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Mel Gibson -- It's NOT a Purse!

7/27/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a baseball cap slung low on his head, Mel Gibson was spotted in Santa Monica yesterday ... carrying a man purse satchel.


It's the second time Mel's been spotted out in two days ... following an entire month in seclusion.

Other celebrity satchel wearers include Indiana Jones, Joy Behar ...


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Terrry Ann    


1516 days ago


Leave the poor guy alone

1516 days ago

Paula Schultze    

Good question. And since she is so broke that she was borrowing money and living off credit cards, how is she going to pay for all these lawyers? Must really be expecting to sell a lot of her CD's or something! HA HA! Anyone who would lend her money must really be a suckerfish. Someone else posted that Mel has those spy cams all over the house to record everything that goes on. I believe it! You know, just having a new baby he might have those. The plot thickens...

1516 days ago


he has no privacy

1516 days ago


Memo to John, barnswella and ALL supporters of Sweetheart/Sweet-Thruth she is a LUNATIC @ a Stalker, she was banned from another site last year (Celebitchy) for posting **** - that Oksana was using heroin during her pregnancy, I got in a fight with that lunatic and got her banned. she was posting under various names (Sweetnut, Ocean, Sophie) check her crazy posts from april until sept. 2009 when she got banned. If you spend as much time as she does checking news on MG (tabloids, internet, MG's fan sites etc) you would have a lot of info. This chick does not know Mel at all, she is just obsessed with him, so stop taking her posts as if it was the truth. Mel always has male personal assistants. GO TEAM MEL!!!

Posted at 8:09 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by Fidel's niece


Thank you! When rational people read her rants, they think MG is a wacko because he certainly must be if he lets this woman near him. THIS WOMAN DOES NOT KNOW MG. She is a celeb stalker. She has stalked numerous celebs. She was obsessed a few years back with another celeb and did the same thing. I will not name names, but trust me when I say she is deranged, hateful, jealous, envious, DANGEROUS and if you think MG has a foul mouth, wait 'til you get a taste of this woman if you put her in her place (which is to tell her the truth - that she does not know MG.)

1516 days ago


I'm black. And I still love Mel. Who cares what he said behind doors. Team MEL all the way!

1516 days ago


Fidel's niece - someone was "Banned" for saying Ox did heroin during her pregnancy? (according to you anyway)(-but out of synch with her steadfast assertions that Ox was never actually pregnant).
Regardless of "hearing it through your grapevine", that's more of an indictment of that particular lame site being run by anal retentive lock-stepping morons than anything else.
Anyway, just what motivates you to discredit Sweets? Seriously.
Dig deeper than why we should be "afraid" of someone who was "banned" for saying something "unpopular".
-can ya do that, Fidel's Niece?
How is she stalking when Ox isn't here? How is she stalking when Ox and Mel only have restraining orders on each other?
What motivates you?
To "save" us all? -hardly.
Dig a little deeper, you jealous hysteric.
Sweets wasn't harrassing you, so what gives?
Can't slide by her posts? -who's "stalking" who, Fidel's Niece?
Yep, youz a big dose of cwazy!

1516 days ago


"Intheknow" -you won't name names? LOL
Who the f'k cares about you people's naysaying hysterics, go call the f'kn' cops if she's "sooo bad" instead of just trying to get people not to read her on a freak'n gossip site and too shun her (based solely on your vague claims and inability to "name names").
Your game is to clam what she's saying -not that you fear her as an actual stalker. Like Ox, don't sell that sh(i)t to the press -take it to the cops/feds if you're so damned sincere.

1516 days ago


Banana Hammock - you're an idiot. Enough said. You can read her posts all you want. We were not addressing you so you can butt on out. My posts are directed at the intelligent race, not the obsessive celeb stalkers like you and Sweet. OK? Move along now...

1516 days ago


The word "stalking" is used way too loosely.

I have seen media reports about stars getting stalked and they are reported on. Someone who has either personal knowledge about Mel, that may be exclusive, or someone who has invested a lot of time keeping the facts straight, dates straight, etc, is of interest to me. They are not stalkers. Thanks for the heads up Fidel, but it really was not necessary. We are all on the same team, that's what matters and infighting is so destructive, so let's try not to do that.

Let's remember the tie that binds us and that is our MEL!!

♥♥♥TEAM MEL!!♥♥♥

1516 days ago


If he had acted like a psychopath before he forced her into pregnancy as a way of holding on to her and controlling her, she would have walked out on this mother f u c k e r right away long ago.

Posted at 7:37 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by anon

He did not force her to get pregnant. She is 40 years old, she is responsible for her birth control as he is responsible for his. If she did not want the child she never even had to tell him she was pregnant and could of had an abortion. I get you hate Gibson and oh well but you are no supporter of hers either. All I get from your posts is she's a 40 year old woman who is either too stupid or fragile to make a decision herself.

1516 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ InTheKnow - you are welcome,
alas, the lunatic is back,(the same crazy rants, bad spelling and poor English)
she is posting under Mel/MDFIT Banana Patch, check #124 post, CRAZY like a fox, should be locked up!

1516 days ago

Jessica Winchester    

Daddy seemed to have been an Archie Bunker, so there ya go, with all the racial rants - apple = tree.

Could never figure the homophopia. Essentially, that's usually not an issue with a hetrosexual man secure on his place on the spectrum of gay to straight, and back.

I have a nephew, now in his late 30's, whose hair, as a young teen, I used to cut as a sort of bonding, I redalized, looking back.

I obviously noticed that he had very enlarged man nipples as a boy. I never said anything but as he matured he became insanely compulsive about working out and putting on very inappropriate amounts of muscle weight (in my,I believe, alert mind, to hopefully hide the big man nipples.

Most all of us have complexes about certain aspects of our physical persona.

My take... Mel is pigeon toed and walks with his fee close together and may have been ridiculed as being effiminate as a child. Damn, not easy being a non-perfect human.

Love ya Mel.

Sweet Jess

1516 days ago

Fidel's niece    


1516 days ago


@ InTheKnow - you are welcome,
alas, the lunatic is back,(the same crazy rants, bad spelling and poor English)
she is posting under Mel/MDFIT Banana Patch, check #124 post, CRAZY like a fox, should be locked up!

Oh please. Do we really have to go there? Come on. We are all on the same team like it or not, and some people on the team are not going to adore others on the team. That's expected, but we don't have to have a knock down drag out do we??

1516 days ago
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