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Lindsay Lohan --

UCLA on $40k a Week

8/25/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's UCLA medical bill was a whopping $40,000 a week ... sources familiar with her treatment tell TMZ.

Before continuing ... we'll answer what we know you're asking.  We're told Lindsay's insurance (SAG) does not cover treatment at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital.

Sources at UCLA tell us the base rate for treatment at the Hospital is $17,850 a week, which does not include the cost of doctors, testing, medication, or therapists.  All tolled, Lindsay's bill came to $40,000 a week.

Here's what's crazy ... Judge Marsha Revel ordered 13 weeks of treatment, which would have brought the bill to $520,000.  According to the docs, Judge Revel overreacted and Lindsay was released after only 23 days -- almost 3 1/2 weeks.  That reduces the cost to a very reasonable $130,400.


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All that money would have gone to good use. It would have set her back on drugs for a while lol.

1519 days ago


Let's be honest here. Whether the judge overreacted or not, she probably just saved Lindsay's life. You cannot deny that. She was taking Adderall like candy, drinking and falling down in the bushes, doing coke (sorry, that was *not* baby powder dumped all over her feet)...
At least we know as of this moment, she is free and clear of everything. If she fails now, she can't say no one tried to help.
And if Revel hadn't been so strict and had been like a bunch of the other pushover judges that let celebrities get away with everything, Lindsay probably NEVER would have gotten help or gotten her diagnosis corrected, and she would still be taking Adderall that she does not need.
Whether Revel was too harsh or not is beside the point now. She got Lindsay straightened out and Lindsay should be grateful.

1519 days ago

dan rafeal espn boxing    

What a C word that judge was. She almost put her on the hook for a half a mil. I'm telling you she found Lohan attractive and loved the fact that she had power over her and that's why she tried to give her 6 months.

1519 days ago

solar panel    


There goes Lindsay's whiskey budget for the next week!

1519 days ago


I hope it is true that the adderall was screwing this kid up. I have seen that before. It makes a lot of sense. The best way to tell will be her attitude when she gets out. If she acts like a victim then it will be the same old story with this kid. If she comes out and behaves and does not trash the judge and the system maybe she will be headed in the right direction. If she doesn't think she needed help then well she needs help.

1519 days ago

Are you sure?    

No wonder she wanted to leave so badly! She has hardly made any money the last few years! Morning side was probably a lot cheaper!

1519 days ago


Is it right to call it "a whopping $40,000 a week" when the alternative would be $0.00 and do time in jail?

I think $40,000 a week is a bargain not to be in jail - at least for the wealthy like Lohan.

1519 days ago

Howling Drunky    

I'll be putting Lindsay back on my death watch list. Courtney Love or Lindsay. Who will go first?

1519 days ago


Judge Marsha Revel should pay the bill.
She ordered it.

1519 days ago


Although I couldn't care less about Lohan, that Judge Revel needs to be investigated. Seems like she did some unethical and even shady things and had it out for Lohan from the start. I mean, how many NON celebrities has she gone sentenced to 90 days in a UCLA treatment center and how in the hell is the average Joe supposed to pay a half of a million dollars to fulfill such a sentence?

Having said that.. Lindsay will probably OD within the next 6 months.

1519 days ago


Easy come, easy go. Her first interview with some news media should net her a million, right?

1519 days ago

Peter Sc    

The court system and tax-payers should take care of this bill. They are the one who allow children to work in the media industry putting them into a situation where medication is needed.

Adderall was Lindsay's doping during childhood. It was properly some smart producer who talked her money-hungry parents into a visit down to the doctor.

Look at all the young actresses and actors who check out early. They are overmedicated to deaths. The media industry should face stricter regulation. Otherwise then the taxpayers should pay because they failed to get their politicians to legislate as they are paid to do.

1519 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

At 40G's a week for HELP, little wonder this world is full of addicts...

1519 days ago


My Brother just bought a 5 bdrm house in California for the same amount of $$$ !!! CRAZY!

1519 days ago


great report, bravo TMZ

now I am speechless

this is lalaland , teens at play in the system

with LiLo's money , let's don't forget that


1519 days ago
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