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Gibson's Racist Rant Triggers Immigration Complaint

7/27/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson got ratted out to the government after an immigration group heard him use a derogatory term for illegal aliens -- and the complaint could spark an investigation into who's working for Mel.

The San Diego Minutemen tell TMZ they dropped a dime on Mel with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because they heard him refer to one of his domestic workers as a "wetback" during the secretly-recorded rant at Oksana Grigorieva.

The Minutemen are volunteers whose mission is "to demand maximum border security and immigration enforcement" -- and we're told Gibson's use of the epithet led the group to wonder if he is employing illegal immigrants. So they called the ICE hotline last week to report Gibson.

The Minutemen tell TMZ they were told an investigation would be opened.

A rep from the Los Angeles ICE office could not be reached for comment. Same for Mel's rep.


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1546 days ago

Ron Golden    

Mels going to check out soon at this rate...
A perfect example of what happens when you think with your ****!

1546 days ago


this is stupid a stupid thing to do

1546 days ago


Ok, countdown 'til I get

1546 days ago


Russians like proverb "Don't afraid of barking dog! Afraid of dog which is too caressing to You!' Oksa seemed to be like an angel, and showed herself like a monste-e-e-r and a skunk.It would be better to find an actor.who played Gibson's role and mimiced his voice and that "technical support" which helped her to create all tapes, mixing Gibson's truth voice with unknown actor's voice

1546 days ago


Oh, please. The San Diego Minutemen should start at the north end of Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills and work their way down.

1546 days ago


Wait, the San Diego Minutemen called authorities? Like they hadn't heard the call themselves?!

Ambulance chasers!

1546 days ago


I know what Mel said was horrible but he was in the privacy of his own home and did not know he was being taped. I think anyone who tapes someone without their knowledge is s***. We all say stupid things when drinking and would not like to be taped. This woman knows how and when to push his buttons and then extort $ from him. He chose to go with her and ditch his family so I don't pity him but she is still s***.

1546 days ago

get a life ho    

Big deal. Mel has a potty mouth. Mexicans illegally crossing the Rio Grande , is where the term "wetbacks" came from.

Posted at 12:31 AM on Jul 27, 2010 by Trish

Correct .,.,,but it's also a derogatory term too

There goes Mels

#3 Property caretakers
#4 Landscapers
#5.Janitors at his church
#6 Nannies

if they haven't already quit ..,and rightfully so !

Who wants to work for a racist douche bag ?

Ahh the fallout to come ,.,..,.Big deal huh ?

1546 days ago


New tape #7 posted

However, I am certain it was edited at around 1:50. Sounds like the beginning part of the tape was a conversation and the middle to end of it was possibly a voicemail and she pieced it together. I am no Perry Mason, that's for sure, but anyone can see this was edited...listen at 1:50. The screen actually 'blips'/'gets fuzzy' at that point on the recording.

Nice edit job (not so much.)

1546 days ago


The fact that he even dared to hire an illigal is by far one of the most UNAMERICAN things a man can do. While h was paying these people, people who actually went through the system the right way went without a job. Hell, every time an alien gets a job one of us either loses or fails to get hired.


1546 days ago


I just read the comment he made. Hahahahahahaha
"I will report her to the effin people that take effin money from the wetbacks."
hahahahahaha "people that take money from the wetbacks" hahaha I don't excuse mel's foul language by the way but that's a funny way to refer to the authorities.

I didn't listen to all the recordings because once or twice is enough. After listening to one or two, I thought she sounded like an emcee or a host (Oksana) really talking to an audience while "talking to" Mel. It's like she was explaining to an audence what the next rant was all about then plays Mel's rant. The manipulation annoyed me cause it was like an insult to someone's intelligence.

I'd rather hear the actual arguments from both sides when both are unaware they are being recorded. Oh wait I don't care - I'm not interested. I'm only interested now cause someone leaked recordings to the public obviously wanting the public to hear.

1546 days ago


On the recording Mr. I own Malibu, California made it clear that he was the sole person paying the girl and that her duties to care for the baby and her employment was under the sole control of him.

It was Mel responsibility to verify necessary do***entation to insure employing and paying a do***ented worker permitted to work here.

Mel is too cheap to pay a do***ented worker to take care of his baby and on the recordings even acknowledges knowing the girl is not a legal do***ented worker and threatened to report the girl for being illegal if she did not comply with his demands and listened to Oksana.

1546 days ago


I think using derogatory words during an angry tirade directed at a particular person doesn't necessarily mean hatred for the people being mentioned. It definitely means anger at the one the angry person is talking to.

When I was first married and went through personality and cultural clashes with my husband, I used to lose my temper. When angry, I'd describe everything in strongest terms - even innocent things like chairs or even innocent neighbors, I'd say bloody chairs or say "let the effin neighbors hear what I think." I didn't hate our neighbor but by using angry words and derogatory terms, I was showing my husband the strength of my rage and that he doesn't deserve polite language. (Fortunately for us, we've learned to deal with each other better and been married for years and years.)

Mels' rant was a private rant by an angry man at one particular person. It was a private tirade. It was a messy day in an acrimonious break-up. The things he was demeaning were somehow things that were or can be associated with her. He was angry at her. His language was directed at her.

If he rarely falls into a rage, what he says in his normal everyday life will be a better reflection of his character not things he'd say when pushed to the limit. The tapes do not show how often he gets angry cause his rants were taken from one day only.

1546 days ago


That is so stupid. For one thing it has not been proven it is Mel's voice on the tapes. If it is so what is one is called a "wetback"? That doesn't mean they are illegals.
"Today the term "wetback" is often used to express animosity towards Central American or Latin American immigrants--legal and illegal--who do not speak English. Meanwhile, in an attempt to reclaim the word, some Mexican-Americans call themselves Los Mojados, meaning "the wet ones." (gurl)

1546 days ago
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