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Katherine Jackson -- 'I Haven't Been Doing So Well'

7/28/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson claims she "hasn't been doing so well" since MJ died -- in fact, according to a never-before-seen interview from last month, the singer's mother has basically been an emotional wreck.

During the moving interview -- which took place before the anniversary of Michael's death -- a visibly upset Katherine claims, "Not a day goes by that I don't think about my son."

The clip was shot by the same website hawking Katherine's new book "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- and according to our source, the footage is all part of a larger documentary on Jackson's life.

As for who's behind the whole project -- we're told it's an equal partnership between Katherine and Howard Mann -- the same guy who co-wrote her book.


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Maybe the fact that her husband is an unsupportive, abusive, money grubbing, lazy, pimp-in-training hasn't helped her emotional state. What a douchebag; I'd bitchslap him bigtime if he were standing in front of me...

1548 days ago


It's possible for this family to cry and to be sad in private?

They don't ****ing need to be on TV and say " I'm sad I miss him...."

The best in this family is gone the first like we say....

1548 days ago


Bless the poor woman losing a family member especially a child is hard for any parent x

1548 days ago


Boo hoo, she can wipe her tears with hundred dollar bills and flush them.

If she raised her kid right he wouldn't have been a child molesting drug addict.

1548 days ago


Un hijo es un hijo, y más lo echará en falta a medida que pase el tiempo.

1548 days ago


I think she loves money more than anything else.

1548 days ago


Oir guapos , yo no he dicho nada de la ONU. Cuidado con Lo Que traducís .

1548 days ago


I am so sorry for your loss Katherine. Those in our hearts never really are gone - they live on in our memories and thoughts daily - Although its hard we must have faith that they are now in the loving arms of Jesus and at peace - we will see them again.

1548 days ago


Not a day goes by that I don't think about Michael or play his songs. His songs are everywhere, in my phone, my computer, everywhere. I love you so much Michael. Thank you for everything and rest in peace dear Michael!

1548 days ago


she is so upset.but she still finds time to sue people.

1548 days ago


AW COME ON TMZ/Harvey....just 'cause you got some heat over the MJ/Hitler story....ran the MJ/Hitler pics side by side.... doesn't mean you have to bellyflop over to a slop/sob story about Ms Kate.
Did the Jacksons put the heat on you also? Or just the media.
#2 is right, this family can't grieve in private (or in public for that matter)...everytime Kate faces the cameras...she does it for M.O.N.E.Y.
She has a long history of doing so.

Good God...she was taking the place apart hunting for M.O.N.E.Y at her sons/Michael Jacksons house the day after he died! Out shopping at Target for sleeping bags for MJ3/her "grandchildren" to sleep in that night. For cryin out loud! She didn't look like she was grieving at Target!

Besides....Michael Jackson/her son isn't dead....imo she knows that! This is ALL about $$$$$.

Good grief.

These Jacksons havent' keep their faces out of the lens since June 25th, except during the entire Christmas Holidays...when they ALL disappeared from sight....imo...they ALL reunited with Michael Jackson for the holidays....somewhere 'at the end of/over the rainbow'...near the pot of gold.

1548 days ago


Mrs Katherine hope you feel better soon ... but i hope you ask for forgiveness towards the love childern your sons has out there that was not around you... too no you as a Step Mom and GrandMother, I believe it's never to late to reach out while we are still living... My Grandmother was not in my life but she apologize on her death bed over the phone i was in my early 20's then all am trying to say is right the wrong these kids did not make themselves they do have the right to be part of the family. Just do your part... Peace!

1548 days ago


Maybe she should've done more to help him when he was alive. She stood back and did nothing while her husband knocked the stuffing out of her children especially Michael. She was the one who talked Michael into doing tours and working with his brothers, despite knowing that Michael didn't want to. She was the one who pushed pushed and pushed Michael to do what Old Joe wanted. She was a weak mother to Michael but was happy to take take take from him all of his life and now into his death. Ok she's now sad at her son's death,I understand that, but she will also be feeling real guilt at what she's done and the part she played in her son's great unhappiness.

1548 days ago


Katherine has a soothing :)
I think about him everyday and I miss Michael so Much too..:(

1548 days ago


Voice** lol

1548 days ago
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