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Lindsay Lohan

I Look Like a

'70s Porn Star

7/31/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan revealed her darker side recently during a photo shoot for her upcoming porn star biopic "Inferno" -- and she did it all wearing nothing but your grandma's underwear.

Lindsay Lohan Porn Star - Inferno Pics
The photos were taken by well-known photog Tyler Shields ... but they're for promotional purposes only. The film -- in which Lindsay plays porn legend Linda Lovelace -- hasn't even been shot yet.


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Tony B    

★ ★ ★Come on everyone, be honest.

Girl looks great in pic #3.


1547 days ago


will put these on my wall and say my morning prayer to the Goddess Lindsay , as I do evry day. she is so beautiful

1547 days ago


Crackhead Shirley Temple.

1547 days ago


Lindsay has a beautiful face. She needs to gain a little weight, but has the worst self-entitled attitude I have ever seen. Her mother is a disgusting enabler and her father is a psychopath. But I get tired of everyone blaming her parents. She's old enough to know right from wrong and if she doesn't then she needs psychological help.

Turn it around Lindsay, I have faith that you can.

1547 days ago


Wow...this is an amazing career choice for a . How old is she now? This is a movie for someone well into their careers. One normal life year might equal five Hollywood years. So, maybe Lindsay is now an "old lady" in Hollywood years.

Where in the world is her career going to go from this train wreck of a movie? Gross. Her life is now officially down the drain with this disgusting movie choice for an 20ish young woman.

1547 days ago


Honestly, I can not wait for this movie. It's going to be good I think. Lindsay will get better. As one of her fans, I know she won't let me, or any of her other fans down. I love Lilo, always have always will. I wish people would give the girl a break. She's a human being, people **** up- IT'S LIFE. She'll make things right. This is just a tough chapter in her life. <3forever

1547 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

She is just freaking hot, even in that ancient underwear.
Very few women can light a candle to her.

1547 days ago


she will win an Oscar for this magnificent performance

1547 days ago


Nadia, are you insane? Watch any movie that is biographical or even based on a book- the actor/actress generally looks like the person/character they are portraying. Take "the Runaways" for example- Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning actually look like *gasp* the original group the movie is based on- what a freaking SHOCK!!! They should have chose Lindsay Lohan cause she's such a "great" actress who can capture the essense of the character. Is it any wonder she hasn't had a single theatrical release since that flop "I know who killed me"?

1547 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

After 2 weeks in jail, I'll be she has hairy legs and a porcupine in her shorts!!

1546 days ago

tom b    

if lindsay needs to practice any scene for the lovelace movie id be willing to help her out.....maybe go over a few lines.

1546 days ago


There are so many mean spirited individuals on here it is astounding. Lindsay is only in her twenties and is obviously addicted to something or some things. Compared to what Lindsay has done to date, no matter what it is overall, what are the hatemongers on here doing, what have they done, what are they likely to do. I don't think bitterness and acrimony are signs of awareness and enlightenment, or of accomplished individuals. I would say that those who have ill will toward others or who wish that negativity would befall another will have karma later - definitely a life's lesson to teach more understanding and compassion. Right now Lindsay is going to rehab and apparently many on here should be going for help for their venomous attitudes.

1545 days ago


Give Lindsey a break!! She is a beautiful YOUNG great actress that fell off the wagon. She will get back up & do a great job in this new movie. I cant wait to see it!! Nobody is perfect Lindsey &^ for all the haters, I'm POSITIVE they arent perfect either. Keep your head up & move on. You have many, many supporters & I'm one of them. we love you Lindsey !!!!!!

1545 days ago


Nice little tune about Lindsay on this site... "Dat Herr On (Lindsay's Song)"

1544 days ago

David Bertolino    

Good luck Lindsay Lohan; you will be awesome in the role of Linda Lovelace; from your friends and cast members of The *********** Sex Scandal at the 45 Bleecker Theater in New York.
THE *********** SEX SCANDAL

1520 days ago
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