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Bouncer Fired for Choking Greg the Barber

7/26/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the bouncer who viciously choked out Greg the Barber in front of an L.A. nightclub last week was fired on Saturday -- one day after the incident took place.


Sources directly involved with the incident tell us the bouncer was fired strictly because of the way he handled himself on Friday morning ... when he approached Greg from behind and choked him until he passed out.

As TMZ first reported, cops responded to a call early Friday morning that Greg -- who became famous for knocking out Suge Knight in 2008 -- was threatening employees at Wonderland nightclub in Hollywood. Greg was eventually arrested for unrelated outstanding warrants.

After seeing the footage today, officials are now investigating the bouncer who applied the choke hold -- as well as Greg, who shoved one of the bouncers.

Greg is still in police custody.


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Bouncers = devolution.

Business Owners = smart progress.

Good to see at least SOME effort to control these muscle headed gorillaz. Well done.

1551 days ago


They need to fire all of them who were out there. They allowed him to do this and they should have told him to back off.

Club is going to lose big time on this.

1551 days ago


LMAO. Looks like he's saying to him, "YOU GOT CHOKED THE F--- OUT!!!"

1551 days ago


That's abouncer's job!! don't go startin **** in a bar!! He's lucky they didn't take him out back, beat the crap out of him and throw him in the garbage

1551 days ago

Donald Ray    

The bouncer is a REAL pu__y, doesn't take much to run up BEHIND someone and do that ****, this club will be sued, as well it should.

1551 days ago


Antwone, did you even see the video footage and pay attention? You can't go choking people for verbal incidents! He had an exchange with another bouncer and this tool got out of hand in a dangerous way. The Barber guy was not about to hurt anyone. Please. Along with other bouncers, they could have asked him to leave. How many times have we seen video of people getting kicked out of clubs? No one is choked till they're unconscious! It's not like Barber was physically fighting and flailing about and they were pulling on him to break it up. He just ran up behind the guy trying to flex his muscles and show off, possibly for the ladies. Barber was right to run ater him when he got up! It was completely out of line and overkill. He could have subdued Barber in a much safer way! Where was the danger? Was Barber going to kill the other bouncer with a microphone?!

1551 days ago


Oh Antwone. After comments like that I am comfortable estimating your IQ at no more than 116.

Don't be disheartened though. The skinhead who posted right after you doesn't even break 80. The incident took place on the street (there were car-cars in the video) not "in a bar!!", genius.

Sometimes, I weep for the future.

1551 days ago


I seen this footage yesterday on a website called "Media Takeout" this was totally uncalled for......

1551 days ago


Greg needs to work on his jiujitsu. Boxing alone doesn't cut it anymore, even in the street.

1551 days ago


Who cares?

1551 days ago


It's all over the internet to "BOYCOTT WONDERLAND". All of the bouncers should be fired. That was just crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

1551 days ago

A black man speaking.    

Trust me. He probably saved Gregs life in the long run. He was developing a invicibilty complex I've seen time and time again that eventually would have got him killed... maybe he'll humble himself a bit from now on. Thanks though for knocking out that human peice of garbage Suge though... too bad you caught his same Superman disease after.

1551 days ago


For those of you condoning the bouncer's're delusional and racist.

1551 days ago


Let me get this right, this "Celebrity's" claim to fame is punching out Suge night? Wow, my hero!

1551 days ago


There's a reason TMZ just pulled the video ofF there site 5 min ago YOU cannot attack OUTSIDE THE CLUB SHOW HIM THE DOOR THATS IT This is a huge law suite harvey knows it thats why they pulled it..It's sooo clear he was bullied by 3 bouncers and by the way he was attacked from behind...............

1551 days ago
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