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Nigel Lythgoe -- The 'American Idol' Hint

7/30/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe the biggest move "American Idol" made this week is bringing back Nigel Lythgoe as executive producer -- which now explains why Nigel made this slip of the tongue on live TV.

Wednesday night on "So You Think You Can Dance" Nigel seemed to forget which set he was working on at that moment.

Easy mistake to make when you're about to shake up the biggest show on TV.


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Well, I think A.I. would have declined in rating over the last two years with or without Nigel. It kind of has ran its course. However, he will be lauded with success for returning if the ratings go up. However, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler would be the real reason for a ratings boost. I haven't watched since they brought Kara onto the show...but I will tune in to see what J Lo and Steven Tyler have to say. (I hope its true that Kara is gone).

1543 days ago


I certainly hope he reconsiders the hiring of Jennifer Lopez. She can barely keep her own crappy singing career going what makes them think she is qualified to judge someone else? A big no to her and really,I wish they would get Justin Timberlake or someone relevant to music.

1543 days ago

SC would appear that's Nellie Andreeva already broke this story on MONDAY. You guys are 4 days late and whomever checks your sources/facts needs to be fired, or at least finish getting a GED/High School Diploma.

Link here:

1543 days ago


homophobic piece of crap

1543 days ago


Mia Michaels didn't look too entertained...

1543 days ago


I think the show is going to bomb worse than before. Sorry, but I'm not interested in listening to a bunch of 15 year olds sing now that they've lowered the age requirement.

1543 days ago


I stopped watching after they dumped Paula. The show's ratings take a hit and they dump Paula the lone female. Why would I, as a female, want to watch a show that values only men? Ryan does absolutely nothing for me. Randy's claim to fame was his short stint playing in a band for a couple of years, and Simon is simply a grouchy old man. If they expect women to watch the show, perhaps they should dump some of the men and replace them with women.

1543 days ago


Like the idea of going back to 3 judges on AI way too much time listening to the same opinions, and hope you get interesting judges that have constructive criticism, like Adam Lambert when he was a guest mentor. Not just someone who says they were good or bad, but why....

1543 days ago


Can AI get any worse?? It was actually having signs it may be watchable next season - with the possiblity of bringing Bret Michaels on as a judge.. what happened FOX?
Steve Tyler is no Bret- I can't stand to hear his voice let alone look at him!
At least they kept Randy - that's the only one worth watching if at all now.. I have never missed a season- but I guess everything changes..

1542 days ago


Listen morons, your show is over American Idols sucks without Simon! you cheap morons shold have payed you loser everything .

1541 days ago

tmz is makes me lose faith in mankind    

Ummm, Nigel IS gay. How exactly is he homophobic then?

1541 days ago

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