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Lindsay Judge Ignored Psychiatrist Suggestions

8/1/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Judge Marsha Revel ignored the advice of Lindsay Lohan's court appointed psychiatrists by ordering Lindsay to enter the Morningside rehab facility in Orange County.

Sources familair with the case tell us the two psychiatrists -- selected by Judge Revel -- recommended four facilities, including UCLA Medical Center. Morningside was not on the list.

We're told several medical experts informed the judge UCLA was particularly well-suited to handle Lindsay because she needs to be treated for psychiatric and substance abuse issues -- both specialties at UCLA. Medical experts told the judge they could tailor a program at UCLA that could be especially effective -- but the judge would have none of it.

But we're told the judge rejected their recommendation and instead heeded the advise of a probation officer who favored the Morningside facility headquartered in Newport Beach. As we first reported, Lindsay will be at a satellite compound in nearby Costa Mesa.

Sources say David Gates, COO of Morningside Recovery, made a push to get Lindsay as a patient by assuring the judge he would actually be tougher on Lindsay than the average patient ... by cutting off communication between Lindsay and the outside world.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, declined to comment on this story.


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AN EXPERT says "she needs to be treated for psychiatric and substance abuse issues"


1542 days ago


Did Tiger pay off Rachel to hush about his Poly Max Extremes usage on the golf course? knows the answer but ain't talking to anyone about it. TMZ needs to investigate.

1542 days ago

Deadline Hollyweird    

Lindsay is at a turning point. She's made it the end of part one (soon) and now she has a new religion (Islam, as reported by deadline -- )

If she can get the right help in rehab and change her friends and surroundings she'll have a chance.

She needs 6 months sober living at least.

1542 days ago


Yeah, they will be tough on her.. making her ask twice for lines of coke. LOL

Lindsay will be back on the street and scoring DUI #3 so very soon. I just hope she's the only one who gets killed.

1542 days ago


That dude looks like a chump. Lindsay's going to have him on leash by Monday.

1542 days ago

Laffn Bear    

"Cutting off communication with the outside world"
This not at all unusual. The rehabs I have associated with routinely ground residents for the first thirty to sixty days.
They require frequent AA meetings or counseling sessions as well.
This allows close monitoring of the resident's physical and mental condition and needs.

1542 days ago

Your Mom     

I have a suggestion. Stop tryin to suck her bone marrow dry. Everyone is out to make a buck off of her, no one is actually trying to help her. Its is easy to take advantage of someone when they need assistance. Really. Someone can help her. Step up and HELP HER. Not use her situation to line your pockets.

1542 days ago


If they are going to treat Lindsay differently then she shouldn't be there. Don't these people realise if Lindsay or anyone else find they are being treated in a harsher way than others then he/she will not co-operate! Its madness.

1542 days ago


What about Maia Campbell -actress & daughter of Bebe Campbell the author! She too once was in movies & on tv. Yet NO one is talking about her issues w/bipolar/mental heatlh. Lindsy indeed needs help just as Britney Spears did/does! There NEEDS to be some type of organization put together for all celebrities with mental issues. & not so much press laughing at it!

1542 days ago


sounds to me like these guys want to get her under their control for their own purposes
not necessarily to help her
sounds kind of creepy
kind of rapey

1542 days ago


If you've ever been in serious recovery from anything then you know - you are not allowed outside contact for awhile after you first enter.

As for the judge favoring one program over the others it makes me wonder about that other judge who was discovered getting kickbacks for sending people to a certain facility.

1542 days ago


Cutting off all communications is not good, since nobody will be able to check she's treated professionally. She could be beaten, abused, isolated with no means to protect herself. If this story is true, this judge is not inspiring confidence. She seems to be out for revenge rather than making Lohan sober and balanced.

1542 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

Why would anyone listen to a Probation officer over several psychiatrists...

1542 days ago


psychiatric --usually means psych meds-- i 'm not sure about psych meds -but they do seem to help some extreme cases -but the drs. have to have to know what the baseline is sober first,and going thru withdraw is psychiatricly up and down until you stablize sober,i would think,i would want,i dont if if lindsay can handle withdraw&soberness without meltdowns cuz remember she is psychologically disturbed ,its why she self medicates ,remember she's a cutter.she does need psychological help to get to her root cause,plus drugs are in her hard wire she started young.ROOT CAUSE= her parents & sex abuse at young age.

1542 days ago


It is clearly called "celebrity justice." The average citizen would have had to take the subject metter's route to recovery. But celebrities cannot give up their "perks."

1542 days ago
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