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Oksana Taking on Debt to Fund War with Mel

7/30/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva say she's going broke trying to battle Mel Gibson -- and, in fact, TMZ has learned Oksana's already had to take out a loan to pay her high-powered legal team.


Multiple sources tell us that Oksana took out a loan just to make partial payment to her attorneys ... and she's also maxed out credit cards to fund what's become a legal World War with Gibson, who's hired three law firms. Legally speaking, it shapes up like David vs. Goliath.

People connected to Oksana claim Gibson cut off almost all support payments back in May when the mediation talks ended -- and Oksana turned her back on a $15 million agreement. Currently, we're told, Mel's only paying child support to the tune of $5,000 per month.

If Oksana's getting limited financial support from Mel -- and we know she isn't working -- then here's the obvious question: where's she getting money to live day to day?

We're told Oksana's seeking retroactive support payments from Gibson.


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Good grief. She brought ALL this on herself becuase of GREED. She turned her back on 15 MILLION!!!!!
And $5000 a month is much more than enough to cover her daily expenses, as she has a house and a car totally free.
Boo hoo I am just sobbing in my milk for the poor little Russian skank.

1490 days ago

say what?    

Boo! Hoo! Cry me a river!

1490 days ago


She seems like a shake down artist and He seems like He was too blinded by His stardom/ego/fame/midlife crisis to see it coming.
She set him,provoked Him, up taped him.The whole bit.

1490 days ago


She gambled to get more than $15mil he offered which was more than generous. It isn't about the money, oh plez. With all the crappy lies she's throwing out, how in the world does anyone thing Mel should give her money to help fund her war on him. He's crazy enough to have a baby with her, but not that crazy to give her money now.

1490 days ago

say what?    

Excuse me?!? She's seeking retroactive support money for what? She's getting friggin $5K a month for child support for a 9 month old baby!! This evil woman makes me want to puke.

1490 days ago

1 Corinthians 13:1-13     

ROL claims he recently shelled out $250k for atty fees and also paid her $10k this month for child support. This is ROL's brand new headline story. TMZ now has this as their headline story - the complete opposite? Makes no sense. Also, what I find interesting is the 8th leaked tape was actually a tape of voicemails MG left for OG, but ROL did not post it, another site did. Funny they did not post it and this came just after OG severed her relationship with her PR guy. I was a hardcore MG supporter, but the more I listen to him, the more I am seeing what a spoiled child he is. He is nothing but a man child. Set in his ways. Ruined by his disturbed Bible-banging father. A child who has grown into a man who behaves badly when he doesn't get his way. Oksana is no saint, but the way he talks to her in this last tape is repulsive. He truly sounds like a child not getting his way. He has lost my support after this last voicemail recording:

1490 days ago


Isn't she getting money from her ex, Timothy Dalton? I thought she might be milking him too.

1490 days ago


She was doing much better for her "cause" when she was keeping her mouth shut and keeping in compliance with the court order not to release any tapes or info - now she looks like everything she is - an extortionist.

She's a button pushing passive aggressive "why what did i do?" manipulative witch.

I hope she gets nothing and she should have gotten pummelled by someone though as more comes out, it's obvious Mel may have had a few things to say that she brought out in him, he didn't touch her.

1490 days ago


If all she wanted was for Mel not to have unsupervised visitation with their daughter why did she take her evidence to the police and let them conduct the same investigation they are conducting today? It wouldn't have cost her anything.

She created this mess for herself for God knows what reason and is looking for public sympathy to help her through it. She is using the public like she used Mel.

She is not his wife, she said she made a hundred thousand a year before he came along and they have been together for three years. If she put her life on hold for him $500,000 and child support ought to cover it.

If she won a civil lawsuit, providing she ever comes up with actual evidence, that payout shouldn't be more than the 15 million she was going to get anyway and now she has lawyers to pay. I still don't know what she is currently after.

1490 days ago

karen lee    

.She walked on $15-million, a RENT-FREE mansion, her so-called recording “career” and MILLIONS in child support … for the simple reason: it wasn’t ENOUGH. In retaliation, she tried to destroy the father of her own child.
A tragedy if it wasn’t so IRONIC.

Her bald-faced lies set back abused women DECADES. Any woman who’s REALLY been battered (especially before abuse was recognized)) must be livid. A time when we women called police EVERY TIME and they just laughed in our faces and did NOTHING.
Octo-Russki is an AFFRONT to every woman who was ever TRULY BATTERED.

An abuser doesn’t do it ONCE and stop. IN 50-yrs, Mel has never been even accused of battering any woman — or child

Everyone hates abusers – but women crying, “wolf” are far more heinous!

Putting this country & every movie fan through turmoil she deliberately created – just to SCAM even more $$$ from Mel is reprehensible. Anyone with a brain can see she altered every bit of the so-called powerful “evidence.”

Since JAN 6th (“incident day) and all the days since … and only NOW is she expressing FEAR of Mel “hurting his daughter”. There is only ONE DAY during which EVERY single “recording” took place – and there’s been NOTHING since ? Only one day in which she deliberately MADE Mel go ballistic.

FOR 6-MONTHS, she allowed Mel to continue seeing THEIR BABY … WITHOUT expressing any “fears” about the baby while in Mel’s solo care — and that is just preposterous! So UNBELIEVABLE and ludicrous as to have to be total fabrication.

AND IF she was truly concerned about her daughter’s safety — she would have IMMEDIATELY moved heaven & earth to protect the baby by shouting Mel’s supposed abuses non-stop and to the roof tops! INSTEAD she did NOTHING but devote her time to destroying him.

Where is Lucia while O-INSANA is doing all her shopping, primping, botoxing – and heading to endless appointments with lawyers, publicists, investigators, professional audio recording experts, etc etc? She should be tending her baby – not gallivanting non-stop.

Key point: a batterer continues abusing until they are STOPPED. Her entire “case” is only based on ONE DAY’s phone fight and her multitude of altered “evidence.”

When her treachery is FINALLY exposed for what it is — she will have brought into question EVERY abused WOMAN.

She should be deported BACK to Russia, where she so clearly BELONGS. LEAVING LUCIA W/ MEL & ROBYN.

THE REAL REASON TO FEAR FOR LUCIA: Her bio-mother PIMPING Lucia out to support Easy-ANA’s extravagant lifestyle.

1490 days ago


Baby does not use up all those 5,000 dlls

neither does her other son's child support
How much more does she need?

Any other skills?

1490 days ago



I was wondering that as well.....someone pointed out that she wanted that ring, b/c ring=alimony...and when Gibson didn't want to marry her, she got angry and wanted MORE than child support,MONEY for HERSELF, wanted more like what Robyn has....I think her plan was to marry/divorce and bleed him dry....

..some reports said that she was jealous of the time he spent w/ his 'army', so she just might be incredibly vindictive, on top of being incredibly unscrupulous and greedy...

IMHO I think when Mel didn't bow down and give her everything, she had a hissy fit and lost it, so now she's just out for all she can get...what a nightmare...and her kids!...I'm really beginning to wonder honestly if she really does have sociopathy or narcissistic personality disorder...she fits the profile of a grifter....

1490 days ago


Never be too greedy. Oksana, as age 40, you battle for your life-long security hard, but with low manners. If you were really abused and cared your kid as you claimed, you should just call police when the incidence happened. Now it became a clown show after those audio tapes leaked to ROL. With your tracking record, you probably have the ability to play this clown role. But you dragged others in the show as well, including your kids. Don't betray your families, your friends. Don't destroy their lives when they don't deserve it in the course of your fighting for your benefits. I don't know what have happened in Mel's house months ago, but through the court cases, and everyday ROL news, it just gives a feel that you are pushing, pushing, and threatening Mel by throwing him in the chaos at his age 54, right after his divorce. He really deserves this? You just don't count. Did he say this in the recording tape? It is so true.

1490 days ago


Mel is paying her 10 000 $ a month and Tim 5 000 $
so thats 15 000 $. Plus she has house,car,mother (doing all house stuff).
The only money she need is to pay her laywer and publicist.
And if she havent got any money from ROL for selling the tapes and photos than she must be plain stupid.

1490 days ago


Karen lee you right on

1490 days ago
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