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'American Idol' Finalist -- Fury Over Hunting Show

8/3/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "American Idol" finalist Kristy Lee Cook has landed right in the crosshairs of an animal rights group -- over a new reality show in which she's on the hunt for a record contract ... and animals to shoot.

While promoting her new reality/hunting show "Goin' Country," Cook -- who placed 7th on "Idol" in 2008 -- recently said, "I never used to like killing animals until I got out and experienced it.  It's the food chain.  Animals are here for us to eat."

Obviously, the statement didn't sit well with the group In Defense of Animals, who see things a little differently ... saying, "Contrary to Kristy Lee's beliefs, animals are meant to live out their lives in peace, not to be killed for our enjoyment."

So we gotta ask ...


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Catherine Turley    

only a sociopath kills without necessity. animals are not here for humans to eat, because humans can survive without eating them.

1551 days ago


Disgusting. The people who are fine with it are obviously people who fancy her. Simple as. How ignorant and pathetic is this woman? I think she's just trying to salvage her failed career by being controversial. Pretty sad, actually.

1550 days ago

V Titchener    

Hunting is vile and cruel and there are ways of keeping animals under control by castration/spay surely a similar method could be used on wild animals .
This is something that should be looked into

1550 days ago

Olive Mckinley    

1) Bad language will not get anyone a vote.
2) Hunters are living in the past. There is NO NEED for us to eat animals these days as there is more than enough to eat in the world which is also their home as well as ours. If we want to see a happier world we will stop breeding animals for food and send much more aid to people who have almost nothing to eat at all. The earth we live in will grow far more food than we need if we do not raise extra animals to eat it.
This is no excuse for hunting those already here. But we should get real and stop breeding animals unnecessarily for our food. No one needs to eat meat to survive. I certainly do not approve of eating my friends.

1550 days ago


Oh, I have always loved this debate! I'm glad to see that the poll is being dominated by sensible people that understand conservation. For the rest of you, wildlife would be overrun with disease and starvation if it wasn't for hunters like Cook. Good for her, wild game is tasty.

1550 days ago


She couldn't become famous for her singing so she has sold out any way she could. Hunting is premeditated murder. I truly wonder about the mental stability of anyone who enjoys killing animals or anyone else.

1550 days ago

Suzanne Moore    

It's not so much hunting per-se as it is the attitude she seems to have about animals. Animals are not "here for us to eat." They have their own lives to live, their own agendas. Just because we DO eat them doesn't mean that's their sole purpose for being here. Some of THEM would HAPPILY eat us as well, but I don't think we were put here to just be eaten by other carnivores.

Life is a web, and we all have our place in it.

1550 days ago


What part do you not understand. It's cruel, dumb asses. These comments come from ignorant people who are obviously haven't got a clue about this topic or in my personal opinion: much else.

1550 days ago

S Allen    

What a BITCH this female of the species is. She thinks she looks good and clever and in actual fact she looks like the moron she is a silly stupid brainless tart. Hunting should be banned world wide it is disgusting the way the human race think they have the god given right to kill these animals when they dam well have not why do people hunt?????it is certainly not necessary for food these days so why can't the human race leave them alone these animals have as much right to live and be safe as does the human race, anybody that hunts is a sadistic cruel nasty evil moron.

1550 days ago


Hopefully she shoots herself and solves two problems at once for everyone. One less Dumb blond bimbo/hunter. Seems like a damn good deal to me. So keep trying to look cool instead of using your brain.

1550 days ago


What a pitiful and sorry lot, are all these "macho hunters", empty souls totally lacking in empathy and compassion, who talk "conservation" and don't have a clue what that really means. Deer and other wild animal populations are intentionally manipulated by Fish/Game/Wildlife agencies, to keep numbers high so that they can sell licenses. Wildlife regulates itself according to available food sources, and needs no help from "conservationists"!

The fact is that those perverts who get a "thrill from the kill", with their ruses and games, sitting in wait for an innocent creature to come their way, in camouflage, with high powered rifles, in their safe little blinds, are no more than blood-thirsty Troglodytes, still mired in the cave mentality.

And it's not the animals! FYI "unsustainable population (people) growth is a key factor in almost all the environmental problems we face...Today, population pressures are greater than ever -- and directly linked to biodiversity loss and species extinction" Get a grip and face reality! As Pogo so wisely said: "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

"When I was twelve, I went hunting with my father and we shot a bird. He was
laying there and something struck me. Why do we call this fun to kill this
creature who was as happy as I was when I woke up this morning."
-Marv Levy (Pro Football Coach)

1550 days ago

A Human Being    

To support the torture and murder of a living creature simply as an entertainment is to call yourself a retrograde coward s***bag.

1550 days ago


I wish Kristy would stop shooting her mouth off, for good!

1550 days ago

american hunter    

if any of you anti hunters eat meat of any kind then you are the biggest phonies!! we eat whatwe kill and if you son't know anything about wild life preservation then you should study up on it before you speak out against hunters. ever heard of over population of heards where things like starvation and deseases occur...check it out.
for number 15, if you haven't like deer in the past get a good cook book that tells you first how to process it then cook it...makes all the difference...didn'tlike it myself until I learned how to do it correctly. Blesings

1550 days ago


I'm not tied up in any sort of religious beliefs, so I don't have any delusions that animals are here for me to eat. I see them as other living creatures on my planet, and it's my responsibility to help creatures have a better and more comfortable life, since I have the ability to do so. I don't need meat to survive, and I'm not going to be any part of tormenting and abusing another living being.

I don't know what to say to those of you who think it's okay to kill animals. Go watch "Earthlings," good movie. I'm not sure if you lack critical thinking skills, or basic empathy, or both.

1550 days ago
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