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Snooki & Friend

Two Hose, One Beer Bong

7/26/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Jersey Shore's" finest Snooki proved what a champion swallower she is in Seaside Heights this weekend by double-teaming a beer bong with another chick ... rumored to be the new cast member on the show.

These gals love frothy beer head.


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She is so beatiful and elegant. She talks with such class and dignity. Look at her gracefully drinking that beer. I wish more people would carry themselves in such a manner as the wondeful snooki!

1516 days ago

Lawyer Lawyer Lawyer    

This might sound elitist and condescending, but it is not.

These people who brawl, get drunk and have sex with total strangers get their TV show on account of that??

These people who do not seem to have much in the way of gray matter in the brain have joined the so called "pop icon", 'celebrity train" WHY????

Women fighting and cursing, men loose and probably heavily diseased. A constant glow of nonsense and barely grammatically correct discourse.

Who defined celebrity so that every person who should normally exist at the edges of society fopr their horrific conduct. get stoned and eat sand, now get contracts to be drunk and FAT???

This is getting more and more hilarious by the day!

1516 days ago


these bitches are *******. real women shotgun beers.

1516 days ago


I love Jersey Shore!!!!!!!!!!! Angelina just came out with an iphone application, it's called Score a Shore Girl, the videos are so funny and the bloopers make the video so worth buying, I swear you see a completely different side of her in this game. Check it out on itunes

1516 days ago


I love Jersey Shore!!!!!!!!!!!! Angelina just came out with an iphone application, it's called Score a Shore Girl. The videos are so funny that they will bring tears to your eyes, the bloopers make the application so worth purchasing. Check it out on the itunes

1516 days ago


Angelina has a new iPhone app out, it's called Score a Shore Girl in the iTunes store now, it's a live video game where you try to pick her up at a bar and it's really funny, the game and endings are hysterical and the bloopers are too funny! Check it out on iTunes.

1516 days ago


These girls have loads of class, don't they?

1515 days ago

john boy     

truly a super model.a great actress and a great person.
a victim of the seaside pd.its summer let snookie play !!!

1511 days ago

justin reuter    

She got that from!! Check us out, we have single and quad funnels too.

1509 days ago

California Girl    

Snooki Get It Girllll! Its Summer Everyone Needs To Stop Trippin!

1509 days ago


I say go for it Fooki, these are the types of Idiots that Entertain more idiots and people obsess about them, the government loves it! it keeps everyone dumbed down and not paying attention to the ass raping that is being delivered by the terrorist United States President!

your what, 3 trillion in debt now? hello inflation!

1380 days ago


higher. If you're hooked by stunning or dazzling jewelries, you could go for diamond watches that can make you stand out in any occasion.

1370 days ago


She looks good now, but every girl looks good when they're in their early 20's.
Wait until gravity kicks in. Hope she's investing well.
If not, I predict a sex tape "leak".. if there isn't one already.

1355 days ago

Rigo Obezo    

If I had kids I would monitor what they see on T.V. This show may be popular but it sends out the wrong message to impressionable young people. It condones wrong behavior and glorifies ***********,drama and over drinking. If you watch this show it obviously doesn't say much about the type of person you are. I know all you have to do is switch the channel if you don't like something on T.V. But it's sad how people can consider this entertainment.

1339 days ago


No wonder she is pregnant. "Study Hall" for sluts.

809 days ago
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