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Lindsay Lohan -- Booked Again

7/28/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan, you've got mail.


LiLo's latest visitor wasn't a family member or a lawyer ...  it was the UPS guy who delivered her several packages from today.

Although it's unclear what Inmate # 2409752 actually received, having books shipped is about the only way to get reading materials into the clink.


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I can see it now... Lindsay Lohan sues UPS & Amazon for breach of privacy. AND THEY BOTH DESERVE IT. She DOES deserve some type of privacy. GIVE HER A BREAK!

1547 days ago

The Chuck    

Is that Chaz Bono?

1547 days ago

Get back to work!    

Is that Kevin James shooting a new season of "The King of Queens"?

1547 days ago


Lohan can read? Really

1547 days ago


This guy should be fired! He shouldn't be giving out addresses and I don't care if it is "LiHo". Also...I have never seen a fat UPS guy...

1547 days ago


WTF!! UPS!! This is the fattest driver I have ever seen...

1547 days ago


TSIG at #64: I had to laugh at "Uncomfortably cold rooms that stink? Food that's unhealthy with no or few healthy choice?" since that's exactly what I experienced in our local hospital... Really, it was freezing in August! Their were various chemical odors that are unhealthy for me (for others also, they just don't realize it yet). The kitchen had no idea how to feed somebody with food allergies, I finally ended up subsisting on cheerios and corn chips until a friend was able to "rescue" me (I had been admitted through the ER when unconscious...). The food they were serving was atrocious - loaded with sugar for one thing (bear in mind that they were taking my blood glucose measurement every few hours. and even gave me some insulin), in addition to their habit of bringing me stuff I already told them I couldn't eat safely. I was begging for just a can of beans, but the only beans they had were overcooked green beans.

But I do agree that good food is essential in jails and prisons (as well as in hospitals), although I suspect from the menu that the Lynwood jail kitchen is at least trying to provide healthy meals. Just allowing people to have some food directly shipped to them could help - Amazon also sells soup/'meal cups that I myself could easily live on, for instance, if provided with a little hot water. But that can cause other logistical problems in a jail. The temperature problem is harder to deal with - very thin people like Lindsay are going to be freezing when other normal-weight or overweight people will be suffering from the heat (plus the staff has to wear rather heavy clothing etc.). Also paying for books is not the only option, jails and prisons do have library services.

I would worry more about such things as the mass strip searches - they should move toward those abominable machines now in some airports, which are a violation of privacy for travelers but would be far preferable to strip searches for jails and prisons. I am told by friends that delousing is not much fun, also... but there you have the problem of a lot of people in close quarters, parasite migration heaven (the US military traditionally has sheared off new soldiers' hair for the same reason, my brother said he was grateful for it once he got to know some of his bunkmates...) The problem in jails/prisons is always having to deal with legitimate security/safety/hygiene concerns while making it reasonable (especially in jails, where so many people are just waiting for trial and will be acquitted).

1546 days ago


My best friend is going thru the worst days of her life due to LiLo's "above the law" treatment. My friend is there for a probation violation too, shes beautiful and classy and never been to jail before. My friend had a dental emergency and a tooth was extracted without pain relief. My friend complained of pain after and states she was shackled, marched down endless hallways and thrown into a freezing cold cell, abandoned, desparate and in pain. My friend has the same sentence as LiLo, but my friend has been locked up since July 9 and "locked down" since LiLo arrived. This is outrageous, inhumane, unfair (illegal), cruel and a disgrace of justice.

My beautiful friend is "tortured" and "losing her mind", because everytime LiLo moves, eats, gets a visit or has a tizzy fit, the staff "lockdown" (no movement) the whole place, and use it as an excuse to ignore or mistreat the other inmates, such as my friend... She needs a miracle, and your prayers!!!

BTW, my friend has been housed in proximity to LiLo and has been taking notes... more to be revealed!!!

1546 days ago


are all ups guys fat?

1541 days ago
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