating this matter. The screaming rants are enough to make an intelligent person realize how dangerous he is. I can't understand why the judge has given his such liberal visitation with the child. I wouldn't trust him with either of my little dogs. As a nurse who has worked with alcoholics I know what makes them tick and he needs to be prevented from harming anyone until he has had time in a rehab facility.

1518 days ago


have y'all listened to oink$ana singing on youtube? i hope she has a back-up plan for a career.

1518 days ago


I’m tired of people talking about how she “blackmailed him”. That’s one messed up situation, but it does NOT change the fact that Mel used THOSE words to insult her. You could hate someone with all your might for all I care, but the choice to use THOSE words is what makes him what he is. A flat out racist. You cannot blame alcohol, anger, or anything else. Especially after he already faced very public scrutiny for that drunken arrest not too long ago.

He’s had a few good movie roles, but he does NOT deserve any special treatment because he is responsible for some HORRIBLE movies too.

Here’s a list of the 4 Worst Mel Gibson Movies…

1518 days ago


Harriet: Right on! I'm with you. He's in a dangerous state of mind, and let's just hope his threat to hurt himself or somebody else don't come true. Of course, if they do, according to these shmucks, it'll all be Oksana's fault. Right? She makes him do everything, like a puppet with little strings. I've worked with criminally insane people... and when you hear a rant like this, you know it's time for lockdown. If no one gets hurt, it'll be a miracle.

1518 days ago


"Sources connected with Oksana tell us she has been advised to make a copy of her hard drive in the event the Sheriff's Department seizes her laptop in connection with the criminal investigation." the event the Sheriff's dept. seizes...

Apparently they haven't before this meeting, so what does she think they are going to do? Isn't the allegations coming from what she has leaked to ROL already?

1518 days ago


Why does she needs to go to this computer expert? Because she deleted things that she did not want anyone to find out and now she is wetting in her panties knowing that computers can detract deleted information. What things did she delete that she doesn't want the law to know??

1518 days ago


I was once advised that if I was getting a divorce that I should consult with the 3 top attorneys in my area. And because they consulted with me they legally would not be able to represent my husband in the event of a divorce. Maybe she's just eliminating the best attorney in that particular area of expertise.

1518 days ago


Not trying to defend Ox, but the piece of s h i t iPhone changes words constantly when you are texting, so that could have been what that was don't assume it was her and her language barrier making it appear like Mel. That's just stupid because texts can be traced.

LOL...Unless she drove to his house, grabbed his phone and texted her own phone while he was knocked out, which would explain the 30 minute gap from his text to her response. They can trace the phone records to see if she did something like that - that's if she had her phone on her, it would show her cell phone in the same location as Mel's. Unless she left it at home. Ha, but that would be some craaazzhhhay s h i t! At this point, I think this woman is capable of anything!

Now unless he said, "I hit you" or "I hit our baby", all of this is just sensationalized drama from the media. The baby photo - that is a rash or a pimple from breast feeding or her pacifier or spit-up...or maybe not being washed enough.

1518 days ago


Gibson's attorney meets with the investigators and they rather jump on the extortion issue. Nice. Then the next day the Oksana runs to a specialist lawyer in the computer field. She is who is so busy is guilty. Lots to hide and cover when you lie. Woops, it appears it is in a full backfire. I rather love the way the Gibson camp is quiet. It says a great deal about the strength of their case. She probably didn't imagine the smarts Gibson had when it came to recording, editing and etc. She never thought it would go this far, that is obvious. But, she is definitely worried big time. The heat is on her or she wouldn't be running to this attorney. I do not like Gibson's words, but they do not prove much of anything other than he needs anger management and some therapy. If we recorded couples in America breaking up, and called horrible threats and language abuse, then thousands would be in jail.

Her stories, release of tapes, claimed innocence, and silly photos, mean very little. Honestly they cannot convict from these, alone. Remember, she didn't release the tapes (yes she leaked them), until Gibson refused to "give her money", her words, not mine. She also is quoted as saying "Mel is playing dirty". I wonder why ? Why would you be worred about someone playing "dirty", if they were a abuser? My legal bet tells me she is in deep trouble and she deserves it. The gravy train has come to a screaching halt.

1518 days ago
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