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Suge Knight K.O. Kid -- Violently Choked Out

7/26/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg the Barber -- the guy who famously knocked out Suge Knight -- was choked out in a violent nightclub altercation ... when a bouncer ran up from behind him and put him in a sleeper hold.

** Warning: This footage contains explicit language and violence **

The footage -- first posted on Friday by -- shows Greg conducting an interview for some sort of Internet show in front of Wonderland in Hollywood ... when a bouncer knocks into him from behind.

Clearly upset, Greg aggressively confronts the bouncer -- when ANOTHER bouncer rushes in from behind and puts a death grip around Greg's neck ... until he passes out.

When Greg wakes up, he tries to find the man who attacked him ... even throwing punches at one point.



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LMAO Tough guy sassing a trio of bouncers who are trained to deal with loud mouth obnoxious types. I only wish the bouncer would have sang him a lullaby before he hit the dirt. Sweet.

1521 days ago


Genna...I'm not referring to the video. Actually, she is not playing in the video, only appears to be. I was referring to her overall ability pertaining to classical piano. There are musicians who can play classical piano, and there are musicians who can play classical piano with proper "interpretation". The later is the more accomplished and sophisticated pianist. To play classical piano professionally DEMANDS good interpretation (it is the emotive charateristic of music). Oksana doesn't have this level of sophistication. In fact, people at ICON used to joke privately about her playing at a piano bar.
Posted at 8:22 AM on Jul 26, 2010 by John

(Thanks, Maya.) John: Interpretation, as you defined it in the strictest sense, refers to someone who is playing music that was composed by someone else; it is that individual’s artistic expression or view of that work. Oksana composed the music for BH; and played the piano that was recorded for this video. I used that word in an entirely different context. I come from a family of musicians, and I know what it is to be classically trained. Oksana mixes classical with other forms and styles.

I’ve heard a few of her recordings, and she plays the piano beautifully, but only when she doesn’t get in her own way. Far better than someone who “plays in a piano bar.” If the comment from the guys at ICON is even true…it was just plain stupid. Her voice, to me, is like fingernails on a blackboard, and I’m not a fan of her arrangements. I don’t support Oksana in the least, and have no respect for her as a person, but I will give her credit when and where it’s due.

1521 days ago


And black people wonder why society treats them like animals.....

1521 days ago


What were the bouncers supposed to do? Wait for this punk Greg guy to sucker punch them like he did to Suge outside another club?

1521 days ago


They are all a bunch of hot heads including the "victim" The bouncers just got the better of him. Funny as hell.

1521 days ago


isnt that beyond the law even for detaining a person? bouncers are people who got beat to hell in life and now have a chance to beat people up when ever they want.yes its always the shaved head nazi lookin bubble muscle losers who couldnt make it on the police force.look at the homies in jay z`s nyc club not to long ago.what will they do when no one goes to these posh clubs because of this kind of go in spend 1000$ and get choked out usually because some "friend" of the bouncer got offended.

1521 days ago


and for those who say this is legal..well maybe in cali but in NYS that is excessive force even when a full fledge pd were to use it.bouncers have been arrested in my state for this including a few of jay z`s bouncers from that incident in state law you are allowed to detain with reasonable force that would be purely holding a person down until police are called and respond.our local police did this to someone about 5 years ago in my own town and got charged with excessive force lost his job and did an involuntary manslaughter rap because the guy died

1521 days ago


That move could have easily killed him. Bouncer is very lucky he did not drop him. Easy death if your head hits the pavement. Unfortunately it happens too often when people get knocked out. It was done outside the club which is public property.

1521 days ago


The bouncers are wrong and once outside the club it's not their job to clear the streets/sidewalk because thats city property. Police are the ones that get you off city property and those under trained, roid raging bouncers. I had tikmes where I haven't done anything and I had bouncers screaming at my face for no reason! Made me punch that ****er in his lip. In the end the police sides with the bouncers and you're more likely to be at fault even if they start the trouble. Too much power for small brained morons...Screw them all

1521 days ago


The day Iraq boys come home. Detroit police are hiring BTW>

1521 days ago


YUPPERS. Thats called "you got snooked". Its not a race thing. Its a sucker thing. This is the sort of thing that Lilo is avoiding...this is how the sucker gets down. Blind side punches are more the typical. Thank God for isolation for these types.

1521 days ago


We gonna hav 2 call th pohh-lice

1521 days ago


Let's slam the door on dude...
then claim I didn't....
act tough while my homie is running from behind to grab the guy...
act tougher once my friend has his death grip....
and after I sucker choke him out.....
let's talk smack to him....
and to top the story off...let's hide in the club after he awakens....

Bouncers need to get bounced.

1521 days ago



1521 days ago


Too bad he didn't drop him on his face instead setting him down lightly.

1521 days ago
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