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The Day Oksana Taped Mel

7/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva began secretly recording Mel Gibson shortly after he accused her of messing around with the "tree man."

Sources intimately familiar with the case tell TMZ ... on February 18, Oksana went to Mel's house and he allegedly flew into a rage. Sources say, according to Oksana, Mel had quit smoking that day and was in a "terrible mood." As TMZ first reported, Mel had also tried to quit smoking the day of their nuclear blowup on January 6.

On February 18, we're told Mel became insanely jealous ... allegedly accusing Oksana of having an affair with her landscaper. According to Oksana, she had to leave because she felt if she didn't Mel would hurt her and the baby. We're told after she left, an enraged Mel began calling ... and she began recording. 

Sources tell TMZ there was no physical violence on February 18 and the only type of violence between the January 6 encounter and the February 18 encounter was verbal ... not physical.

We're told all of the recordings were made on February 18. 


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Mel, do the world a favor.... just keep smoking. There isn't enough Nicorette in the world to help you.

1530 days ago


this is one of the problems that cheaters like Mel Gibson have...they know too well how easy it is to cheat and sneak around and tell lies that are believed, so they suffer with the realization that it could be happening to them too.

1530 days ago


OMG, TMZ, all of us are against this bitch, please STOP posting stuff to make Mel look bad, really. Do you want me to believe all the other stuff you have posted or start siding with baby mamma? Whatever, I don't care what Oxymoron's camp comes out with, too little to late.

1530 days ago


Train wreck.period.

1530 days ago


mmmm, she must have seen this as the out to get the most $$$$

I hope Mel is sure the baby is his

1530 days ago


the tree man eh? i guess thats why she was wearing that provocative green thing.

i finally just heard the rants and one thing struck me as kind of interesting. this nanny mel wanted to fire was okskanka's dentists babysitter.
does anybody else find this a bit coinceDENTAL?

1530 days ago

Why oh Why?    

"There was no physical violence!"

We all know that Mel has a short temper and uses an abusive language at times. That´s not a crime. Loads of people do that when they´re upset. I guess Oksana got the idea to extort money when Mel said he´d better leave before he hurt anyone....

1530 days ago


Exactly! he is a jerk but she certainly wasn't the abused victim she paints herself to be. Now, when I look at the tapes all I can think of is how disgusting she is to ruin her kid's father for extortion. I never did believe it was for protection (I've never heard of any abused person who records and waits half a year to go to cops) and really she IS the leaker. wjo else has pics, videos, texts the public knows of. I'm wondering if she called, incited him and he was ranting why he didn't want her etc.

1530 days ago

solar panel    

Read Gerald Celente and Catherine Austin Fitts and Ken Robinson and David Holmgren and Ervin Laszlo and Brian Walker and Gwynne Dyer and Thom Hartmann and Daniel Pink and Joseph Campbell and Peter Ward and Paul Hawken and Naomi Klein and Naomi Wolf and Bacigalupi and David Korten and Joe Haldeman and Sheri Tepper and AB Guthrie and Aldous Huxley and Ray Bradbury and Rumi and Robert Service and none of them will tell you that Oinksana has any solutions for dealing with environmental problems, over-population, disease, drought, getting off the oil economy, corruption, hurricanes or divorce.

1530 days ago


I'm done with this story. Put him in jail already, let's move on....

1530 days ago


mel, u got setup son. she is gunna rape ur bank account lol

1530 days ago


You mean to tell me all of those recordings happened in ONE day? LMAO!! I don't blame this woman for getting some proof on this fool. Who would have believed her if the tapes didn't exist?

He's a raving nightmare lunatic from hell. Like she's going to leave her newborn baby unattended and mess around with the freakin' tree man, all the while crazy azz & deranged jealous Mel Gibson is on the loose and could show up at any time in a drunken violent rage!!! Come on!

1530 days ago


I love the people who come on this site, and know they can't defend this maniacal woman beating psychopath, so they don't - but they make sure to slam the woman he stalks and beats almost equally. In what universe is Oksana worse than Mel the beast? She's a mother, who's had to suffer a man physically and verbally abusing her in front of her children - whatever you think her motives are for being with Gibson in the first place, that's irrelevant. You could say that about almost any relationship where the man has power, influence and wealth and the woman doesn't. How man men of means would have the women/wives/girlfriends they have, if they didn't have status. Females have been raised to go after a man who is successful and has status and wealth -- and families are often disappointed when the man is some average struggling Joe. So that would make a majority of women 'status seekers,' or golddiggers. I doubt young an dbeautiful news anchor Julie Chen would be with Summer Redstone the head of Viacom if he was Summer Redston head butcher at Farmer Jack's. I doubt that Kathie Lee Gifford would have married Frank, if he was Frank Gifford the sanitation man, making minimum wage. So get real - just because Oksana wanted and fell in love with a movie star boyfriend - doesn't make her any different than any other woman. I can't believe that there are factions in this society that can watch The Bachelor, and the Girls Next Door - and still have the gall to judge this woman, and worse yet - proclaim that any abuse she might suffer within such a relationship would be warranted. You females are jealous, toxic and sick.

Last point: Shouldn't TMZ's first sentence read, 'The day Oksana taped Mel, was the day he verbally threatened to harm her and her children in a jealous rage?' You mention the 'tree man,' as if he was the reason Mel was upset - when in fact, every sane person knows, that Mel needs no reason to rage at Oksana.

1530 days ago


i don't have to even read the story to know its a gold digger tale of an immigrant who is way out of their grey sad element of mother russia. send all communist spys and gold diggers back to where they come from! What is a communist's favourite colour? Dollar Beverly Hills Green!

1530 days ago

Lynn M    

I love how Oksana tries to make this about her AND the baby when his anger is clearly directed at her. It is doubtful he told her he thought he might harm the baby. I really don't like manipulative women!

1530 days ago
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