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Oksana's New Rep -- Quits Before He Started

7/30/2010 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's new PR rep Howard Bragman is out ... even before he officially signed on.


Sources tell TMZ Bragman had all but agreed to help Oksana -- that is until she gave an impromptu interview in front of a grocery store early this morning.

We're told Bragman completely supports Oksana and believes she is the victim here -- but, as one person put it, "He can't help a client who won't listen."

Interestingly, Oksana's last publicist Steve Jaffe said almost the same exact thing on his way out the door.


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It’s the responsible thing to do, how else are you supposed to protect your family? :)

Posted at 12:32 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by Scooby


LMAOOOOOOOO, you are too funny!!

1548 days ago


I think this tells you something when a person has hired help drop her like flies. She evidently is a hard person to be around and really....she should shut her mouth right now because she is hurting her case every day. She is definitely a vengeful person to constantly have her face and voice out there. She doesn't speak like a real victim. Yes, I do know what abuse is since I "survived" an abusive, beatdown marriage.

1548 days ago


Oksana, Either get a lawyer and go to court to resolve this quietly if it's a "real" problem, or shut up.

The rest of the BS just looks like someone trying to get attention any way they can. Just like a little kid...if they don't get positive attention, they'll do something bad for attention.

Oksana obviously wants attention...more than resolving any relationship problems. What a nightmare for her kids.

1548 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I don't excuse the abusive rants that he spewed... but here's the thing...

HE did it in private - SHE taped it

SHE's publicizing his rant - HE's ignoring it....

hmmm who do i support?

1548 days ago


i see the attraction. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I've seen so many fugly's with no style or class listed as the most beautiful woman. Oksana's mouth/Lips reminds me of that fish Julia Roberts. whip it :p

1548 days ago


Let this be a lesson, if 'ur married leave all B's alone.

People are people but you never want to BLANK with the Femme Fatale Nikita Russian Chicks they are Radical, & super duper cunningly smart, sharks! The only men that can handle these broads and keep them in line are Russian men. whip it

1548 days ago


I think Ox had dollar signs in her eyes, thinking of her
hit CD. Her appearance at the Emmys. That hit movie Mel
would make featuring her songs! The fans, the entourage, The baby that would secure all of this and the cosmetic surgery she so desperately needed - bought and paid for. The mansion, the "younger guy" she met in Rio...promising to marry her, and then, you woke up to reality. You have no fans, no money, no deserve everything you don't get.

1548 days ago

voice of reason    

Its a no brainer.

He bailed a sinking ship. No amount of PR can save this woman!

1548 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

For some reason--your doing because I don't like whiners or failure at my mail provider--I am not getting 'confirm notices' so I am in affect being 'gagged' by you. Whatever, don't really care anyway BUT I know someone is probably reading this so:

You guys are doing a great job, just reporting facts as told to you. And the posters are too funny. Not boring as someone sugested. Too funny! I check in everyday just to read the posts. So thanks for your site, I'm enjoying it!

1548 days ago


Sam, I agree. This site is hilarious and filled with posts
that tell it like it is, whether you agree with people or not.
These people in particular see right through that conniving
calculating freak. Glad someone does.

1548 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

yeah jacqueline13... but there are still some straggling poor suckers that don't

1548 days ago


They probably have no sense of humor. Maybe Oxgirl should
go on "Survivor". The contestants would drag her throught the
mud...she'd be suing for bruising, her teeth falling out and
insit Mel Gibson paid them all to rough her up!

1548 days ago

voice of reason    

@ #43 by Scooby


1548 days ago


I bet he asked for a retainer. Money is why the last one quit. No tickey, no shirtey

1548 days ago


Wow, what cute and revealing pix! Giggle

1548 days ago
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