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Oksana -- More Mel Recordings in Her Library

7/25/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva doesn't just have secretly recorded phone conversations of Mel Gibson ... she has voicemails too.

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ the recordings that have gone public so far are conversations between Oksana and Mel, but she also has voicemails which Mel left for her that night.

As we first reported, all the Gibson rants that have come out were recorded on February 18 -- after a nuclear meltdown between the two.

We're told the voicemails are nowhere near as incendiary as the taped conversations.


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Hell hath no fury like a womans scorn

1522 days ago


@ ItsMeAgain

You're right about that...there's false reporting of abuse all the time (most of it comes from the lips of men trying to cover it up, believe it or not)...but this has gone beyond the level of false reporting. False reporting is generally easily detectable these days, especially if it's by way of mechanical equipment...word of mouth isn't so easy...but recordings, text messages, voice mails...sophisticated analysis can take apart such devices, and very quickly, too. This is America we are talking about here, with the most sophisticated technology the world has devised...
So what does that say...a month in and still no denial from the Gibson camp!
Oh...yes...sorry, they're being Mr Nice Guys about it all while they sit back and watch his 'good' name being internationally destroyed. And I do mean, internationally!

1522 days ago

HumanNature you travel with a pulpit? You and your sermons. LOL!!!

Posted at 6:21 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by alicia


1522 days ago


What do you mean "no denial"? He's said he didn't hit her or the baby. What more to do you want him to deny?

1522 days ago


While I might not like Mel's theme of his rants, lets face it who hasn't done something similar when having our buttons pushed. If Mel had recorded Oksana without her knowledge so that he might gain some leverage in a) the custody of the child b)payout of support c)character assasignation, we would have the full story. If Mel has a drinking problem he's a sitting duck for anyone that knew how to push his buttons. When I've had a crime committed against me, I go to the police. If I need further assistance with justice, I go to a lawyer.

Posted at 6:29 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by Weavie

First off tell this to Mel who ALLEGEDLY was the one being extorted he has a team of laywers to handle that yet they weren't used. HMMMM I WONDER WHY. He could have told the police or his team of laywers that Oksana has shook the baby, Yet he didn't. HMMMMM I WONDER WHY. HE IS THE ONE WHO HAD ALL THE CHOICES AND YET DID NOTHING WITH THEM.


Secondly if you believe this is about money you couldn't be more wrong if he settles with her which is what is going to happen regardless of what you think. The last bit of supporter's that he has will turn against him cause they will know that he was lying and it was all bs to save his image.

1522 days ago

midwest gal    

so what!!! Ever heard of beating a dead horse?

Why does she want to air it to the public? I would be embarrassed to share this stuff with everyone.

Try impressing the judge. That is what normal abuse victims do.

1522 days ago


Don't know if this has occurred to anyone yet, but it may also be possible that Mel is not fighting this in the media for another reason. That reason may be, in addition to the fact they were ordered not to speak to the media, but above everything else, this woman is still the mother of his daughter. He may care that some day his child will be able to read all the recent nasty goings on. He may not want his child to read about him slandering her mother and calling her "unfit" or worse.

I find it really sad that a man blows his top on a bad day and acts in a clearly verbally abusive way, and it is held against him to the maximum degree. He calls back and/or repeatedly texts back to apologize when he's gained his composure to no avail.

So basically, I think that those on here that condemn him, prior to having anymore knowledge than what a gossip site gives us, must feel some sort of moral superiority to an extreme level.

There's such a thing called forgiveness, or have you forgotten that? Are you so perfect that you have never in your life lost control of your better judgement, especially when someone may be attempting to ruin your life? Are you so "in control" at all times or have you just never had a person attempt to demonize you in front of the world while trying to extort millions of dollars from you?

Personally I have never had millions for someone to extort, nor am I known all over the world with a reputation for someone to ruin. Additionally I don't have a chld that someone is attempting to keep me from either. I realize that Mel sounded horrible on that day, but I know I have never been in his very personal position before either.

I have, however, had people in my life that have done awful things to me that have angered me to a massive degree and have harmed me beyond repair, monetarily. And, yes, I would have seethed a similar amount of anger towards them, just different vocabulary as I am a woman. But when you realize that someone deliberately deceives you and plans to ruin you, you may be shocked what may come out of your mouth.

Anyway, yelling at someone is not against the law, but extortion is. And I believe Mels camp is giving her all the rope she needs to hang herself, and she seems to be doing a fabulous job.

To those who really want to hang Mel, I ask again, did you already dislike him prior to these tapes coming out? Is this just some sort of confirmation to you, of who he is, in your mind? If so, you may really need to wait , like the rest of us, to see how this all plays out with regards to the validity of her claims. Not all woman that claim physical abuse are abused, some are just as evil as the men/women that really do abuse others.

1522 days ago



so the evidence leaked by ox anon camp, you believe those support those said abuse?
the pics of the baby and the think they support abuse?

the skank's statements about 2 black eyes, swollen face, broken 2 teeth then later recanted, sound truthful?

the dentist statements, several different, also support abuse?

the baby's photos, a small pimple= bruise to you?

suddenly, the skank remember she went to a Pediatrician and not a specialist for her concussion, that sound ok to you?

how about bringing the baby to the ped since she is going so she can be cheked out since she was hit and bruised...this did not happen, that alright with you?

the tapes cannot be authenticated at this time, are you an expert on audios?

so there are sooo many questions about this yet you take it at "whatever she said "value to be concrete.

how about Mel's explanation that she was shaking the baby and he was trying to get the baby and there was contact? is that not plausible? or don't you think there are conniving, lying women in the world who would concoct any story to ruin someone?

is it possible she was really shaking the baby? how about the fact that she is not being a good mother with all her actions thus far. she doesn't have the baby checked out, only herself, she doesn't report right away about the abuse if she truly believed her kids were in danger, she allowed Mel 50/50 custody when she supposedly knew her baby was in does this show perhaps she wasn't a good mother and was shaking the baby??

do you not see there are too many questions about this woman based on HER OWN words and actions!

just think about that...!

1522 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Before the tapes were ever released Mel's lawyers or reps stated that one day Oksana had thrown herself on the ground in a temper tantrum and was shaking the baby, and that a struggle ensued as Mel tried to get the baby away from her. This newest round of texts is probably him apologizing to her for losing his temper. BY THE WAY; it isn't against the law to say "wetback" or "******s", or half of the world would be in jail. We might not like those terms, but they are not illegal to say.

1522 days ago


Well I don't give a damn who wants to start a flame war with me! Camp Gibson, bring it on!
Human Nature, although how you have the audacity to call yourself that when you know nothing about human nature and are still at the chimpanzee level of evolution, if that's your view of the world where men treat women as targets for hatred...then I'm glad, son, I don't live there. I become more appreciative of my fellow beings knowing that you are not one of their society, thank god!
At need to move away from the hero worship, girl. It just makes you look like an unbalanced, febrile teenager and I'm sure you're older and more mature than that. Get a more balanced outlook.
Yes, I do watch a lot of do***entaries, and ones on human nature too...I have also studied human nature as a course at Uni. I am disappointed in it. It can be so much better, unfortunately the people who support Mel Gibson give the wrong impression on how truly inspirational human nature can be! A shame! On all of human nature!

1522 days ago



You are projecting too much about how you would feel, how you would want to be remembered, etc. This story is not played out, and it NEVER should have been played out the way in which it has. It doesn't have to wrap up in 7 days or even 7 weeks.

I would hate to have someone like you on a jury if you react so emotionally to snippets of tape recordings released, not in their entirety for context, and over a period of days, to build the drama. You have fallen hook, line and sinker into the trap ROL intended without ever hearing the rest of the story.

I would be disappointed if Mel would have responded to any of it. Whatever really occurred, it is none of our business and never should have been. Mel is still handling things the way the courts ruled that he should.

If Oksana had a compeling case she would not have had to release her tapes to the public. Even if she did, what purpose did it serve? The public isn't going to be invited to resolve the legal issues.

If Oksana had truly felt threatened she should have contacted the proper authorities and taken her children and moved them out of Mel's house. Instead, she continued her relationship with him for awhile after and is still living in his house today.

I doubt there is anyone on "team Mel" who would want him not to pay the price if it turns out that he physically abused her or the children. As far as the racist remarks, etc. Well, like the rest of us, he is entitled to his opinion. Hate is all around us every day. If each of us had our thoughts projected across our forhead for all the world to read at any given time, there would not be so many people here becoming indignant over his remarks.

If the true facts ever become known, and are corroborated, maybe there will be a shift of opinion. As it stands now, with what information has been released, it is easy for most people to see Mel as more of the victim. Face it, Oksana does not have a very good PR team.

If Mel ulimately turns out to be the monster she is trying to portray him to be then he will have to deal with the consequences. Right now she looks worse than he does to most people following the story.

1522 days ago



Do you not realize this is in the court system and is being investigated like it should be. A part of it was already ruled on, that is that he can see the child unsupervised, and Oksana's side was reprimanded for lying to the courts about a custody agreement. Do you not know that there is a gag order that was issued and that by Oksana speaking out, the leak of all these tapes, her talking to the media, etc is in violation of that gag order? Gibson's side is saying nothing, nor responding to her sides blatant disregard for the law because they are abiding by the gag order that the Judge imposed on both Oksana and Gibson, Oksana is breaking the law and you seem to be condoning that? Why do you think that is ok?

You want him to retaliate, and he is in the court system, you just seem to feel because you are not seeing it that he is doing nothing. You condone breaking the law, or you don't understand it, which is it?

This has only been going on a couple of weeks, and all those tapes she had released through Radar are snippets from one day of emotional upset where we don't hear what she also said to egg on the upset, there is no evidence that he is like that on an on-going basis. What is your rush, or why do you feel you have a right to know more about what is going on or to make assumptions based on lack of knowledge of evidence from Gibson's side as to how Gibson is handling this?

1522 days ago


SWEET-TRUTH, why would you write poems to Mel? Was there more than friendship between you?

Posted at 3:19 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by Preserve the Tiger

yes little tiger,
isnt it obvious?

she intercepted letters and emails i had send to him.

she was jealous as hell
she freaking copy cat all i did liek a xerox parrot-machine.
why do ýou think she insisted so much to follow him in France?
Well we dont care, he came back in France alone for the St Valentin, on february 13, she could have the jacuzzi for herself that weekend.

Posted at 3:36 AM on Jul 25, 2010 by SWEET-TRUTH

So define "more than friend". Was there a jacuzzi involved? Oh never mind. I so don't care. Sorry I mentioned it. Please don't let this turn into another thread about you, your crdeibility, or lack thereof. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

1522 days ago


@ Pimpcessa

Excellent post. One of the most intelligent perspectives on this story that I've read in a long time.

1522 days ago


@ SandraD
Only through your spectacles, sugart-ts, because I can assure you that not everyone believes in Mel the Saint. Oops...sorry, I forgot that most women in America find it offensive to be called sugart-ts! Now, I wonder why? Could be because they are right, it is.
Sorry to hammer that home! But I feel that people shouldn't forget and shouldn't brush it under the carpet just because he happens to be a celebrity.
It's not going to wash! Not any more!
And as for your comment about there being no one who wouldn't want him to pay the price if he abused her...what colour glasses are you wearing! They get paid for defending him! Do you honestly believe that OJ's lawyer didn't know OJ wasn't guilty of murder and yet still chose to go along with the old 'I'm innocent' plea. Please, get real!

1522 days ago
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