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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Officials Come-a-Callin'

7/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already preparing for the next stage of her sentence -- 90 days in rehab -- by meeting with multiple reps from rehab facilities.


TMZ has learned the rehab officials visited Lindsay at Lynwood Correctional Facility last weekend. Although Lindsay spent time meeting with each of the officials ... the decision about which facility she checks into will be up to two court appointed psychiatrists.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be getting treatment somewhere in California.

It remains to be seen if Judge Marsha Revel will give Lindsay a day or two of freedom -- or send her straight to rehab from jail.


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all i want is for the ridiculous PR people to stop posting nonsense and misinformation regarding what is happening with lindsay and why she is in jail, and your ludicruous reasons why she needs to be free and equally silly attempts at dissing the justice system and the judge as if they have in in for lindsay and are too harsh, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SWAY PUBLIC OPINION, and what money is lindsay paying you with? don't expect to get paid suckers!!!!!!!!!

the only REAL comments are sadly from people who see reality for what it is, and it is not good, and get this through your thick PR skulls, THE JUDGE IS TRYING TO SAVE LINDSAYS LIFE, -get it?!

lindsay is a criminal and an addict and gets what she needs right now, sadly a judge has to make her do what she should have the good sense of doing herself, going to rehab and getting her life in order

ok, everybody get that?! it's the ONLY truth

1549 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Message to whom I shall not name:
"Author: me
all i want is for the ridiculous PR people to stop posting nonsense and misinformation regarding what is happening with Lindsay and why she is in jail, and your ludicrous reasons why she needs to be free"

I rest my case. I still am laughing however. Humor is based on absurdity. The more absurd the situation the funnier it is.
I am now in stitches over some people's (who I shall not name) attempts to attack those who know better.

1549 days ago


Oh number 9, you are so mean. How can you think that a blond washed up so-called actress, who is so needy and clingy to others around her, is addicted to narcotics, is an alcoholic, has had numerous wrecks, lies to judges, lies to the public, has an alcoholic mother who doesn't have a job and a father who has been locked up himself and doesn't have a job, yet lives a high life in fine hotels and eats at 5-star can you say she has not been treated unjustly? She should be allowed to go home and be with her family for at least a week so she can get back in the predicament she was in before. By the way, whatever happened to the Israli lesbo that was in court with her that Lilo kept making goo goo eyes at during court that day? Now all the sudden that bull daggin Sam is back on the scene. ~~sheesh~~ Make up your mind already. I thought you and Miss Israel were "in love" and she was gonna be Lilo's baby daddy.

1549 days ago


They should send her straight to rehab at the Acton, CA facility. Alicia, one of the counselors there will set her straight. She knows a bull****er when she sees one!

1549 days ago


You know if that was any regular person we would have to do the time n pay a fine have community hours n aa meetings.. But if u have money i gues u can do anything.. Well shoot look she was drinkin in bars before 18.. Nice system we have here. No wonder why our kids are in crime n gangs they get their satisfaction in a bottle..

1548 days ago


This makes no sense. If she has no say in what rehab she is going to, why is she "interviewing" prospective rehab people.

1548 days ago


Lindsey doesnt need or want time with her family! She is already to report to rehab after serving her 90 days, which we all know means more like a couple weeks, if that. Her mom is a supporting role in her NON sobriety. Theyve done the SCRAM bracelet, that didnt work. Why should she continue to get special treatment? I was proud of the judge and her ruling. It would be a dishonor to chsnge it now!

1547 days ago


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1547 days ago


This Bimbo will never stay sober unless she divorces her self from all of her friends who love to party. If she doesn't they will suck her back in to her addictions. Also she needs to be involved in a twelve step program, which meanbs she will have to attend twelve step meetings get a sponsor and work the steps.

1484 days ago
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