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Charlie Sheen

'I'm Going to Disneyland!!!'

8/2/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is already planning a trip to the happiest place on Earth ... after avoiding being sent to the unhappiest place on Earth (jail) ... telling TMZ on his way out of court, "I'm going to Disneyland."

Charlie Sheen Disneyland

As we previously reported -- Sheen's lawyer, Yale Galanter, hooked the actor up with a plea deal in his assault case that will allow Charlie to complete his 30-day sentence by spending a few "seconds" at a rehab facility in Malibu. Click here for the full explanation.

And Charlie knows how good he has it -- because as he walked out of court, he told us, "Yale Galanter is a rock star, what can I tell you?"

Charlie also released this statement: "I'm very grateful to the court and to the people of Pitkin County. I look forward to complying with the court's decision, getting on with my life and putting this behind me."


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Mel should hire Charlie's lawyer pronto????

1541 days ago


Well it just goes to show that having a lot of money once again gives you a free pass in today's justice system. This piece of **** should have had to do some time behind bars.

1541 days ago


You have got to be kidding me right?
First how many times has Charlie been accused and convicted of a crime?
Second how many were plead down to misdeamenors?
Third, did he ever do any jail time?
Forth, did he ever do any rehab time?
Fifth, how much of his laws broken is actually on his record?
Sixth, how many times did wives drop charges or change stories to make them appear what happened was not so bad?

These people can do anything, and still make what is it now 4million an episode? The ****y narcissist, major personality disorders(think he has them all)sorry excuse for a man.
Even sorrier state of affairs because he continues to keep getting out of prison time, or long term rehab. Wth is wrong with our systems are they scared of stars or something?

1541 days ago


Thanks Arnie. From your lips "I do what's best for the greater good of society." Well, I guess CBS is the greater good of society.

1541 days ago


Nice to see Charlie is taking this whole thing so very seriously. What a moron. Let me give you a little advice, Charlie - DON'T GET MARRIED AGAIN!!! You are totally incapable of being even a mediocre husband.

1541 days ago

P Svenhard    

Rock On Charlie!
Before you go...make sure you aren't there already!?

1541 days ago


i think it is funny how wives in Hollywood arnt worth ****..

1541 days ago


Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson have set violence against women back a hundred years.

1541 days ago


I agree with the first poster.."WHAT A DOUCHEBAG?!!!! I use to love his show, but I'm over it for sure. Another perfect case that shows, if you're a celebrity, you end of "going to Disneyland".

At least Mr. Galanter didn't get O.J. off this time..

1541 days ago


Where did TMZ get that horrible picture of Charlie Sheen? He looks like Christian Slater after a binge at Kryspy Kreme.

1541 days ago


I love Two and a half men, but Charlie Sheen is such an entitled jerk.

1541 days ago


Maybe he could go with Mad Mel? They could get on supersonic beer bottles that get shaken around until the human contents explode, and they could go buku kookoo crazy on the Belt-a-Girl ride. Then they could make recordings of their screams and rants at the recording studio and set it all to Oksana's music.

1541 days ago


Who does that work release witch at the Pitkin County Jail think she is anyway? Well whoever she was i would like to say THANK YOU to her for scuttling the original plea deal with her power tripping antics.

Now instead of Charlie doing 30 days with work release during the day he'll get credit for time already spent in rehab and bada bing we're done with this BS!

haha, well played Charlie! Isn't life good?

1541 days ago


Is is just me or has all his hard running started to make Charlie look like Nixon on a bad day?
I'm just sayin'.............
I do feel sorry for him though having to check himself in and right out of rehab, must be so time consuming for him.
Oh, the injustice of it all for Charlie.

1541 days ago


Lohan goes to Jail and Sheen gets off. I'm shocked SHOCKED I tell ya.

1541 days ago
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