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'Pretty Wild' Star -- Adios, Lindsay Lohan!

7/24/2010 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's chances of starting an incarcerated starlet gang just went up in smoke ... because  LiLo's fellow famous inmate -- "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers -- just walked out of the Lynwood jail a free woman.


According to jail officials, Neiers -- who was serving a six-month sentence for her part in the Burglar Bunch's heist at Orlando Bloom's house -- was just released after spending less than one month behind bars.

If only Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Michelle Rodriquez were still there ...

UPDATE: Alexis tells TMZ she is very "humbled," "blessed," and "very grateful for my family right now." She says her plans are "to shower get in my bed and relax with my family. I'm very excited for a good meal."


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If you ever read anything other than this comic book you would know Lindsay was to get out around Aug 1st. Holly got her 2 days more so her release was to be the end of July. She (Holly) is still trying to further reduce her time spent in jail.

1554 days ago


LiLo was a victim , what do they have in common?

I don't get it

LiLo is a talented STAR and she's been working the biz since she was 10 , she doesn't steal for a living.

1554 days ago


i bet this alexis trick is going to be like LOOK MOM!!! I MADE TMZ!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK..... alexis mom - u made it honey! see what robbing a house can get you :)..its a wonderful life! yay...then they look at each other with their bambi eyes and say AND SO IT IS!!

1554 days ago


Couldn't they wait until after Orlando Bloom's honeymoon!

1554 days ago


CALIFORNIA - You are a JOKE and an EMBARRASSMENT to the rest of the country! No wonder why you have so many losers out there - NO PUNISHMENT! The wild west is back again.

1554 days ago


Uh didn't Lindsay steal a fur coat from a college student?

1554 days ago


Only in Hollywood...

1554 days ago


i bet this alexis trick is going to be like LOOK MOM!!! I MADE TMZ!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK..... alexis mom - u made it honey! see what robbing a house can get you :)..its a wonderful life! yay...then they look at each other with their bambi eyes and say AND SO IT IS!!

So true...

Ughhhh. That woman is such a horrible example for a mother.

1554 days ago


Im moving to california... hell you can rob houses and only spend 1 month in jail? No wonder california is such a mess.

Posted at 8:52 PM on Jul 23, 2010 by todd
LA County is the only county in Southern Calfornia where all this short sentence bulls%^t is happening. I can assure you that you will serve from 50% to 85% of your sentence in any other county down here.

Lee Baca and his sheriff's department is a joke!

1554 days ago


It took the judge in the Paris Hilton case to FORCE the jail to keep her, maybe this judge can do the same? If not may I suggest that NOONE watch her show on E and then we'll be rid of her for good. YAY!!!!

1554 days ago


What the hell is going on with the LA sheriffs dept in Los Angles. A thief who robs from peoples Homes, (does not matter if they are famous). Goes free after one month, Lindsey Lohan, a risk to herself and society if she drives, can go free after less than the court ordered time?? So if you are rich and well known the Sheriffs dept will do everything to make your stay in prison comfortable and let you out quickly. DISGUSTING!! I am a tax payer in California and I demand that these criminals, (yes that what LL is in my book is) stay in jail and serve their full court mandated sentence. I dont give a damm if she is a so called star!! so she made a few flims so what, why is she more special than others? she is not.

1554 days ago


Wow... So she was in for 30 days... that is 1/6 of her sentence. By that logic Lindsay would need to serve 15 days (1/6 of 90 days). So if Lindsay had just gone straight to jail right after her sentencing on July 6 instead of ditzing around for a couple weeks she would have gotten out on July 20, the day she went in! What a moron... I'm sure she didn't get to enjoy those 2 weeks of freedom... all she did was worry and make a fuss and threaten to appeal! Also, since she waited those 2 weeks now she has to report to probation within 24 hrs of getting out instead of 48 hours. Knowing Lindsay she's probably pissed that she missed that 48 hour window to party. LOL. She's probably also pissed that the chick who robbed her house got out of jail while she was still stuck in there with no water and nothing to do.

1554 days ago


I feel bad for Alexis's younger sister, Gabby. The Mom is an idiot and deserves this crap- I'm surprised that all three of her kids didn't end up in jail or pregnant at the age of 14. That girl Tess Taylor, the "older sister" that was Andrea's (the mom's) best friend for years until Tess' Mom gave Tess to Andrea because she couldn't be a mother (I think Tess was like 9 years old at the time) must have been a TOTAL TRAIN-WRECK if she thought that Andrea could do a good job parenting her daughter. I guess Andrea never officially adopted her but she must have been awarded some kind or guardianship because she was able to make decisions for a minor for ten years. It seems like Tess has a decent head on her shoulders actually, so I sort of feel bad for her too, but she does not have the name Neiers to identify her so if she doesn't screw up she should be able to stay away from being associated with this crap. Even Andrea, the mother goes by her maiden name so people wouldn't necessarily recognize her immediately. But poor Gabby is only 15 years old, has the last name Neiers, and looks just like Alexis so ppl may even confuse them. And she seems like the sanest and most responsible person in that family, including the mother. Andrea is living in la la land letting Tess and Alexis stay out all night and Gabby is home doing chores begging her mother to actually establish some rules. But because of her name I bet people with automatically think she is a theif. I suppose she could go by a stage name (as Tess does, her real last name is Adler) but unless she has a bunch of plastic surgery she will still look just like Alexis. POOR GIRL!

1554 days ago


I am so sick oof these crazy criminal bitches getting away with everything- DUI, drugs, burglary...what's next? 30 days in jail for murder?

1554 days ago


Radar says the Judge agreed to let Lindsay out on Wednesday after midnight, serving a grand total of 8 days of a 90 day sentence.

At this point I don't even care because it sounds like her jail is cushier than my house. I have to drink tap water.

1554 days ago
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