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Snooki's Mug Shot

Her Mascara Runneth Over

8/1/2010 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Snooki's mug shot -- taken moments after the Seaside Heights PD arrested the "Jersey Shore" star for disorderly conduct Friday afternoon.

Snooki -- aka Nicole Polizzi -- was in held in custody for several hours ... before she was released on her own recognizance. 

As we previously reported, Snooki had been partying on the boardwalk earlier in the day with a beer bong ... and at one point, she fell off of a bicycle.

Sources tell us Snooki went out to dinner with one of her cast members after the incident last night.


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What is up with America? That these piece of sh*t losers can become celebrities. She's disgusting even when her makeup isn't smeared. It's a shame what people will sell-out for, but I guess she really doesn't have much else for career options other than a twenty dollar whore.

1521 days ago


amazing that someone would come up with Tim Allen's conviction record here...He was tried, convicted, served his time and went on to stand-up comedy and his tv show...get your facts

1521 days ago


It's ok, there are millions of douchebags out there who can't get a real girl who will still F@#$ her. And It's not her fault all you idiots made her famous by watching this crap on tv.

1521 days ago


Face it as long as the Jew douchebag that owns tmz keeps showing these idiots, they are not going anywhere, so in reality, just laugh at how stupid our youth have become, Our generation grew up with celebrities that could act, sing, and make us laugh with talent, these idiots are famous for being

1521 days ago


To No.8
FYI: Being drunk and disorderly in public is a crime and you are subject to arrest. Geez...without laws society would be unlivable. You are probably the first person to call the cops when your neighbor's music to too loud or the people down the street have a loud party.

1521 days ago


Seriously...who is this moron????? Really???? Come on people...if you're gonna be into a celebrity pick someone half way decent -- this chick is a frickin LOSER!!!

1521 days ago


#168 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1521 days ago


what a f*&ktard little ugly thing. people stop watching that show its f*&king stupid. Did you see them on the today show why are they on the today show????????????? what a joke now i will not watch the today show because of those things that i had to hear and see first thing in the morning...i threw up and had to brush my teeth

1521 days ago


omg that is the best picture of her. I've never seen her look so good. lol thank you Obama for not knowing who this loser.

1521 days ago


I wish this chick would crawl under the rock from which she came.
She is a waste of space.

1521 days ago


i think she should be cast as some sort of troll/hobbit in a lord of the rings series

1521 days ago

bobby lowe    

Why isn't this showe called "the jersey whores" instead of jersey shores.Wouldn't that be a better title for the show ?

1521 days ago


Why you give the "spooky" ugly lady fame and publicity ? she look like pokahontas cousin shes fat petite and ugly.Poor italian parents I never saw an Italian so ugly than her.

1521 days ago

Seven Ross    

and she is being paid 30k a episode, are the people in charge of this at MTV complete idiots?
This is not setting an example for our young people and certainly lacks responsibility on MTVs' part.

1521 days ago


I don't even watch this show, but it seems like I can't escape this lowlife bunch of a**holes! PLEASE PEOPLE!!! STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!! They serve absolutely no purpose and are a waste of air. Ship them to Afghanistan and let them fight the Taliban. If they find Bin Laden, then I'll watch.

1521 days ago
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