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Snooki's Mug Shot

Her Mascara Runneth Over

8/1/2010 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Snooki's mug shot -- taken moments after the Seaside Heights PD arrested the "Jersey Shore" star for disorderly conduct Friday afternoon.

Snooki -- aka Nicole Polizzi -- was in held in custody for several hours ... before she was released on her own recognizance. 

As we previously reported, Snooki had been partying on the boardwalk earlier in the day with a beer bong ... and at one point, she fell off of a bicycle.

Sources tell us Snooki went out to dinner with one of her cast members after the incident last night.


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Celebrities Suck    

it's amazing what they call celebrities these days....

1523 days ago


What a no talent pig. Who watches this crap show???

1523 days ago


Come on Snookers, not attractive. Booze does not a good time or good life make. Don't let this fame go to your head. Like Judge Judy says, "beauty fades, dumb is forever." Get a grip before you are overwhelmed and your good fortune goes down the drain.

1523 days ago


WAYYYY too much UGLY in one picture.

1523 days ago



Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' hits cops with expletive-filled rant during her arrest

Snooki thinks she's above the law.

"Jersey Shore" star Nicole Polizzi attempted to use her new found fame as a "get out of jail free" card when she busted by cops for being a drunken nuisance Friday.

"You can't tell me what to do - I'm Snooki," she yelled at officers during a boozed-up, expletive-filled rant.

"Do you know who I am? I'm f---ing Snooki. You can't do this to me - I'm f---ing Snooki. You guys are going to be sorry for this - release me!"

Unsurprisingly, it didn't do the trick.

The pint-sized reality TV cast member was arrested for disorderly conduct Friday and hauled away from the Seaside Heights boardwalk in cuffs as her over-sized shades slid down her nose.

Snooki had been boozing with pals in bars along the Jersey Shore beach earlier in the day and was spotted drinking tequila shots and Long Island iced teas by lunchtime.

Wearing a red and black T-shirt with the word "SLUT" across the chest and a miniskirt that left little to the imagination, she was later spotted falling over and wobbling uncontrollably.

In a bizarre string of acts, she then tried to get on a man's bicycle, stormed onto the beach without paying the $5 entrance fee and finally tried to shove a man showering by the boardwalk.

It was then that cops intervened.

Her co-stars J-Woww and new housemate Dina were with her for some of the antics, and later arrived at the police station to bail her out.

"Going to bail @Sn00ki out of jail... The things I do for this girl I swear," J-Woww posted on Twitter Friday.

The cast kept a lower profile Saturday, and Snooki was out of sight, presumably sleeping off her hangover.

1523 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

a serious advice to snookie, stop eating pickles and you'll lose all that water weight.

1523 days ago


My money goes on lilo that he can take her are you kidding me? She looks nasty. I think shes worse then nick's mug shot and even britney spears back in the day someone really would have to top this biatch on her looks. Dam.

1523 days ago


Her Mascara is probably not the only thing running on this skank. In 10 years no amount of makeup or surgery will cover up the damage she is doing today and she wasn't that good looking to start with. Get a clue MTV some people in America do still have morals. Partying can be done in good taste. Jersey Shore is a tasteless conglomeration of no talent losers put together to entertain other no talent losers.

1523 days ago


what a cow, you can probably pick up better on a street corner for 20 bucks and not have to worry about the diseases (well yea you would but you get my point). If not for the classless show Jersey Shore she couldn't make a living as a 20 dollar wh ore!

1523 days ago


this biatch is soooo ugly.. jesus wowwww

1523 days ago


You have to actually HAVE beauty before it can fade. She has no beauty - never did. LOOK at her... she's a wild boar, and that NOT COUNTING the attitude.

1523 days ago



1523 days ago


typical AIR HEAD who thinks she can do whatever she wants...
glad to c that she got slapped around by her own ego.

hopefully she ll learn that she is not BIGGER than society...
hopefully her career ends before it begins...

cuz i dont think america can deal with two HOE HANS (AKA LOHANS)

1523 days ago


And people watch Jersey Shore for WHAT reason? Luckily I've never seen the show. I prefer to watch talented people, not idiots who are famous for no apparent reason.

1523 days ago

They need beatins    

fat short orange ugly mess of a wop. make your parents and all italians proud you fugly pig! Go away already. Guarenteed after this show is done this little piggy will do celebrity rehab for more attention. remeber when Mtv actually showed music videos and not avg people doing avg things for cheap ratings?

1523 days ago
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