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'American Idol' Finalist -- Fury Over Hunting Show

8/3/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" finalist Kristy Lee Cook has landed right in the crosshairs of an animal rights group -- over a new reality show in which she's on the hunt for a record contract ... and animals to shoot.

While promoting her new reality/hunting show "Goin' Country," Cook -- who placed 7th on "Idol" in 2008 -- recently said, "I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it.  It's the food chain.  Animals are here for us to eat."

Obviously, the statement didn't sit well with the group In Defense of Animals, who see things a little differently ... saying, "Contrary to Kristy Lee's beliefs, animals are meant to live out their lives in peace, not to be killed for our enjoyment."

So we gotta ask ...


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Meat is delicious. Vegetables are boring. Man was meant to eat meat.

1541 days ago


All you people who eat meat and think this is disgusting, let me ask you one question Are you of the opinion that hamburgers and steaks come from the Mall?

1541 days ago


Meat is delicious. Vegetables are boring. Man was meant to eat meat.

Posted at 5:36 AM on Aug 3, 2010 by ERock

^ No, we weren't. Our digestive system was not made to eat meat. Did you even go to school? Anyone with up to an 8th grade education knows that.

1541 days ago


Pete, you are a *****. Take your canine teeth and suppliments, and stick a carrot up your a$$.

1541 days ago


I don't like that people hunt for the pleasure of it. Such as hunting wolves, bears, mountain lions, or whatever other animal that they don't plan on eating.
Hunting for something the person will eat, more power to them. My Father in Law hunts deer on his property and they eat it all and sell the pelt.

1541 days ago


I have been hunting since I was 12 and everyone in my family hunts. But we don't do it for sport and anything we shoot we eat. I don't agree with hunting just to get a buck with a trophy sized rack and then not eating the animal. Hunting animals in the wild helps to keep their numbers down as well as provides healthy food for our families. If you are anti-hunting you don't have to understand it, but you should also not just assume things when you don't understand

1541 days ago


TMZ's political correctness knows no bounds.

Pathetic call to the PC arms

1541 days ago


Hunting is a normal way of life in much of the Midwest, where I currently live. Many families in my small town would go hungry if it were not for the annual hunting seasons available to residents of Missouri. I also might note that I grew-up on the West Coast, and in the 1940's and early 1950's and as a child my family grew rabbits and chickens for food as well as a garden, and we also picked wild berries and my father's addition of occasional in-season venison was a much needed addition to the family table. There is nothing wrong with hunting when done for the proper reason and within conservational guidelines.

1541 days ago


Talk about playing to type. This loser sings Country music, hunts for pleasure, and poses in publicity shots with a rifle. All she has to do is forget to wear shoes, marry her brother, and make booze in her bathtub, and she will be the perfect redneck.

1541 days ago


"animals are meant to live out their lives in peace."

So when a pack of wolves brings down a moose, is that peaceful? When a deer contracts rabies and dies a slow, painful death, is that peaceful? This comment shows a terribly out-of-touch and simple-minded understanding of nature.

I'm a liberal but I don't have my head in the clouds - Sustainable hunting is a form of population control that animals have been conditioned to ever since the Native Americans arrived hundreds of thousands of years ago. For those who depend on hunting for their protein rather than factory-farmed animals, it's also a environmentally-friendly, healthy, and less hypocritical, since hunters are very much a part of the process of where their food comes from.

1541 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

She can hunt in my backyard anytime, I'll even supply the pita activists so she can shoot them all!

1541 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

I find hunting repulsive and hunters repulsive as well. In this world (you know modern times) there are stores where you can purchase food and you don't have to go out and take innocent lives just to feed your big gut. What is funny is that most of the people who hunt claim to be religious but, yet they go and kill "gods creatures"-I guess they are only religious when it is convenient. Then you have those who claim it is a sport! Yea right-you hide in trees and bushes and wait for an innocent victim for you to shoot, where is the sport in that if you want to consider this a sport why don't you try it with your bare hands-too hard huh? Wish hunting would be banned-but, as long as there are gun happy people around this will never happen. I am seriously repulsed when adults train their kids to kill Bambi.

1541 days ago


Way to go, Andrea. If you are looking to be arrested for threatening someone's life over the internet for hunting animals(every human's right), then good job. It's ok, as I am sure someone will continue to hunt for you while you sit in your new jail jumper.

Pete, it is time to get out of your mother's or grandmother's basement. Ugly is a relative term and one that you should think about before throwing around. My guess is that the best part of you ended up in a biological waste dump.

The fact is that hunting, for whatever purpose, does not, or can not ever, approach murder, or anything else close. This woman is enjoying her life in entertainment(whether she is good or not, I do not know) and she is enjoying her right to gather her own food. Hunting is a dying art, as people have gotten lazy with all of the food markets.

IDF(In Defense of Animals, or Idiots Destroying America) needs to stop the marketing ploy and/or their attention whoring, and leave decent people alone. No thinking person cares about what this group thinks, just like PETA.

1541 days ago


Hey Cleveland Girl, are cows not "god's creatures" in your book? By contributing to the demand for bacon, aren't you every bit as responsible for Wilbur's death as hunters are for Bambi's? You're worse than they are. At least hunters understand where their food comes from instead of blatantly ignoring the process. At least hunted animals live their lives free and healthy rather than being subjected to the disgusting, brutal process of factory farming.

1541 days ago


There isn't room on your poll for true opinions because there is a middle ground. Hunting for sport=disgusting in my mind, but hunting to provide for the family and only enough that you need is different. Someone who enjoys killing animals I think has a problem and I'd avoid them.

1541 days ago
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