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Oksana Taking on Debt to Fund War with Mel

7/30/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva say she's going broke trying to battle Mel Gibson -- and, in fact, TMZ has learned Oksana's already had to take out a loan to pay her high-powered legal team.


Multiple sources tell us that Oksana took out a loan just to make partial payment to her attorneys ... and she's also maxed out credit cards to fund what's become a legal World War with Gibson, who's hired three law firms. Legally speaking, it shapes up like David vs. Goliath.

People connected to Oksana claim Gibson cut off almost all support payments back in May when the mediation talks ended -- and Oksana turned her back on a $15 million agreement. Currently, we're told, Mel's only paying child support to the tune of $5,000 per month.

If Oksana's getting limited financial support from Mel -- and we know she isn't working -- then here's the obvious question: where's she getting money to live day to day?

We're told Oksana's seeking retroactive support payments from Gibson.


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While she claims she doesn't want anything from Mel it's not about money she's seeking rectroactive support for being with him for what two years? Please! If this woman had any real anything the place to take it would have been the courts not the public like she's done. And I don't think a girlfriend gets alot after a couple of years which explains what this is all about $$$$$. I do hope Mel gets the help he needs but she's trying to take advantage of his medical problems all for her financial gain, Mel dna that baby and make sure it's your baby before you continue with this nightmare woman.

1490 days ago


I cant believe what she gets away with, and still wants more.
In the REAL WORLD of ordinary people in Australia (dont know what your laws are in the U.S.A.)
Oksana would have to pay all her legal bills.
even people with alot of money-have a cut of point in child support if they earn more than that, it is there own.
She would ONLY, get child support ,
None of this cars and house etc.
After all she was only with him for 3yrs (she is named in his divorce)
Lucia is the only person who is entitled to his money.
I hope she gets what she deserves-"NOTHING',because of her greed and rejecting twenty million dollars.
If anyone should get anything its Mel-for the loss of his reputation,and the loss of his career.
Tim gave her nothing except support his child-thats how it should be.

1484 days ago


$5,000 a month for a low rent broad like that aint bad, she's doing pretty good for spreading her legs for Mel for a few months.

Most American women and moms get by just fine on a whole lot less, I'm guessing she's getting free rent too.

1484 days ago



1482 days ago

Kimberly Stauber    

Is she a LEGAL U.S. citizen? If not ship her back.

1480 days ago

mary woods    

I ? the statement that Mel Gibson is not the father also because..I am sure he would have come out and said so by now.
I think she pushed his buttons well and truly and then pressed the record button and it all happened on one day.
Not condoning in any way shape or form the abusive, cruel and frightening things he said - no excuse for that, none at all. But a reason? Lots...unable to manage feelings of anger, frustration. Feeling humiliated and we could go on and on. He needs help and I hope he gets it because I love his movies. And I do not want to see him destroyed.
BUT if there is a hint of domestic violence we should not be ignoring it - whether it be verbal or physical. Dangerous to ignore it - can lead to worse things happening.
With that out of the way....I still believe the way Oksana has gone about this is wrong, beyond wrong, she has not only exposed her private life but there are eight children involved who have been humiliated and also to drag the ex (Robyn) directly or indirectly is wrong on so many levels.
Radaronline or some guy from there said on TV that they released these recordings as a public service,because it is news, that the public has a right to know....RUBBISH. If Oksana was so afraid after that one day of abuse she could have taken the recordings to the police - they would have taken them very seriously indeed. As far as I am concerned this is not the correct way to deal with this. I do not make any excuses for any abuser male or female they are sad tragic people. But lets deal with it the right way.
Yes Mel needs to find his humility again, go back to basics, get rid of all the people he pays to pander to him.
Oksana needs to get a job.

1479 days ago


The MSM is getting very sloppy and guilty these days of quoting sleazy tabloid reporters who do not have one ounce of credibility to their names. They use "double-speak" or flat out lie to people to get away with their trash. They insult the public's intelligence by selling these lies and trash. And the MSM and tabloids wonder why their sales are down? Perhaps it is time to hit the advertisers to the sites and the publications by not purchasing their products.

Posted at 8:46 AM on Jul 30, 2010 by kickaboo

I stopped buying mags about a year ago. I also dont watch ET anymore..I realize these are run by hollywood big wigs that kick people when they are down, and there favorite kicking post is Mel Gibson I guess Mel made too much money and isnt a phony, and that scares them.

Also , I was glad to hear that the piece about Leo D. was another phony story by ROL. I have lost respect for anyone, who put Mel through all of this because ROL posted a STORY. I think Hollywood owes Mel a big apology.

Hi V, so very nice to see u back on here.

1439 days ago


Dang it. how did fran manage to get in my email. Thought all replies were stopped? I honestly do not want to read or hear people defending a racists woman beater.

1439 days ago


It’s easy to understand that war with such a man as Mel Gibson requires money and it’s not just a couple of dollars. I think that it’s right that Oksana has taken out a loan, it will help her to hire a good attorney who will help to solve this problem. Oksana and Mel were a very nice couple, it was hard to imagine that something like that could happen. A lots of things depend on attorney, to hire a good one sometimes it’s worth to take out a loan or immediate loan till payday because with a good and experience person there are more chances to win.

618 days ago
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