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Gibson's Racist Rant Triggers Immigration Complaint

7/27/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson got ratted out to the government after an immigration group heard him use a derogatory term for illegal aliens -- and the complaint could spark an investigation into who's working for Mel.

The San Diego Minutemen tell TMZ they dropped a dime on Mel with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because they heard him refer to one of his domestic workers as a "wetback" during the secretly-recorded rant at Oksana Grigorieva.

The Minutemen are volunteers whose mission is "to demand maximum border security and immigration enforcement" -- and we're told Gibson's use of the epithet led the group to wonder if he is employing illegal immigrants. So they called the ICE hotline last week to report Gibson.

The Minutemen tell TMZ they were told an investigation would be opened.

A rep from the Los Angeles ICE office could not be reached for comment. Same for Mel's rep.


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If things get too hot in the 'Hollywood Fishbowl'...Then Braveheart (Sic) can always leg-it back down under to Aussieland!! I always figured him for a "Loose Cannon", but it took a long time to surface!! He probably covered his A$$ very well before!!

1549 days ago


You need to get a life & try church. Something is wrong with your brain. Why shouldn’t immigrants have the same opportunities as your father & grandfather did? Why deny them that? By the way, who is interested in a job as a maid or gardener? Not me!

1549 days ago


Wow, are we going to have a knock down drag out fight to see who can be the most racist? Mel or the Minutemen?

1549 days ago


we all come from the same hole

1549 days ago


Mel, has insulted women,Blacks, Mexicans and Jews equally. That is about 80% of the population that was insulted by Mel. That leaves about 20% of the people, who will be willing to pay to watch his pictures. Not very wise, Mel when you have to pay out all that alimony and child support.

1549 days ago


I just checked the tapes it was Oksana not Mel who hired the woman, ICE should check Oksana out. Sounds like the Minute men want their pound of flesh in this thing. It just goes to show ya that any group with the noblest of intentions can become a bunch of Putzes! Oksana is leading the Minute men down to Hell with their good intentions (And tampered tapes) Your 15 is up guys.

Good Grief Dudley Do Right could have solved this.

Yes I am on Team Mel.

1549 days ago


The fact that he even dared to hire an illigal [sic]...

Oh, so now it's a "fact," is it? Gee, I thought it was sheer speculation. Isn't that why the Minutemen are calling for an investigation -- to FIND OUT whether or not it's true?

You have a funny definittion of "fact."

Lord have mercy.

1549 days ago

Miss Bitch    

why is d o c u m e n t e d bleeped out ?

1548 days ago


Time to check Oxymoron's visa.

1548 days ago

Gsharon 710    

For heaven's sake people stfu. So what? Mel was suppose to have said something negative about my AFRO-American culture also. People can say whatever they want.

I have never heard of him acting on his dislikes. A good way to keep this mess going is to keep it alive. Mel does not own the rights to negative names for people, nor is he the first or last. Under these cir***stances, I don't care. That is not something we shoud judge a man for.

The biggest reason I don't care is because if we start an all out war, that will mean his Oksana won the round on the racial rantings she put out there to gain sympathy and start a race war hate against Mel.

How strong of a person are you if you let other people's feelings direct your life. So Afro-Americans were slaves, beaten, worked to death, raped, killed, but do we hate all white people?????Hell no.

As long as Mel does not try to take someone out because of their race, I care not. Grow the hell up ! I enjoy his movies and will continue to enjoy them.

1548 days ago


Let's just face it people, the guy's human. Aren't we all a little guilty of putting our own foot in our mouths. We all screw up once in awhile!

1548 days ago

TMZ fan since 2007    

Damn these mel tapes lol Can there be any more?

1547 days ago
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